Our Process

Our Process

  • Brands and Agencies contact Viral Nation because we’re the pioneers of Influencer Marketing, and we are the best at what we do.
  • Experts will cultivate a campaign around specific goals that will guarantee success. Our specialists ACTUALLY know how Influencer Marketing works and will do any and all creative around the campaign.
  • Unlike everyone else we actually either represent our Influencers or have direct relationships with talent globally. Once we’ve crafted the strategy, we contract the world’s best content creators to tell your story to their audience.
  • Distribute the most organic and relatable content, to millions of consumers across the globe.
  • Analytics: Viral Nation Labs offers incredible insight and data into all of the results of the campaign, in real time, with the ability to tailor to maximize ROI.
  • ROUND 2: Viral Nation has a 98% retention rate and that’s because we are ACTUALLY the best at what we do.

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Our agency caters to all of our clients’ needs, we aren’t simply an influencer marketing company.
We believe in driving the full value out of influencer marketing and to do that you need all the tools.

  • Paid Social
  • Programmatic
  • “Social” Experiential
  • Social Management and Growth
  • Start Up Incubator Program
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Content, Video Content, Commercial

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Our Process


is a full service software offered to streamline the campaign process for brands, media agencies and media publishers who are looking for the most advanced reporting and analytics in the industry.

Viral Nation is data crazy and in order to scale we make it our mission to show campaign results.

  • Cross-channel social engagements
    (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Industry leading Snapchat insights
  • Cross-platform video views
  • In depth Facebook & Facebook Live insights.
  • Impression data
  • Top Influencer performance
  • Top Content
  • Hashtag Analysis
  • Audience Demographics
  • Client dashboard available to watch campaign in real-time.

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Case Studies

  • Scotiabank


    Visiting iconic Canadian landmarks, supporting small and local businesses, and meeting trusted partners all promoted the key message that Scotiabank is a Canadian bank.

    These key messages reached a total of 22 million viewers and garnered 1.5 million engagements for a total of 23.5 million interactions.

    With 357 posts spanning across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube over 10 days, the influencers shared their experiences in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Charlottetown, Halifax, and Ottawa with their combined following of 60.8 million.

    See full campaign details
  • PUBG Mobile

    Tencent games is the developer of the world-renowned battle royale mobile game - PUBG Mobile.

    Tencent partnered with viral nation to build and execute a massive online marketing campaign with the following mandates: Drive awareness, game installs, and social platform growth.

    Viral Nation activiated 38 influencers across multiple industries and 20 theme/meme pages during the course of the 1-month campaign.

    See full campaign details
  • Rovio

    Angry Birds 2 | HIV/AIDS Awareness

    Viral Nation activated 6 of the world’s top influencers to raise awareness of (RED)’s amazing initiative to raise HIV awareness through Angry Birds 2. Reaching millions of people worldwide, Viral Nation’s influencers moved Angry Birds 2 up the App Store charts in every category.

    Viral Nation shot far beyond target, acquiring high quality users from all around the world for the Angry Birds 2 mobile app. Viral Nation helped accelerate the creation of an AIDS free generation.

    See full campaign details
  • Calm


    Named Apple’s 2017 App of the Year, Calm had a goal to make 2018 the #YearOfCalm. Tasked with driving brand awareness and app installs, Viral Nation employed multiple strategies and tactics to ensure performance driven results. Operating on a quick timeline and with 30 talent, Viral Nation exceeded our interactions projections and drove tangible results.

    The Results:

    • Exceeding projected interactions by 137.1%
    • 16.6M interactions
    • 126.9K clicks

    See full campaign details
  • Bud Light


    In a two-phased campaign, Viral Nation was tasked with increasing brand awareness of Bud Light within California for the Hispanic community. Viral Nation activated Hispanic influencers local to California under two main themes - #HechoEnCalifornia (Made in California) and the World Cup.

    Viral Nation employed multiple strategies and tactics to create engaging content through a combination of funny skits and integrations into the influencers lives through Instagram Stories, and helped promote a massive Bud Light giveaway contingent on the success of the Mexican National Team’s performance in the World Cup.

    Viral Nation exceeded the interaction goal of 3 Million by over 2.5x, generating 7.9 Million interactions for Bud Light during the campaign period.

  • Match

    Match approached Viral Nation with the task of reducing the Cost Per Acquisition/Registration from past influencer marketing efforts. Viral Nation developed a strategy that activated influencers and theme pages on Instagram Stories to drive frictionless paths to conversion. This resulted in a dramatic decrease in cost per acquisition.

    The Results:

    • Reduced the Cost Per Registration by75%
    • 8.8M interactions
    • 40.45K clicks

    See full campaign details


    • Four years of EXPERTISE and countless influencer campaigns

    • Software Tools:

      Massive talent database with over 20M accounts, Campaign tracking and data collection tool, Influencer audience intelligence and analytics. Campaign changes can be made on the fly.

    • Exclusive influencer relationships and world leading INFLUENCER MANAGEMENT experience

    • 98% client RETENTION RATE -

      We have a reputation for conversion and building influencer campaigns around solid creative strategies (not one-off posts or product placement.

    • Multi-Platform Strategies:

      Theme pages, social ads, blogs, traditional media, programmatic, etc.

    • Scalable, WHITE GLOVE, end-to-end campaign management

    • IN-HOUSE content production team

    • We GUARANTEE core KPI targets.

    • EXPERIENCE IN SPOTTING AND PREVENTING non-authentic audiences, influencer scams, and most importantly, the ability to evaluate influencers’ probability of conversion.


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