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5 Marketing Tactics From The Video Game Industry You Can Implement For Your Business

By: Viral Nation | 4 mins read | Oct 3, 2019
If you are a gaming company, the idea of developing and launching your own game is likely a dream come true. But with an almost endless slew of games on the market and such fierce competition, the aspirations of creating an incredibly popular game that attracts large numbers of players often come crashing down to earth dramatically.

No matter if your company's product is a video game or something else, without a great marketing strategy in place, it's unlikely to be successful. With that in mind, we have compiled 5 video game marketing strategies that you can implement right now to help boost your business and get people talking about your brand. These are insightful resources for any business, and you can take a page from the book of video game marketers to achieve great results, no matter what industry your brand is in.

1. Ask for feedback and reviews to gain better insight

Consumers today have become increasingly aware of all the options available when it comes to the products or services on the market. For those looking for insights and advice on their purchases, many people rely on the reviews and feedback of other customers. If you're a marketer, why not use these ratings and reviews to your advantage instead of letting your customers speak about their experience with your product or service without your participation? Controlling the narrative of your brand voice is imperative for any organization in today's socially-driven marketplace, and is also one of the primary benefits of social media marketing.The gaming industry is great at utilizing the dialogue of today's review culture to its advantage, and your business should do the same. In order to make changes to the customer experience and improve your product, utilize customer feedback and reviews to understand why they request the things they request and adjust accordingly. When you truly listen to your customers and put their requests first, customer satisfaction improves substantially and your ratings and reviews do the same.

2. Share video previews of your product or service

Videos are a great alternative to text-based descriptions of your product. Video games often promote their games with preview videos, to breed excitement for the release of their game. Your brand can do the same by sharing their videos across a variety of video-sharing platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, and others to expand their reach and potential views as far as possible. Advertising on these platforms has emerged as one of the fastest ways to promote products and services because it provides your potential customers a sneak peek into what they’ll experience by purchasing your product.You can also share your video content across the above mentioned social channels and with many other avenues of distribution that can potentially lead to new customers. It's the perfect medium to quickly highlight the best aspects of your brand's product or service. Video is the future of content marketing as we know it, so you should be implementing it into your brand's content marketing strategy immediately.

3. Be active on social

Social media marketing has become a proven strategy to grab the attention of potential customers, and the video game industry is front and center of the social media marketing revolution. It is always recommended to implement social media into your brand marketing campaigns as a method to better connect with your customer base and generate excitement around your brand. This makes your customers more comfortable with your product or service, and build brand trust by connecting with their personal networks.You can also post details about your brand's products or services on various social media channels to create brand recognition. Engaging with your customers on the social channels they already frequently use is great word-of-mouth marketing around your brand.While there are numerous social media channels to choose from, not all of them may work best for you and your brand. Be mindful about which channels to start with, based on things like your target audience and brand message. Also, allow feedback from your customer base in order to alter your strategy accordingly.

4. Make Appearances on Industry Relevant Podcasts

Podcasts are a popular and highly preferred type of media for many gamers. It's how many of them get exciting news and updates on their favorite games, all through their headphones on their smartphones, laptops or mobile devices in many cases. It's also a great vehicle for listening to conversational reviews about the games they love. Businesses of many kinds can follow this same model to effectively promote their products.

If you’re able to get a guest spot on a podcast or have an interview with a host, it gives you and your brand and opportunity for significant exposure to a niche audience - one that should align with your business vertical and target consumer. If you happen to already someone that runs a podcast, then you already have a headstart. If not, reach out to some industry-relevant podcasts to see if they are open to working with you and having you appear as a guest.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers have been marketing games since the dawn of the industry, and they are king when it comes to promoting to millennial audiences and getting your brand in front of the right person. This can result in exposure to thousands, even millions of potential customers with a single social post or Instagram Story. Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, and from every background and vertical imaginable.

If you’re lucky enough to already know an influencer that you have perhaps worked with before, or know of one that is an old friend, reach out to them to see if they would be interested in working with you. If this isn't the case, partnering with an influencer marketing agency can bridge the gap. Reach out to us today and ask us how you can get started on an ROI-driven influencer marketing campaign for your brand!


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