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Building a TikTok UGC Machine for Your Brand

By: Viral Nation | 5 mins read |
Whether you realize it or not, user-generated content (UGC) is everywhere and building a strong TikTok strategy involving UGC will be vital to your success. UGC refers to content created by users or customers for specific brands and shared on social media or other channels. It makes sense to consider UGC as the modern-day word-of-mouth since it ultimately relies on people trusting others. UGC can take many forms, such as images, videos, reviews, testimonials, and even podcasts. How can brands create a powerful UGC machine on TikTok where the goal is to build a reliable network of creators who promote your brand by creating high-quality content? Keep reading to find out.

Why focus on User Generated Content?

Using UGC to market a business is nothing new. Brands have taken advantage of UGC previously gathered from the general public, employees, or content creators for years. It allows you to see how products look and function before buying them yourself, as well as build consumer loyalty and trust with your audience. Celebrity influencers popularized this kind of content-driven advertising by displaying aspirational lifestyles while recommending cool products for their followers to want to purchase as well. Social media’s landscape continues to change rapidly - audiences are drawn to content that makes them feel something. They favour content that aligns with their interests and is engaging over seeing content from family and friends. This is why TikTok's algorithm is interest-based and Instagram continues to move to incorporate more "recommended" accounts.

Puts authenticity on the map

Nowadays, brands must compete fiercely against other brands for an audience’s attention, and they know consumers - especially Gen-Z - are more selective about the brands they interact with and purchase from. Consumers have greatly shifted towards supporting brands that share the same values as them and are authentic in nature. Consumers aren't the only ones who are passionate about authentic content. According to a study, about 60% of marketers believe authenticity and quality are equally significant factors in successful content. Good thing a customer's UGC is the most authentic type of content.  UGC is 2.4 times more likely to be considered authentic by consumers than brand-generated content, making this the perfect time to invest in an authenticity-driven social marketing strategy.

Enhances community engagement and brand loyalty

UGC provides customers the great opportunity to participate actively in a brand's growth, which has a significant impact on brand loyalty and affinity. It allows people to become a part of a brand's community, something that people are craving now more than ever.  As a result of UGC, a brand can open up conversations with consumers, and this level of interaction helps to build and grow an engaged community. By sharing audience content, you can develop and deepen relationships between your business and your audience, resulting in greater loyalty to your brand.

Influences purchase decisions and boost conversions

You want your audience to buy from you, and UGC plays a massive role in the final stages of the buyer's journey. It provides genuine social proof that your product is worthy of purchase. Nearly 80% of people claimed that UGC impacts their decision to purchase. Seeing your product worn or used by people just like your audience influences them to make a purchase.

Adaptable and flexible

UGC can be used outside of social media in other marketing campaigns, turning it into an omnichannel strategy. For instance, to nudge prospective buyers toward making a purchase, you could include UGC images in abandoned cart emails. You could also incorporate UGC into key landing pages to boost conversions. Example: Calvin Klein set up a special landing page dedicated to UGC content. Shoppers see real examples of how other consumers style their Calvins and see how products look on actual humans instead of models.

Best practices for building TikTok UGC content

The ultimate goal of a TikTok UGC growth machine is to build a network of reliable content creators who produce high-quality content aligned with your target audience and brand goals.  So how do you build a TikTok UGC machine? Start with understanding your Tik Tok consumer’s needs and wants by asking yourself a few questions. What are their hobbies? What type of content do they interact with most on TikTok and other social media platforms? What do they value? How do they get their news? All of this will help you to really understand your target audience and allow you to create better UGC campaigns. Next, focus on these best practices for TikTok UGC campaigns, while keeping your target audience in mind:
  • Select the desired type of UGC - challenges, contests, reviews, instructional videos 
  • Clarify what you want - provide clear instructions on how to participate, what hashtags to include, and anything else you might want
  • Make your own branded hashtag to keep track of all content created for the campaign
  • Increase your reach by working with influencers 
  • Utilize the Duet and Stitch features to make fun and engaging content
  • Repurpose your UGC for Your Page to give people the recognition they deserve
  • Incorporate UGC videos into your TikTok ads

How to find the right UGC creator

To ensure that UGC is aligned with your brand and campaign goals, you should define your ad goals before reaching out to anyone. When planning, consider these questions:
  • What is the objective? (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion)
  • What is the core value or message you want to convey? (Our goal is to get audiences to purchase this product, etc.)
  • What is the ideal content format? (Filming necessities)
Identify your audience's key influences when it comes time to find creators. What types of creators, if any, do they follow? Which accounts were they engaging with? Find and communicate with 10-15 rising stars or micro-influencers who align with the category of your brand before choosing the best ones to work with.

Why TikTok UGC can be powerful for your brand

Consumer-created content was perceived as the most authentic in a study in which more than 80% of participants said they were influenced by this type of content when making purchasing decisions. As a result, real users' content is likely to perform well on TikTok due to the authenticity and relatability of the content. TikTok UGC videos scored 22% higher than brand videos in a study by Real Eyes. In comparison to TikTok brand videos and Facebook video ads, UGC videos were the most effective at capturing and holding viewers' attention.  The emotional impact of UGC videos was also found to be much higher than that of brand videos. TikTok UGC videos are 22% more effective at bringing emotion forward than brand videos. Their encoding score was 10x higher than conventional ads and 4.7x higher than Facebook ads. It is evident from this that UGC on TikTok has the ability to engage your audience emotionally. Using TikTok creators in UGC ad campaigns could maximize the impact of your ads. Creating ads based on videos by influencers is a great way to raise awareness about your brand and attract an audience already familiar with the influencers. TikTok's viral sensations are driven by user-generated content. However, your efforts must be strategic in order to be effective. To get the most out of UGC on TikTok, make sure to follow the tips and best practices above.