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Viral Nation_Secure™ Adds Copyright Audit Functionality to Help Companies Avoid the Growing Problem of Piracy Lawsuits

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |

Viral Nation, a leading social media transformation and technology company, enhances its award-winning brand safety and reputation management solution, Viral Nation_Secure™, with the addition of AI-powered copyright infringement detection for music and audio. This industry-first feature will enable users to identify instances of copyright infringement of owned music and audio files used in social media posts, safeguarding corporations from potentially costly lawsuits and damaged reputations.

With the rapid growth of the creator economy, copyright infringement has become a growing concern for corporate brands looking to leverage social media to connect with their audience and promote their services—entrusting brand ambassadors to deploy creative campaigns that engage target audiences while adhering to ever-changing copyright and licensing laws.

Inappropriate use of social media can significantly impact a company's revenue, brand value, trust, goodwill, and ethical reputation. Studies have shown that companies facing reputation loss due to social media can experience a decline in value of 30%, while those that manage reputation crises effectively can gain 20% in value. In 2022, major music labels were awarded nearly $47 million over a piracy suit. Copyright owners have been resorting more frequently to legal action against the infringement of music, employing copyright law as their preferred method.

"We’re excited to leverage the addition of the new copyright infringement detection feature to the Viral Nation_Secure™ platform," said AJ, Operations, from one of the leading Major Sports Leagues. "With so much user-generated content being shared on social media, it's more important than ever to ensure we're not unknowingly violating copyright laws through our direct content or via our brand ambassadors. In the world of sport, where authenticity and fair play are cherished, this game-changing feature will deliver a valuable added layer of protection and peace of mind to our organization and community.”

Leveraging a custom AI model, Viral Nation_Secure™ audits posts across all major social media platforms and media types. It enables marketing, communications, HR, legal and other teams to audit and screen the social media activity of brand advocates, sponsored influencers, executives and employees, ensuring their online behavior is consistent with the brand's core values.

"Introducing the new patented copyright detection features to Viral Nation_Secure™ will further bolster our brand safety and reputation management solution offering," said Mat Micheli, co-chief executive officer and co-founder of Viral Nation. "We are proud to be the first brand safety solution to develop and deliver a frictionless solution as part of our platform to help companies mitigate risk and better protect their brands while in turn protecting content rights holders."

In addition to the added value of copyright infringement detection, key features and benefits of Viral Nation_Secure™ include:

  • Complete social audits for accurate, comprehensive data analysis utilizing augmented intelligence for content moderation.
  • Compliance management and open reporting of social media posts, ensuring companies are always in line with the latest regulations.
  • Customizable social media background checks enable companies to adjust their tolerance levels and flagging criteria for instances of profanity, intolerance, hate speech, violence, graphic or sexually suggestive content, illegal or regulated substances, specific industry regulations and more.
  • Fast and accurate reporting where brands can get customized analysis of social data across major platforms, motivating brands to make decisions quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition.
  • AI-powered analysis to screen all social media text, images, transcribed videos, tagged posts and comments—offering text categories, sentiment and emotion analysis. 
  • Multi-cloud platform infrastructure with ISO/SOC compliance and multiple unique patents within the functionality of the Viral Nation_Secure™ solution. 

“Too many of my marketing peers are facing legal and financial repercussions for promotional assets that leverage trending audio and music files on social media,” said Scott Leatherman, chief marketing officer at Viral Nation. “Just last week, I spoke to an earned media manager at a large retailer who was in tears as they had to remove more than 300 of their top-performing assets because of copyright infringement. Viral Nation_Secure™ is an easy-to-use solution that can help identify historical posts that should be removed as well as proactively flag posts for review before being issued to the public.”   

Viral Nation_Secure™ with copyright infringement detection is available now. Interested parties can schedule a demo or request more information here.

Watch the 40-second Viral Nation_Secure™ demo video here, or access the solution overview video or the condensed 30-second sizzle reel.

Additionally, the secure functionality of the audit and approval process is available in the recently launched Viral Nation_Empower™ solution — a complete enterprise solution that enhances and elevates employee advocacy and engagement programs across major social media platforms. It drives, improves and tracks employee engagement, alignment, satisfaction and trust with brand safety screening and collective engagement analytics, while also streamlining the customer's buyer journey. With direct integration to Viral Nation_Secure™, companies get peace of mind that all employee posts adhere to brand and campaign guidelines and avoid copyright infringement while screening overall sentiment online.

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