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How Can an App Marketing Strategy Skyrocket My Brand’s Awareness?

By: Viral Nation | 4 mins read |
With a seemingly endless stream of mobile apps being introduced into the market every day, that’s not easy for newcomers to reach and grow their audience. Competition is fierce. According to data compiled by Statista, just two years ago there were 2.8 million available apps in the Google Play Market and 2.2 million apps available in the Apple’s App Store, the two largest app stores in the world. Those numbers have only continued to grow at an exponential rate. So in order to be relevant today, mobile apps must not only be able to perform well but also create and grow a strong brand around it that stands out. A great app requires a great marketing push. Telling the story about the product and persuading people to install the app, it’s a whole different art. Many companies focus on developing a great app that functions seamlessly. But all too often, the marketing falls victim to that focus, becoming an afterthought of sorts. To market your mobile app successfully, you need to begin strategizing before development even begins. Apps are developed for a variety of purposes, ranging from internal operations to brand-building and beyond. And one of the primary reasons businesses today turn to mobile app development is to build brand awareness. Whether you develop a gaming app your brand features in or create a shopping app so your customers can shop on-the-go, mobile app development serves brand-building in various ways. Is your brand still unsure how to raise brand awareness? An app marketing strategy can skyrocket your brand's awareness, and here are a few of the ways it does just that.

Creating Unique Value

When creating an app to communicate your brand, it's crucial to make sure you are offering great value. When consumers make the effort to download your app, it means they're looking for an immersive and convenient experience – usually an experience they don't get on your brand's website. Give your users a reason to keep coming back to your app.  The best way to achieve this is to make your app valuable. So perhaps instead of sending push notifications brimming with irrelevant offers, create an app that offers something specific to what your audience wants. If that process still involves push notifications and other in-app messages, ensure that they contain very specific, individually customized messages that users will find both relevant and personalized. Special offers or useful hints that relate to the user's most recent purchase or viewed product is a great starting point.

By Improving Customer Engagement

A well-designed, well-programmed app can help you build relationships with your customer base on a much different level from that of social media and website interactions. App development that is aimed toward increasing customer engagement allows you to send notifications directly to the app, allowing you to bypass often-ignored email boxes and directly reach customers at basically any time. The convenience of the instant accessibility of your app is the ideal medium for connecting with customers for feedback and special offers. Your brand can even sync your app with your social media accounts, making it easy for customers to share content with their network, which extends your brand reach even further.    

By Building Trust from the First Use

Anyone who has ever built a strong brand will tell you that it's all about creating trust. The more your audience trusts you, the more receptive they are to brand's sales pitches. As it pertains to mobile apps, a great company app can help you demonstrate your brand's commitment to your audience and their overall experience with your brand. Great apps typically have a splash page - an additional screen that is displayed upon first use - that gives users vital information about how the app works, often times in the form of an interactive tutorial.   This splash page is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate both your brand value and your app's value. A well-designed and well-written splash page will show your users what your brand is all about and what you stand for. This is an opportunity to show people why they should trust you. This is a lot to squeeze into one page or screen. But if you can effectively communicate these brand values during this 'first impression' of sorts, you can start building a strong foundation of trust with your app users from the very start.

By Adding Another Marketing Channel

Visibility is key when it comes to brand awareness. So when your company’s app can be easily found in the App Store or Google Play, you can expand your reach on a global scale. Your brand's app adds yet another marketing channel to your existing ones. Not to mention your app can be potentially seen by millions of people.   Brands that don't want to sacrifice web traffic for the sake of an app can rest easy. Your website is as relevant as ever and can still drive abundant traffic and conversions. But websites don’t usually stand out in the crowd the way that a great app does. And for good reason. The app icon is right there on the screens of your customers’ mobile devices. So whenever they scroll through their phones and see your app icon, you are building brand awareness. Additionally, mobile apps can get a big initial boost in visibility through marketing campaigns. Mobile apps have seen particularly strong success by partnering with influencers for app launches. The best part is, the immediate boost it gives you in brand awareness just one of the benefits of influencer marketing.

By Helping You Provide Better Customer Support

The exponential growth we are seeing in mobile app development can be largely attributed to brands having a renewed focus on providing better customer support. If your company has an app that delivers customer support instantly and effectively, your customer retention is all but assured to improve dramatically. Businesses have been increasing their customer service channels often over the past couple of years, specifically branching into social media. Delivering customer service using your app as the point of contact and solution is another innovative way to boost brand awareness, and increase sentiment around your brand as well. It also introduces a new channel of communication and demonstrates to both new and existing customers that you’re absolutely committed to taking care of their needs and doing so in a timely matter.


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