Co-founding Viral Nation in 2014, Mathew Micheli and Joe Gagliese have cemented their place as trail blazing entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the influencer marketing industry.

Micheli and Gagliese were named to the Top 30 Under 30 of 2016, presented by Marketing Magazine, and continue to pioneer the ever changing landscape of social media.

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Viral Nation is honored to have been named one of ‘s Top 200 Marketing Agencies of 2019!

Chief Marketer Top 200 Marketing Agencies of 2019

Viral Nation is an ROI-driven influencer marketing agency also serving as an influencer talent agency repping top social media talent from all verticals and a 360-degree marketing content house. It’s unique in that it often represents the influencers it’s creating campaigns for. Recent successful campaigns for Angry Birds 2, RED and Apple raised awareness of HIV/AIDS and moved the mobile app up the App Store charts in every category—not to mention garnering a total of 6.5 million interactions. 

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Viral Nation has orchestrated some of the most viral marketing campaigns to hit the Internet in the last half decade. Home to one of the largest exclusive influencer networks in the world, Viral Nation has created meaningful relationships between brands and their consumers to ensure long-term retention and performance-driven results.

Led by a team of social media’s top creators, experts, and strategists, our full-service agency is engineered from the ground up to elevate your brand’s image and audience organically. Whether offline experiential events or digital influencer campaigns, we pride ourselves on our diverse brand partnerships that span every sector. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our team has the experience, insight and knowledge in order to make your next campaign a winner.



Our mission is to create powerful and captivating content that shapes lasting emotional connections between brands and consumers.


Our team is backed by social media’s leading experts who play an integral role in the strategy and success of each and every campaign:

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Founded in 2014 by Joe Gagliese and Mathew Micheli, Viral Nation is a platform-agnostic digital marketing and talent agency connecting brands to influencers, who tell their stories through engaging and genuine content.

In just five years, the company has managed countless campaigns for SMBs, enterprises, B2Cs, and B2Bs around the globe.

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Mat Micheli and Joseph Gagliese were the only two employees at their influencer marketing agency Viral Nation when they took a lease out on a 4,000 square foot office in Kleinburg, Ontario two years ago.

Today the entrepreneurs are well on their way to growing Viral Nation into the agency they’d imagined and closer to filling that large office space — with the hiring of seasonsed sales execs, its head count is up to 10.

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Talent agencies like Viral Nation or MediaKix work with a stable of popular social Influencers who you can connect with for a fee. Unless you’ve got money to burn, and are looking to launch a huge Instagram Influencer campaign, this option is probably one to avoid for now. But hey, it’s there if you want to go big!

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But numbers like that are old hat for Joe Gagliese, co-founder of Vaughan, Ontario-based social media talent agency Viral Nation Inc., who believes the ROI is worth it.

"Every social influencer is different,” he says. "They all have their own niche that they fill, whether it be moms, comedy, or entertainment..."

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But, do you also know who does Apple and Microsoft turn to when they want to advertise on social media platforms? They turn to Mathew Micheli and Joseph Gaglies the Co-founders of Viral Nation for the same.

Viral Nation is an influencer marketing and influencer talent agency and it is not alone, there are dozens of companies riding the wave of activity in the growing social-media marketing industry.

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Mat Micheli and Joseph Gagliese were among the first to recognize that social-media creators could become celebrities in their own right. In 2014, the two wanted to leverage their Instagram and Vine savvy to represent content creators--those now known as influencers.

"We had a good grounding of what it meant to represent someone," says Micheli, who had previously worked as an agent for friends who'd played in the National Hockey League.

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12 Questions With Travis Hawley

Having served in the US Air Force, and been contracted by the NSA, Travis started using social media as a means of communication. However, in 2012 prior to his deployment to Afghanistan, he turned to social media for entertainment.

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Joe Gagliese, co-founder and managing partner for talent agency Viral Nation, said his team has done a couple of influencer campaigns on Musical.ly on its own. The most recent one was for a top record label, where around 40 artists (between 18 and 21 years old) lip-synced 15 new songs combined from the music studio.

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9 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Exceed Traditional Advertising

To successfully resonate with a target audience, content must emulate something or someone that the customer relates to. The overwhelming nature of ads explains why marketing efforts through print, email campaigns, mainstream digital and TV are becoming less effective. But a new extension into the marketing world, known as influencer marketing, is making waves.

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Vanity Fair

Founded, originally, to rep hockey players, Viral Nation now acts as a go-between for digital celebrities and the brands who look at their follows with dollar signs in their big brand eyes. The pair describes their shop as “C.A.A. for Viners,” but were quick to emphasize how relatable and normal their talent pool is. “They’re different from other celebrities, they can do stuff like this,” Gagliese said.

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Report: Brands are falling for fake Instagram influencers

Fraud is becoming a real problem in influencer marketing, an industry that is valued at over $1 billion.
One way fraud often appears is through bots. As brands and agencies focus on “micro-influencers,” those with followers under 100,000, those same influencers are also likelier to turn to bot followers to inflate authenticity.

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Breakfast Television

Surprising viral 8-year-old Goalie!

"We learn the tips and tricks of what makes a video go viral from Joe Gagliese PLUS we have some surprises for this 8-year-old viral sensation!"

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How to Elevate Your Social Campaign for the Fall Season

Integrating brands into social media has become increasingly effective with the rise of influencer marketing. Once your social media strategy has been developed, turning to experts to scout appropriate, on-brand influencers can elevate your campaign.

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5 Best Strategies to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Being a business owner and leader is so much more rewarding when your team is motivated to exceed expectations and genuinely care about the work they are doing.

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As social stars gain influence, the brand mascot becomes an endangered species

Kevin Jonas, the eldest brother in former Disney star boy band the Jonas Brother, posted a Snapchat video where he challenged Burger King’s fiery chicken fries. He then reposted a screenshot featuring his twisted face to Instagram. "I thought I could handle the heat, I was wrong!" he wrote in the caption.

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