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How Viral Nation got Energizer into hearts, minds, and holiday stockings

Everyone loves Energizer batteries. Following a recent acquisition, Energizer seized the opportunity to create that same love for new product lines. With the goal of driving awareness and sales for new lighting products, Energizer partnered with Viral Nation for a well-timed influencer marketing campaign.

Here’s how a creative strategy focused on custom content and audience engagement positioned Energizer as the go-to portable lighting brand for holiday shoppers.

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About Energizer

With a growing portfolio of power and portable lighting products, Energizer is known for innovation. Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries are recognized as the #1 longest-lasting AA battery on the market. And, since its TV debut 1988, the Energizer Bunny is one of the most recognized brand mascots in the world.

Making portable lighting “bunny-famous”

While Energizer batteries are firmly established as a consumer favorite, newer products needed some help to achieve the same recognition and market share.

With that goal in mind, Energizer chose Viral Nation to establish two products — Energizer Headlamps and TAC 700 Flashlights — as top picks in portable lighting.

To capture attention for Energizer during the critical buying period, Viral Nation crafted a multi-platform influencer marketing campaign, managing the entire process from ideation to talent management to execution.

Six influencers were activated to create content for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that inspired audiences to purchase from Energizer’s dedicated Amazon product pages.

A bright approach to holiday campaigns

Influencers received both the TAC 700 flashlight and Energizer headlamp. With the freedom to choose which product to promote, creators found unique, natural ways to incorporate Energizer into their holiday-season content, including unboxings and POV reviews. There were even videos featuring the famous Energizer Bunny!

Videos and posts positioned Energizer as the go-to brand in portable lighting by promoting Energizer’s headlamps and flashlights as ideal – and easily acquired – stocking stuffers.

Each piece of content included the benefits of Energizer’s products—size, durability, and four special modes—to inspire audiences to purchase Energizer headlamps and flashlights on Amazon.

Shining a light on success

With influencers positioning Energizer as the perfect stocking stuffer in well-timed holiday content, this campaign helped drive awareness and sales for Energizer during the nosiest – and most important – buying period of the year.







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