Could you become an influencer overnight? Sasha Obama sure could if she wanted to. After a video of Sasha in her friend’s TikTok went viral, marketers are speculating about the could-be influencer’s next moves. 

Viral Nation co-founder and CEO Joe Gagliese recently spoke to TMZ about what he thinks would happen if the youngest Obama just downloaded TikTok and created an account for herself. “She could hit 1-2 million followers in the first couple days and easily reach 10 million over the year if she posted content regularly”, he says. 

Viral Nation connects brands with over 100 million influencers of all sizes. Most build their audiences through consistent, quality content. But the biggest macro-influencers out there have brand recognition that extends far beyond their content. Everyone knows Sasha. If she wants to break TikTok just by creating an account, she can. 

Is she going to actually do it? Only time will tell. But here are some more relevant questions for marketers: how do you succeed with macro-influencers? Is it worth the trouble? How do you translate their audience into business? Gagliese believes that Sasha Obama could net $8 million a year, just from endorsements. This means brands are willing to invest top dollar to work with macro-influencers. 

But how do you optimize the process and guarantee ROI? Viral Nation has spent years interfacing between influencers and the brands they represent. Whether you’re working with Sasha or a local nano-influencer, your overall strategy needs to be the same: find influencers that matter to your brand and co-create content that your audience actually wants. Offer real value, and you will see the signups coming in.

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