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Viral Nation Releases Groundbreaking Impersonation Detection Feature to Safeguard Brands and Personalities from Surge in Fake Accounts on Social Media

By: Viral Nation | 2 mins read |

Viral Nation, a leading social media marketing transformation, talent and technology company, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking impersonation detection feature for their acclaimed Viral Nation_Secure™ social media monitoring platform. Designed to combat the pervasive issue of fake accounts on social media, this new feature provides much-needed defense for brands, corporations, celebrities, influencers and other prominent figures against impersonation and reputational damage –– while protecting society at large from harmful and fraudulent accounts.

"The introduction of the impersonation detection feature within our Viral Nation_Secure™ platform marks a significant milestone," said Mat Micheli, co-chief executive officer and co-founder of Viral Nation. "With fake accounts running rampant, it has become essential for brands and individuals to shield their reputations and help to keep these platforms safe for all. Our proprietary technology surpasses the reactive measures employed by social media platforms, offering a proactive and comprehensive solution to safeguard our clients’ brands."

Traditional social media listening and sentiment analysis tools in the market have consistently failed to tackle the harmful problem of fake accounts, falling short of delivering comprehensive, easy-to-use solutions where counterfeit accounts are identified and reported in a seamless, time-sensitive manner before they cause significant damage to reputations and trust levels. Most existing methods of detecting fake accounts are manual and labor-intensive, requiring exhaustive searches across social platforms and search engines. Moreover, verification marks, now available for purchase, once seen as a reliable indicator of authenticity, have become less dependable as indicators of real or fake accounts.

The rise of fake accounts is quickly becoming a serious industry-wide problem, with far-reaching consequences including the manipulation of public opinion, stock price volatility, behavioral influence, spread of misinformation and illicit activities. Viral Nation_Secure™’s latest enhancement incorporates patent-pending state-of-the-art technology that delivers unparalleled accuracy in detecting fake accounts–addressing the escalating concern head-on. Leveraging proprietary multi-AI analysis, encompassing recognition and detection cognition as well as deep analysis, Viral Nation_Secure™’s impersonation detection conducts ongoing, simultaneous searches across various social media platforms, proactively flagging and exposing impostor accounts as well as reporting takedowns to the respective platforms in order to successfully secure the online presence for companies and personal brands.

According to industry reports, Facebook takes action against more than 1 billion fake accounts every quarter, with Meta witnessing a 30% increase to 1.3 billion in late 2022. Additional jarring statistics reinforce the scale of the issue and the need for complete solutions such as Viral Nation_Secure™ to combat the problem:

Viral Nation_Secure™’s impersonation detection feature fills a critical gap in the market of big social data, providing brands and content creators with the tools they need to combat the rising tide of fake accounts by proactively identifying and flagging fake accounts across social media platforms. Enhancing the robust brand security measures already provided by Viral Nation_Secure™, the new feature includes the identification of unsafe social media content such as profanity, hate speech, violence and nudity across images, videos and text. It also identifies audio copyright infringement, protecting brands from legal complications and costly lawsuits. Together, these features establish an industry-leading line of defense, ensuring a safe and authentic online environment that upholds reputation, protects users, generates revenue and boosts audience engagement.

Watch the Viral Nation_Secure™ with impersonation detection video here.

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