Viral Nation leadership


Joe Gagliese

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Mat Micheli

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Jonathan Chanti

Chief Growth Officer of Viral Nation Group & President of Viral Nation Talent

Manny Kandola

Chief Technical Officer

Emma Ferrara

Chief Business Development Officer

Anthony Gagliese

Head of Legal and Co-Founder

Rob Curcio

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Sutherland

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Leatherman

Chief Marketing Officer

Roxanne White

Vice President, Creative and Content

Vikash Rai

Vice President, International Operations

Alice De Vries

Vice President, Viral Nation+

Damian Skoczylas

Vice President, Talent

Alvin Ma

Vice President, Agency Operations

Joana Oliveira

Senior Vice President, People and Culture

Michael Lecce

Vice President, Viral Nation Sports

Brandon Lentino

Head of Business, Viral Nation Studios

Heather De Bernardi

GM, Digital Products

Daniel Lopez (DLO)

GM, Business Intelligence and Paid Performance

Neil Desai

EVP, Viral Nation Technology

Board of Directors

Todd Boehly

Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Eldridge

John Ruffolo

Founder & Managing Partner, Maverix Private Equity

Jeff Wilbur

Principal, Eldridge

Suzanne Gagliese

Vice President, Global Partner Solutions, Canada, Microsoft

Manny Kostas