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Introducing Viral Nation_­Empower™, the Enterprise Solution for Revolutionizing Employee Social Media Advocacy

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Viral Nation, a leading social media transformation and technology company, is proud to announce the launch of Viral Nation_Empower™, a complete enterprise solution that disrupts employee advocacy and engagement programs across major social media platforms.

Designed to empower the authentic voice of employees by educating, aligning and incentivizing at scale, Viral Nation_Empower™ is the first solution of its kind with deep social media intellectual property embedded into the user experience, learning paths featuring content from some of today’s most recognized creators and proprietary generative AI. Viral Nation_Empower™ drives, improves and tracks employee engagement, alignment, satisfaction and trust with brand safety monitoring and collective engagement analytics, while also streamlining the customer's buyer journey.

"We are excited to explore the capabilities of Viral Nation_Empower™ and its potential for our organization," said Stan Chia, chief executive officer at Vivid Seats. "As a company, we believe in investing in the growth and development of our employees and recognize the influence they can have as brand ambassadors. We look forward to seeing how this innovative solution can help us further develop and empower our team."

The uniqueness of Viral Nation_Empower™ lies in the employee's role in building their own knowledge and comfort with social posting, establishing a personal brand and creating thought leadership content over time. Equipped with the latest social media best practices and by gamifying the process, employees will develop the skills and knowledge to grow their personal ecosystem, which will positively impact the rest of their careers while also making them more valuable to their companies. With Viral Nation_Empower™, employees are engaged and empowered to create strategic content with the help of proprietary generative AI, while ensuring brand and content protection. By leveraging their personal networks and expertise, employees can also shorten the buyer's journey, making Viral Nation_Empower™ an invaluable solution for boosting brand reach and impact—a comprehensive approach to employee advocacy that truly sets it apart from competitors.

Employee advocacy programs are an essential component of any organization's social media strategy, enabling workers to build their own thought leadership and personal brand, amplify their reach and increase their company’s brand awareness—all while helping achieve marketing, HR, recruitment and sales targets more efficiently. With research showing that more than 80% of companies don’t have an active employee advocacy program in place, a major opportunity is being missed. At the same time, U.S. corporations lose an estimated $550B in revenue every year due to disengaged workers. However, effective employee advocacy programs can boost engagement, alignment and morale. In fact, studies have found an 8x engagement rate increase when employees share company content, including a 7x increase in lead conversion when developed with employee advocacy in mind. 

"The launch of Viral Nation_Empower™ at Social Media Week is important because it disrupts the existing top-down “like and share” employee advocacy tools with a ground-up generative AI solution. We are flattening the learning curve for those nervous about posting on social media and accelerating users within the company to become top industry influencers,” said Joe Gagliese, co-chief executive officer and co-founder of Viral Nation. “With social media continuing to shape the marketing landscape, we’re proud to lead the charge into the future and deliver the solutions that enhance how businesses operate, engage and perform.”  

Viral Nation_Empower™ helps companies optimize employee social media advocacy programs through key features and improved processes, including:

  • Knowledge Base - providing companies with a custom learning path with a mix of short and long-form videos by Viral Nation’s own creators to train, certify and reward employees.
  • Brand Compliance - with a direct integration to Viral Nation_Secure™, companies get peace of mind that all employee posts adhere to brand and campaign guidelines and avoid copyright infringement, while monitoring overall sentiment online. 
  • Efficiency - streamlines the approval process for employee-generated content for quick turnarounds on content improvement, third-party tagging guidance and posting strategies.
  • Messaging - providing companies with community and in-platform direct messaging capabilities that encourage employees to interact with each other by sharing strategies, content and achievements.
  • Content Management - creative briefs can be shared and collaborated on within the content management module and companies can use the built-in social media scheduler to plan posts weeks in advance.
  • Improved content - leveraging proprietary generative AI solutions to help employees develop social media-specific content at scale with embedded best practices. 
  • Gamification - engaging content to help foster learning, content development and multi-platform posting through gamified learning paths that also include social recognition, rewards and certifications. 
  • Reporting and Attribution - customizable, shareable reports for analyzing program performance, engagement metrics and revenue attribution.

"Employee-generated content (EGC) is far more effective than resharing corporate posts," said Scott Leatherman, chief marketing officer at Viral Nation. "The only way corporations will thrive in the attention economy is by supporting their employees to become content creators and external influencers in an easy, secure and career-rewarding program.”

Watch the short overview video of the Viral Nation_Empower™ solution.

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Joe Gagliese will be speaking at AdWeek’s Social Media Week Tuesday at 1:25 p.m. ET. For more details about Viral Nation at Social Media Week, click here.

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