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15 Consumer Tech Influencers Driving the Conversation in 2024

By: Viral Nation | 10 mins read |

In the lead-up to any new tech launch, the social landscape buzzes with the voices of consumer tech influencers. These influencers, through their engaging YouTube videos and social media content, prove that technology narratives thrive not just in keynotes but in the vibrant arena of digital discussions.

Research shows that this kind of user-generated content (UGC) is 2.4 times more authentic than traditional brand narratives. We live in an era where influencers aren’t just ahead of technological trends; they’re crafting the narrative and shaping the future with their original content.

Our 2024 consumer tech influencers list honors, as Apple’s 1997 ad said, ‘the crazy ones, the rebels, the troublemakers, the ones who see things differently.’ This list of top digital talent is your guide to the creators who can amplify your message and connect you with audiences eager to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Top Technology Influencers to Follow in 2024

Here you won’t find keynote speakers; but influencers who have mastered the art of making complex tech trends and business strategies not only accessible but downright irresistible to their followers.

Emerging trends like fintech, which cross over into this list, multiply tech with practical financial advice.

So in no particular order, we’ll run through everything you need to know about the social stars of consumer tech.

Web Dev Simplified – Kyle Cook

The Coding Cardinal

Followers: 1.5M on YouTube

Kyle Cook, the brains behind Web Dev Simplified, has established a digital academy where budding and experienced web developers alike can demystify the complexities of coding. Highlight tutorials, such as Learn JSON in 10 Minutes have drawn over 3M viewers, captivating audiences with his simplicity and insightful content.

Kyle’s channel encompasses a broad spectrum of web development topics, from JavaScript and React to CSS, offering a comprehensive curriculum for mastering web development. His tutorials extend beyond basic concepts, exploring advanced topics like full-stack development and React Hooks, tailored to accelerate learning and skill acquisition.

Internet-Made Coder – Tuomas Kivioja

The Mr Robot of Finland

Location: Dubai

Followers: 313K on YouTube

Meet Tuomas, the programming guru whose content isn’t just about loops and functions; it’s about launching careers into the tech stratosphere in six months or less. With a clear focus on Python development, Tuomas is offering a golden ticket to a $100K developer job through his Python Developer Bootcamp.

His platform, the Internet Made Club is a community where aspiring programmers get exclusive insights and the tools needed to excel, including the much-coveted Online Computer Science Degree template. His journey from self-taught coder to industry influencer in just four months embodies the power of determination and self-education.

Make Money w/ Stacy La

The Side Hustler

Location: Canada

Followers: 481K on TikTok, 146K on YouTube, 111K on Instagram

As a maestro of the faceless digital product business, Stacy has carved a niche for herself guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the intricacies of creating and scaling profitable digital ventures. Her arsenal is an impressive array of free guides, meticulously designed courses, and ready-to-sell digital products, all aimed at creating passive income.

Her flagship Digital Wealth Academy Course, Affiliate Marketing, and Social Profits Kickstart bundles provide a blueprint for monetizing e-commerce and social media with zero upfront costs.

Linus Tech Tips – Linus Sebastian

The PC Builder

Location: Vancouver

Followers: 15.5M on YouTube, 1.8M on X, 4.7M on Instagram

Linus Sebastian launched Linus Tech Tips (LTT) in 2008, a melting pot of technology, seamlessly blending gear reviews, gaming escapades, startup stories, and DIY tech projects. His journey in tech began even earlier, in 2007, as a vibrant presenter for (now closed) retailer NCIX, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Linus’ channel racks up millions of views for his experimental PC builds, where he sources parts from the most unlikely place. His Linus Tech Tips forum, with 889K members, is a vibrant community that features sections for general technology discussions, troubleshooting, sharing build logs, and participating in community projects.

Marques Brownlee

The Tech Journalist

Location: New Jersey

Followers: 18.4M on YouTube, 6.1M on X, 4.7M on Instagram

Marques Brownlee, known professionally as MKBHD, has carved a niche for himself as a tech titan and journalist. His journey from a high school student making screencast reviews to becoming the Creator of the Decade at the 10th Shorty Awards is nothing short of remarkable. His interviews with tech giants and celebrities, including Kobe Bryant, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, have positioned him as a pivotal figure in tech journalism.


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Alongside hosting the Waveform podcast and managing The Studio channel, Brownlee’s annual Smartphone Awards highlight his influence and authority in the tech space. Marques’ recent appointment as Ridge’s New Chief Creative Partner marks a fascinating evolution in brand-creator collaborations, highlighting the deepening integration of creators within core business functions.

Carterpcs – Carter Smith

The Gadget Guru

Followers: 5M on TikTok, 478K on YouTube, 254K on Instagram

Carterpcs stands out for his adventurous explorations in technology, often venturing beyond conventional boundaries to share his fascination with the latest gadgets and AI developments. His experiments include transforming a car tire into a high-performance computing hub or creating Carterpcs AI, an AI model replicating his voice and textual nuances.


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His appeal resonates especially with the younger crowd intrigued by tech ingenuity and personal well-being. Carterpcs’s content strikes a chord across platforms, proven by viral successes like the Tesla Screen Protector video, which soared to 7.4M views. His collaborations with tech giants such as Sony Electronics, Quantum Fiber, and Canon, have brought new tech to the eyes of millions.

Casey Neistat

The Self-Made Filmmaker

Location: New York

Followers: 12.6M on YouTube, 3M on Instagram, 2M on X

Casey Neistat’s journey from a high school dropout living in a trailer park to a renowned YouTube personality and filmmaker is a tale of grit, creativity, and innovation. Neistat first catapulted into the limelight with his viral hit iPod’s Dirty Secret, a daring exposé that challenged Apple’s lack of a battery replacement program, sparking a nationwide debate and leading to a policy change—a testament to the power of creative activism.

The evolution of Neistat’s career from critical filmmaker to a beacon for creators around the globe is underscored by his founding of BeMe, a multimedia company that CNN acquired. His HBO series, The Neistat Brothers, further solidified his place in digital and traditional media, blending autobiographical storytelling with a unique, engaging style.

thebeekid – Liz Espinoza

The College Tekkie

Location: Texas

Followers: 912K on TikTok, 804K on YouTube

Liz Espinoza, a junior at Cornell University, carves a unique niche at the intersection of information science, business, and student life. Liz’s approach to content creation goes beyond mere tips; she builds a narrative around preparedness, whether advocating for a waterproof backpack to brave the elements or compressing PDFs for easier class submissions.


My favorite productivity hacks I use on @Adobe Express that make creating content fast and easy using generative AI ⭐️Try Adobe Express today! #AdobePartner

♬ original sound – Liz 🐝

Her journey is punctuated with viral hits such as Trying out Einstein’s daily routine for a day! reaching 47M views. Liz explores gadgets like the Apple AirPods Max and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, evaluating their worth for the average college student. Through her partnership with Adobe, she underscores the practical applications of technology in academic success.

Alex Maclean

The Maritime Hustler

Location: Nova Scotia

Followers: 400K on Instagram, 380K on Facebook

From a modest $800 loan to dressing stars like Sidney Crosby and Ed Sheeran, Alex MacLean’s East Coast Lifestyle has woven the essence of the maritime’s scenic charm into every thread of its apparel. Starting as a university project, his collections now include a range from Bauer hockey gear to an eagerly anticipated golf line.

In the whirlwind of social media, #EastCoastLifestyle became more than a hashtag—it became a movement, attracting celebrities and everyday folks alike to don the brand, including the iconic team-up with Wu-Tang Clan. Recognized with accolades such as the EY Atlantic Entrepreneur of the Year, MacLean’s set his goals of expansion across the U.S. East Coast.

Matt Gresia

The Financial Forger

Location: New York

Followers: 3.7M on TikTok, 175K on YouTube

Matt Gresia’s backstory is stitched together by his studies in finance at Manhattan College and a heartfelt mission inspired by his late grandfather. Matt founded Canswer Sock Co., a brand that contributes 10% of all proceeds to cancer research. His marketing approach is a relentless pursuit of coverage, where he once reached out to 200 people daily on social media with his socks making a stage appearance on the late Mac Miller’s tour.

@mattgresia will LITERALLY use AI apply to jobs for you. Definitely would recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a new gig 📃🤑 #SonaraPartner #Jobs #Money #Business #Trending

♬ original sound – Matt Gresia

For Matt, TikTok isn’t just a platform; it’s a launchpad. His viral ascent began with a video that peeled back the curtain on Addison Rae’s earnings with insightful revelations about finance, investments, and wealth. Partnering with innovative platforms like, Matt doesn’t just share wisdom; he embodies them.

Matt Gresia made it to Viral Nation’s list of the 8 best influencers for ‘New Year, new me’ campaigns.

Tatiana Londono

The Real Estate Queen

Location: Montreal

Followers: 2.8M on TikTok, 220K on Instagram

Imagine a world where real estate meets runway and where TikTok becomes the new HGTV; welcome to Tatiana Londono’s world. Using the discipline from her time at the Canadian Armed Forces, Tatiana has built an empire that transcends the traditional boundaries of real estate brokerage. As the CEO of Londono Realty Group and star of [HGTV’s The Property Shop, she’s not just selling homes; she’s selling lifestyles.


So many opportunities! #millionaire #realestate #money

♬ Shout Out (No Vox) – Chris Alan Lee

Tatiana has made her name helping those looking to elevate their living, making her an emblem of success and style in the digital age. Her coaching venture, Real Estate High Rollers, stands as a testament to her commitment to nurturing the next generation of real estate mavens. Her book, Real Estate Unfiltered, offers a no-holds-barred look into the industry’s ins and outs.

Tech With Tim – Tim Ruscica

The Python Playhouse

Location: Canada

Followers: 1.43M on YouTube, 201K on Instagram

Tim Ruscica, the brains behind Tech With Tim, is your go-to YouTube sanctuary for all things coding, from software engineering to the mystic lands of machine learning. With Tim’s guidance, diving into the complexities of programming languages becomes an adventure rather than a chore. His channel isn’t just about passive learning; it’s a vibrant community where beginners bloom into experts under his expert guidance.

This isn’t just another coding channel; it’s an ecosystem featuring tutorials, coding challenges, and a vibrant Discord community of 38K members for that much-needed peer support. Collaborating with brands like X-Team, Tim tastefully creates branded content that resonates with an audience that is known to be weary of outsider influence.

Daniel Bennett

The Don Draper of TikTok

Location: Los Angeles

Followers: 591K on TikTok

Daniel’s journey from tech support to TikTok fame captures the essence of daily life with a hilarious twist. His feed is full of social commentary like airplane etiquette, overpaying for coffee, and the ongoing debate over wearing backpacks. Daniel Bennett’s flair for blending humor with brand storytelling shone brightly in his partnership with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes captivating over 14M viewers.


#ad Everything happens for a reason right? @Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes

♬ original sound – Daniel Bennett

Beyond the laughs, Bennett delves into his personal and professional evolution through his podcast Rebranding, engaging with influencers on their transformative journeys and highlighting changes within the digital landscape. As Head of Creative at DX Creative, he’s woven narratives for Grammy-winning artists, ideated Gatorade’s most successful TikTok campaign, and partnered with names like AriZona Iced Tea and DIPLO.

Ellyce – Ellyce Fulmore

The Personal Finance Humanizer

Location: Calgary

Followers: 535K on Instagram

As a beacon for those often left on the fringes of financial conversations, Ellyce brings financial education into the 21st century. Her identity as a queer and neurodivergent financial educator doesn’t just color her content; it’s the canvas she paints on, creating a masterpiece of accessibility and understanding.

3 steps for breaking down your financial goals with @Bettermenthq 💸 learn more at #bettermentpartner #savingsgoals #savingstips #savingforthefuture #investingforthefuture #ad

♬ original sound – Ellyce- Financial Educator 💸

Ellyce’s journey from aspiring competitive gymnast hindered by financial constraints to a heralded financial educator has been featured in The New York Times and CBC. With Queerd Co. she’s building bridges for those with ADHD, neurodivergencies, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, making the daunting world of finance a welcoming space for all.

Nobudgetbabe – Nicole Victoria

The Debt Destroyer

Location: Los Angeles

Followers: 1.9M on TikTok

From drowning in a $40k debt to basking in the millionaire’s lifestyle, Nicole’s financial fairytale has drawn millions of followers. But here’s the twist: she didn’t follow the yellow brick road of stringent budgeting. Instead, she carved her path through mindset shifts and savvy financial behaviors, proving that wealth isn’t just about counting pennies but making those pennies work for you.


Today I’m going to teach you how to buy a stock. Investing isn’t for the rich, it’s how you get rich, and learning how to make money while you sleep is the only way to make sure you don’t work until you die. First thing you’re going to do is open an account with a brokerage – this is simply a company that gives you access to the stock market. Then you’re going to deposit money into the account, you can do this by linking your bank account and initiating a transfer. Don’t make this mistake! The account is not the investment, so if your money is just sitting there in cash, it’s not growing. To buy your investment you’re going to type in the ticker symbol of the stock you want to buy. Now I don’t like buying individual stocks, because no one knows which company will do the best, and we don’t want to gamble with our money, so I buy investments called ETFs or index funds so I can buy little pieces of all the companies. The total stock market has gone up an average of 10% a year. So I’d type the ticker symbol in the top, click the investment, then enter how much money I want to use. I always do a market buy (which just means buying at the price it is right now) or a fractional buy, which means buying a piece of the investment if I don’t have enough for an entire share right now. Keep learning with our Free Investing Masterclass or apply to work with me as your 7 figure mentor on our website!

♬ original sound – Nicole Victoria | Money Coach

With her Makin’ Money Moves Method, Nicole has become the fairy godmother for young women trapped in financial quandaries. Her viral wisdom—garnering millions of views for her candid spill-the-tea moments and rich-people secrets—has solidified her status as a financial guru.

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These tech creators are the go-to sources for demystifying the latest technology trends, business strategies, and financial freedom.

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