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Brand Safety Solved

Protect brand reputation with AI-powered Secure™.

Creators, Brands, Affiliates, Secure

Social has evolved from brand risk to brand safe with Viral Nation Secure™.


Vet and scan every existing and potential creator, ambassador, affiliate, and celebrity profile across major platforms.


Risk profiles for every image, video, audio, and word to ensure they’re brand-safe.


Timely alerts for problematic social posts based on customized risk levels across the 10 flags.

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Timely reporting for all historical and social post data across major platforms, along with an intuitive dashboard.

Brand Safety Verification


Custom Risk Templates

Set sensitivity standards in line with brand or campaign guidelines to ensure accurate and relevant results in your reports each time. Formulate a risk score that fits the definition of “brand safe.”

VN Gives Back

Always-On Protection

Ongoing screening tracks partner creators, brand ambassadors, or employees’ posts, tags, and keyword usage continuously, ensuring swift identification and resolution of leaks, sensitive discussions, or problematic content related to a brand and competitors.


Music Copyright Infringement Protection

Detect unauthorized use of copyrighted music early, providing detailed track data and targeted screening for brand-related keywords in audio files, helping preempt legal issues and protect intellectual property.