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TikTok SEO Strategies: How to Optimize your Content for Gen-Z Search

By: Viral Nation | 2 mins read |
With TikTok emerging as the search engine of choice for Gen-Z, a strong TikTok SEO strategy will optimize your videos for search results. TikTok Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that involves optimizing content for the platform's search feature so that it can easily be found by users who are searching for it.  Although TikTok doesn't claim to be a search engine, about 40% of Gen-Z users prefer to use Instagram and TikTok over Google search Due to the platform's evolution into the search engine space and the ever growing culture of authenticity, more brands are now turning to TikTok to connect with their audiences on a more personal level. This is why brands must understand TikTok SEO: to help people easily find their content in the search results.

Understanding your target audience

Understanding what your target audience searches for and is interested in will allow you to create content around those topics. This way, when they search for something specific they will come across your brand’s content first. Without knowing what your target audience is searching for, you have less of a chance to showcase your content in search results.

Integrating the right keywords in your content

It's important that you have the right keywords. How can you create strong content without knowing what keywords people are searching for? This will allow you to provide relevant content and information to your audience. Since relevance is also vital in optimizing your content, putting the right keywords in your videos will help drive relevant searches. For instance, if a user is looking for "best foundations," your video might be ranked first because it has the phrase "best foundations" added in the captions. In general, you need to incorporate keywords with high search volume, high relevance and low difficulty. There is no single-best formula for choosing the right keyword so try balancing the various aspects of relevance, difficulty and volume. Doing so will allow you to target your audience's search intent while keeping your overall goal in mind.

Incorporate keywords in videos

You can incorporate keywords into your videos on TikTok in various ways such as in-video text, speech captions, automated closed captions, and hashtags. Having the right amount of mentions of your keyword will allow the platform to identify and display relevant content. You can also include the appropriate keyword in the first three seconds of your video. This will allow the platform to identify and display your video's topic before anyone else's.

Utilize hashtags

Creating a good hashtag strategy for TikTok is also about targeting the depth and breadth of your audience's search intent.  One way to increase discoverability and reach a wider audience for your content is using hashtags. For instance, if you're planning on creating a series of videos about content creator tips, you can use the hashtag to group together multiple videos. Hashtags help users share and find content to join the conversation around topics that interest them.

What's next for TikTok SEO?

Despite the initial challenges that search engine optimization can present, the future of TikTok is bright. According to a report released by web performance company Cloudflare, the platform ended Google's reign as the most visited web domain in 2021. As a result, many creators and brand managers are starting to realize the importance of using TikTok SEO to improve their content. The rise of TikTok is also a reflection of how the way consumers consume information has changed. Instead of relying on traditional sources, they're now searching for visually engaging and trustworthy information. With the help of TikTok SEO, brands can capitalize on this shift and reach a wider audience through the tips listed above.
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