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How AI is Changing the Future of the Marketing Industry

By: Viral Nation | 4 mins read |
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary technology quickly becoming vital to the business world, leaving many in the marketing industry wondering how much change is coming their way. Improving search results, saving time and effort and personalizing encounters with your target audiences are just some of the benefits available to a brand that is leveraging AI. Let’s face it, AI is already a part of our lives. We rely on devices such as Google Home, Alexa and Siri to help us navigate our worlds, whether at work or play. While this technology has yet to reach its full potential, it is becoming a widely used discipline within the digital marketing industry. Continue reading below to learn more about AI marketing and some of the main results after integrating AI into your digital marketing strategy. What is AI marketing? AI is a field of computer science that attempts to simulate or replicate human intellect in machines. In a digital marketing context, AI helps you improve your marketing campaign by gathering, analyzing and summarizing data. It can make automated decisions based on this data collection, along with additional observations of your target audience or economic trends that may impact marketing efforts. 

What are the results of AI marketing?

Before implementing AI in marketing operations and campaigns, your marketing team must clearly understand its capabilities. This will allow them to minimize the risk of errors and maximize the value of your investment.  Here are some results you can expect from AI marketing:

Save time and effort

One of the biggest strengths of AI marketing is its ability to process data quickly. This eliminates manual research and allows marketers to focus on their target customers. It can also adapt to changes in the user's behavior and interpret large amounts of data. Machine learning enables digital marketers to better understand their target customers' purchasing habits. In addition, AI can also analyze and interpret data collected from various sources, such as social media profiles and keyword searches.This can then be used to create marketing plans designed to reach their ideal customers at the right time and place. It allows businesses to focus their attention on providing value to their target audience, and less on conducting the initial research.

Improve search results

By combining big data and AI, you can better understand your target customers' search patterns through AI-integrated web analytics. This technology collects and analyzes web data to provide valuable insights that will help to improve your customer service and personalize product recommendations.  AI can suggest specific keywords that your target audience is searching for to incorporate them on your website or social media pages. You can also create marketing plans designed to reach the ideal customers at the right time and place, with the help of AI determining the best time to post content on your behalf.

Personalized encounters

Personalization is a buzzword that's becoming more prevalent in today's digital world. It involves considering the various factors that affect a customer's behavior and implementing them into your marketing strategy to make your target audience feel heard and valued. If a customer doesn't feel your messaging resonates with them, they might lose interest in products or services you're trying to provide. With AI in digital marketing, you don’t have to spend time making customized campaigns to make your customer feel valued and special.  The more data the AI collects, the better this machine learning program will be able to identify the ideal marketing tactics for your target audience.

Highly targeted, more sophisticated advertising

AI can also provide customers' past interactions, which you can use to segment your audience based on their specific interests. This can help break through the noise of ad clutter and improve the customer experience. Through predictive data collected by AI marketing, you can determine the optimal time and place to spend your ad budget. This method can then identify areas to increase your resources and decrease expenditures, while of course - making sure your target audience sees your ad!

Make a quick but informed decision

AI is a crucial component of the future as computers can harness vast amounts of data and make better decisions in a fraction of a second, unlike humans. The technology can help you make informed decisions by allowing you to analyze and visualize your data quickly. AI is uniquely positioned to make sense of this data, especially when the outcome is clear and measurable. It can help marketing leaders make the right decisions in each phase from planning to implementation and discover patterns along the way.

Integrating AI in digital marketing

The use of AI has revolutionized how companies work. It allows you to focus on your creative and innovative ideas by freeing up valuable time. In the digital marketing industry, many companies are now using AI to improve their strategies and deliver more personalized and relevant messaging. Here are four ways you can integrate AI into your digital marketing strategy:
  • Use AI in conversational marketing, which involves using text, emails, and personalized videos to connect with customers.
  • Leverage video marketing, which involves creating informative, engaging content in a video format. This can include social media videos, how-to videos, or product demonstration videos.
  • Provide shoppable content and personalized promotion to optimize how people engage with your content and increase the likelihood they will move through the sales funnel.
  • Use predictive analytics to analyze and predict the future behavior of your customers. This method combines the insights gained from various datasets and models with machine learning and AI to provide actionable recommendations. 
AI is a powerful tool that can help improve your digital marketing efforts. Not only does AI speed up the process of performing various marketing activities, but it also helps to automate mundane tasks, enhances your productivity levels and improves customers’ perception of your brand after seeing more personalized marketing campaigns. Start integrating AI into your digital marketing strategy with the four ways above to start seeing results!
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