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One bad social post can cost you $4M*

Protect your market valuation, revenue, and audience trust with Viral Nation’s leading brand safety solution.

There is no such thing as a small social post

Brand safety is no longer just about your company’s social handles, it’s about every brand ambassador, influencer, employee, and other creators that are posting content about your brand. All have a significant impact on your company’s reputation, market valuation, revenue, and public perception.

Marketing, human resources, and legal teams are burdened with manually scanning social media to keep their company safe. Get back time and protect your company with award-winning multi-patented technology

Stay ahead of PR disasters.

Prevent, mitigate and resolve unexpected crises on social media anywhere, anytime with live monitoring and email alerts as soon as a problematic post is identified.

Hire the best, without compromise.

HR Managers and Recruiters currently conduct manual social media reviews of prospective hires.

With Viral Nation_Secure, seamlessly conduct social media audits, eliminating manual guesswork and uncertainty regarding your new hire.

Protect against imposter accounts

Fake accounts are an increasing problem across social media platforms and can wreak havoc on a brand and manipulate audiences. Protect your company and your community with Viral Nation_Secure’s patented Impersonation Detection.

Avoid piracy lawsuits

Inappropriate use of audio and music, even unintentionally, can significantly impact a company’s revenue, brand value, trust, goodwill, and ethical reputation. Be the first to know with Viral Nation_Secure’s Copyright Infringement Protection.

The ultimate brand safety and digital reputation management solution

Offensive social media posts by prospective talent, current employees or business partners can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your organization.

With Viral Nation_Secure, you can trust that your brand has around-the-clock protection from internal and external threats.

Identify harmful and non-compliant content early on and take action to protect your business with our industry-leading AI-powered technology.

Be the first to know

Viral Nation_Secure’s proprietary AI-powered technology analyzes text, image, video, sentiment and copyright infringements of social media posts, ensuring your organization has visibility on anyone representing your brand, at any time and on any platform.

How it works

Share handles and set your risk tolerance

Provide only the social media accounts you want to analyze, tell us your brand requirements and let us do the rest.

Comprehensive social media scans

With industry leading AI-powered technology that digs deeper than the competition, quickly scan through images, videos or text, as far back as the user's very first post.

24/7 monitoring and detailed reporting

The convenience of continuous monitoring ensures nothing is missed across all social media platforms. Get alerted when your report is ready for review.


We used Viral Nation Secure to quickly identify the best candidates for our promotional campaigns. It has saved us so many headaches during the screening process and we’re thrilled with the results.

-Major Global Player in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Our athletes are our strongest advocates and we rely on Viral Nation Secure to scan their entire social media history to help us find the best spokespeople for our organization.

-Large Corporation in a Professional Sports League

Viral Nation Secure identified the best candidates to represent our franchises. The ongoing social media monitoring safeguards our brands and we highly recommend it to protect your digital reputation.

-North America's Leading Provider of Sports and Entertainment

We needed candidates who met the strict screening requirements of the banking industry. Viral Nation Secure took the guesswork out of hiring, effortlessly vetting individuals across their social media - all on one easy to use solution.

-Large Multinational Banking and Financial Corporation

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*Ho, Marcus. (2014). How a Small Social Media Mistake Ended Up Costing These Companies $4.3 Million in Losses. Search Engine Journal. (Link)