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Influencer Marketers Discuss The Ways Business Has Changed Paused Brand Deals

By: Dustin Hawley | 1 min read |
A number of brands have postponed influencer marketing campaigns in recent weeks, all in an effort to reduce costs and also to avoid appearing insensitive during a global pandemic.  For content creators, it's unknown when (or if) these sponsored content opportunities will again return. "A lot of brands are going on hold and pausing right now," says JJ Yosh, who is a travel and outdoor influencer based in Colorado. "Even for the deals that we have in place that have already been secured, many brands don't want us to post right now because they just feel like it's insensitive to be promoting things amidst this crisis."   Some brands are resorting to delaying campaigns in order to make logistical adjustments to influencer work that once required travel and/or on-site production. Others find themselves pushing back launch dates so they can retool campaign messaging that was likely written before the COVID-19 outbreak wreaked havoc across the globe. Much of this messaging may seem a bit out of touch considering the current business landscape. Several influencer agencies told Business Insider that having a campaign "on pause" may just be a polite way of saying the campaign has been canceled.
  "In some cases, it means that it is postponed until the third or fourth quarter, but that can also be a nice way of saying this campaign is not moving forward but there may be another opportunity in the future," said Joe Gagliese, the CEO of the influencer marketing agency Viral Nation.  
"When it comes to postponed, it is uncertain when we will resume operations," said Alessandro Bogliari, CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory. "Everything is still not clear so we cannot define with the clients when and what are going to be the next steps. All clients so far — and knocking on wood — are paying what they owe and there hasn't been a shift in terms of payments."      

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