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10 Rising Stars to Watch Out for in 2024

By: Michael Okada | 6 mins read |

As 2024 officially kicks off, we’re looking forward to another exciting year full of opportunities, partnerships, and boundary-pushing possibilities as the Creator Economy continues its upward trajectory without any signs of stopping.

This year will see both brands and advertisers double down on the creator economy as 44% of advertisers and 25% of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing spend in 2024 as hyper-targeted, social-first content continues to dominate the marketing landscape.

So for brands and advertisers looking for new creators to collaborate with, fellow creators looking for rising stars for inspiration, or anyone looking for their next creator to follow – this list is for you!

2024’s rising creators

A few weeks ago, we looked back at some of the top creators of 2023 and in this article, we’re predicting the future with some of our favorite up-and-coming creators who are poised to make 2024 their year. While many of these creators are already social media stars in their own right, it’s the perfect chance for brands and advertisers to add them to their influencer shortlists and work with them before they become household names.

Each creator on this carefully curated list comes with their own built-in and highly engaged audience which makes them the perfect candidates for getting your brand out to millions of people across a wide variety of niches such as food, science, fashion, sports, and comedy. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Everything Just Baked

Justin Ellen is the beloved baker behind Everything Just Baked – a wildly successful Black-owned bakery that he runs with his family – but he’s offering more than hyper-realistic cake creations. Justin’s journey to becoming a young entrepreneur is inspiring and his relationship with his family is as heartwarming as it is relatable. We see big things in 2024 for Justin as he continues to grow his Everything Just Baked brand.

Justin’s on-screen charisma is also undeniable for fans and brands alike – he’s worked with major companies like Adobe and Oreo – and last year, he even made the stunning birthday cake for R&B icon Mary J. Blige! And now, he’s looking to continue his winning streak by expanding his brand deals and clientele well into 2024 and beyond as he continues to blow up on social media with the continued help of his parents and little sister – how’s that for a family affair!


2. Lindsay Nikole

Lindsay Nikole is carving out her very own lane in the world of educational content on social media. She’s a passionate zoologist who delivers some amazing facts about nature and its inhabitants in the most refreshing and relatable way. She’s edgy and intelligent, which makes her a true role model for young, knowledge-hungry audiences.

As a relatively new creator, Lindsay’s had a meteoric rise as she quickly amassed a large audience due to her exceptional skills at making engaging long-form and short-form content on her YouTube and TikTok channels. Her ability to effortlessly adapt her content to best fit whatever platform she’s on has already caught the eye of brands like Rocket Money and Surfshark.


#answer to @wildwildplums #zoology #animalcare #bigcats #animalsoftiktok #learnontiktok #themoreyouknow

♬ Tell Me – Simbah

3. Dani DMC

Dani DMC is a plus-size model and confidence activist who celebrates diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry and influencer space. This year is set to be an exciting one as we see Dani double down on her passions for fashion, body acceptance, and the latest trends. Expect to see Dani DMC’s profile rise as she becomes a go-to advocate for brands breaking stereotypes and challenging the status quo for a better world that includes everyone.

4. Cale Brown

Cale Brown has gone viral for his incredible dance moves and special effects that make his videos so unique. He’s worked on creative projects for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and has been tapped by celebrities like Ciara to give their content that special Cale Brown effect. We only see his social stock rising in 2024 as he continues to be tapped for his creative edge in content creation.


Collaborate and eh listen

♬ Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

5. Lucas Lopez

Latino-Canadian TikTok content creator, Lucas Lopez Vilet, quickly rose to fame over the past three years, amassing over 3 million followers with quick-wit humor and Hispanic-focused parodies. He was nominated for a Streamy in 2023 in the Comedy category and he’s worked with massively well-known brands that align with his personal preferences like Popeyes, Inter Miami, L’Oreal and Bud Light. We expect Lucas to become a target influencer for brands and agencies seeking a relatable ambassador for their household brands.


Camera shakes more each time #foryoupage #foryou #comedy #parati #latino

♬ original sound – Lucas Lopez

6. Gab Chappel

Gabrielle Chappel is slated to be the next household name in cooking. She’s a professional chef with a focus on plant-based and seasonally inspired recipes. Gabrielle’s content rises to the top for being beautifully crafted while giving her on-screen charisma the spotlight it deserves. In December, Gab announced that she will be a contestant on the upcoming season of Next Level Chef on Fox (airing Jan 28).


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7. CS99TV

CS99TV is all about sports. The account was created by two friends and fellow athletes, Adam and Rob – one who’s a lifelong tennis player and the other who’s a baseball fanatic — and their love of sports is reflected in the content on their channel, which is filled with challenges and trick shots with a strong emphasis on America’s favorite pastime. Social-first audiences’ love for trick shots and challenges is not going away any time soon and we see CS99TV becoming a leader in the sports vertical.


anyone wanna play some tennis baseball? #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #trending #viral #tennis #baseball #micdup #comedy #sports

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8. Like Nastya

Like Nastya is probably the biggest creator we have on this list with over 111M subscribers on her YouTube channel alone! Nastya is a nine-year-old girl who makes content for the kids, where she plays games, does unboxing videos, and has fun with her parents. Her colorful and vibrant personality has made her hugely popular with her young audience and her positivity can even remind older people of what it was like being a kid when the world was full of wonder and joy.

9. Naomi Hearts

Naomi Hearts, who goes by NaomiHeartsXO, is a plus-size trans woman and proud Chicana who’s been making us laugh for years with her bubbly sense of humor and warm personality. She also fights for what she believes in with the same empathy and humor that her fans have come to love her for. She knows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that’s one of the reasons why she’s so fabulously confident while encouraging others to practice self-love and body acceptance.


He’s siccck! #foru #relatable #transgirl #plussizeedition #comedy #funny #bodypositivity #marriedcouple #married

♬ original sound – NaomiHearts

10. foodmymuse

Nadia Aidi, better known as foodmymuse, is a rising food creator who makes delectable dishes that will definitely have you drooling. While so much of her food looks out of this world, she does more than just show off her culinary prowess with detailed ingredient lists and cooking directions so her audience can try recreating her dishes at home! Her recent IG post on making ‘the most luxurious and addicting egg yolks in the world’ has been viewed over 4.8M times alone. What sets Nadia apart from other food creators is the influence of her Mexican and Syrian roots on her choices in the kitchen and her ability to tell cultural stories through her culinary creations.


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Make 2024 your year

Influencer marketing is proven to drive business growth with an over 6x ROAS on average and this list was carefully curated for brands on the lookout for fresh talent who are making waves and building buzz on social media. Influencers are the new tastemakers after all and by partnering with them, brands can position themselves at the forefront of the latest trends and cultural moments.

No matter what your industry or niche, there’s the perfect influencer waiting to collaborate with you and bring your brand to new audiences with highly effective social-first content that will make you stand out from the competition.

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