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Viral Nation_Empower™: Your All-In-One Employee Advocacy Solution

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |

Did you know that an astounding 84% of consumer decisions are influenced by recommendations from friends and family? Or that brands get 8X more engagement when employees share content on their own profiles instead of the company’s accounts? You may be wondering what these statistics have in common.

The answer lies in leveraging your most valuable asset–your employees. More specifically, having a robust employee advocacy program can enable your team to build a stronger brand, source qualified leads, and improve engagement across your social channels.

Enter Viral Nation_Empower™. As a comprehensive solution for employee advocacy, it addresses the challenges faced by brands and provides an ecosystem to manage advocacy programs from start to finish.

Why empowering your employees is crucial

Empowering your employees cultivates a sense of ownership and pride in the workplace, leading to increased engagement, higher retention rates, and stronger employer branding. Additionally, when employees share and promote branded content, it amplifies the reach of social posts, resulting in higher credibility with customers and increased lead generation.

However, implementing a successful employee advocacy program means you will need to get these three things right:

  1. Build an authentic and relatable employer brand
  2. Maintain consistency across employee communications
  3. Keep employees engaged and motivated to participate

The current market is noticeably lacking a holistic advocacy ecosystem that can address these points and manage employee advocacy programs from start to finish. With these challenges in mind, Viral Nation has created a solution to manage and support employee advocacy efforts seamlessly.

Viral Nation_Empower™ enables brand advocacy at scale

What is Viral Nation_Empower™? Put simply, it is an easy-to-use platform that helps companies strengthen their online presence by encouraging employees to share and engage with their companies across all major social media platforms.

It aims to amplify the authentic voice of employees by educating, incentivizing, and engaging them at scale, thereby boosting employee engagement and their own thought leadership while expanding your brand's social reach. Let's take a look at the features that set it apart as an all-in-one employee advocacy solution.

Meet the key features of the platform

Introducing the four cornerstones of our platform: Content, Challenges, Collaboration, and Learning.

1. Schedule Content


Manage and fine-tune employee-generated and branded content within a unified platform. With its built-in Viral Nation_Secure™ integration, you can review scheduled posts for compliance and maintain brand consistency across multiple social platforms.

2. Challenges & Rewards


Let the games begin! Design custom challenges that cater to your organization's requirements, and then reward employees with points for participating and engaging. From individual progress reports to leaderboards, you'll spark healthy rivalries and inspire your team to soar to new heights.

3. Collaboration


Empower's Community and Inbox features motivate employees to collaborate and exchange ideas through forums, direct messaging, and group discussions. Think of it as a digital water cooler—without the clumsy chitchat or awkwardness.

4. Learning


Invest in your team by offering custom learning paths with helpful videos to train and educate them on various subjects. And, what's more, employees can accumulate points for completing these resources, which links back to our challenges and rewards system.

The Viral Nation difference


We know the importance of keeping employees engaged in an advocacy program, so gamification is built natively into the platform. You can start by creating specific challenges such as posting activities, or encouraging employees to participate in one of the learning paths. Then, you can reward employees with points, which can later be exchanged for exciting perks or experiences tailored to your organization.

Brand Protection Integration

Viral Nation_Secure™ is our brand safety and reputation management solution. This seamless integration allows you to detect mentions of profanity or banned keywords in employees' posts, giving you the power to easily review a list of flagged content and approve or reject it accordingly. By quickly tackling risks, your brand remains safe and maintains consistent messaging throughout your employees' shared content.

Reporting & Analytics

Use the analytics dashboard to review individual or team performance and discover the true value of your employee advocacy program. Post-level engagement, sentiment analysis, and leaderboards help paint a clear picture of what works and what doesn't. For easy sharing and communication, you can even save or export the results report as a PDF.

Numbers don’t lie

$1.9 million in advertising value can be generated from employee advocacy programs with 1,000+ participants. Additionally, a staggering 7x conversion rate is achieved for leads that are developed through employee advocacy. By investing in a streamlined and engaging advocacy program like Viral Nation_Empower™, your company can truly leverage the power of your employees, setting a strong path for success.

Final thoughts

Viral Nation_Empower™ inspires and incentivizes employees to become brand advocates at scale and gives them the resources they need to build their thought leadership. From gamification to analytics to brand safety, Viral Nation_Empower™ offers a comprehensive and innovative solution for your organization's advocacy efforts, taking them to new heights.

If you want to learn more, check out the Viral Nation_Empower™ product page and experience first-hand all that it has to offer!