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It’s time to rethink employee advocacy

Cultivate a workforce of influential storytellers and transform your brand’s narrative with authentic employee-generated content.

_Employee Empowerment

Why is your current employee advocacy program failing?

The top 3 reasons your employee advocacy is lacking adoption.

  1. Top-down approach: Pushing corporate messaging without any added value from your employees hurts morale and produces generic and inauthentic content.
  2. Lack of confidence and expertise: Employees are afraid of sharing misaligned content and lack the skills needed to create post-worthy content.
  3. Time constraints and no incentives: Creating content from scratch can be daunting, especially when there is a lack of encouragement, time, and resources.

Without putting your employees first, your program is bound to fail.

_Winning with Viral Nation

Win Employee Advocacy with Viral Nation_Empower™.

Meet your employees at their social expertise level and empower them with guided learning, automation, generative AI, and brand safety monitoring capabilities to drive adoption and incentivize social selling.


Unlock the creative engine of your workforce.

_Empower’s patented Guided Learning teaches employees how to develop a winning strategy and grow their influence with bite-sized, expert-led videos that take them on a journey from beginner to expert.

“We are excited to explore the capabilities of Viral Nation_Empower™ and its potential for our organization. As a company, we believe in investing in the growth and development of our employees and recognize the influence
they can have as brand ambassadors.” said

vivid seats logo Stan Chia
Vivid Seats CEO
Viral Nation_Empower™ ensures brand safety with Viral Nation_Secure™.

Brand alignment in every action.

The Viral Nation_Secure™ integration ensures there is brand alignment in every action. Avoid costly mistakes with our proprietary technology that will detect copyright violations in posts as well as any misaligned videos,
images, text, audio, and account impersonations.

Get peace of mind while giving your employees confidence that their posts align with your brand.

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Viral Nation Empower builds future creators

Empower your Employees: Build Future Creators.

Say “yes” to genuine content and “no” to generic content with our automation and generative AI acting as a creative director that humanizes your brand by offering unique suggestions to employees to tailor their posts.

AI Creative Director

From captions to video production, our proprietary AI technology is designed to bring any idea to life.


Save time with our pre-scheduled, set-it-and-leave-it posting capabilities.

Measure Impact

Customize your dashboards for tailored insights and show employees the impact of their content with analytics to foster the continued growth of their authentic voices.


Leaderboards and redeemable points foster healthy competition and boost motivation.


Frequently asked questions

What is employee-generated content (EGC), and why is it important for companies?

Employee-generated content (EGC) is content produced by employees on their personal social media, sharing insights about their company’s culture, products, and services. It includes posts, articles, videos, and photos. EGC provides authentic employee perspectives, enhancing brand values, culture, and credibility. Research highlights its effectiveness: 80% lack employee advocacy programs, missing EGC’s impact. EGC garners 8X more engagement than official content, boosting brand awareness and reaching new audiences. This drives leads through employees’ networks, reducing internal marketing efforts.

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy involves enabling employees to promote their company through initiatives like employee advocacy programs. These programs can range from simple actions like sharing social media posts to more involved tasks like creating employee-generated content (EGC). The key lies in employees willingly participating. Effective programs provide guidelines, ensuring shared content aligns with the brand.

What are the key benefits of employee advocacy, and how do they contribute to a company's success?

Employee advocacy offers authentic marketing, building trust (71% won’t support a business if trust is lost). It leverages social selling for sales and talent attraction, harnessing employee voices. It saves costs by using
existing staff as influencers, leading to sustainable content. Advocacy boosts engagement, satisfaction, and collaboration, fostering a positive work culture. Employee-generated content (EGC) enhances ownership, pride,
retention, and brand credibility, driving lead generation.

Empower your team and transform your business

Foster thought leaders to grow your brand and nurture brand champions with Employee Advocacy that works.Viral Nation_Empower™, a social media advocacy solution that’s a win-win.

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