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10 Top Instagram Travel Influencers You Should be Following

By: Viral Nation | 8 mins read |
We all love to travel, right? Even for those of us who consider ourselves homebodies, or maybe have an innate fear of flying, we all still love the thrill that traveling can bring us. The exotic locations. The Instagram-worthy meals. The posh hotels and exquisite scenery that appears plucked from the pages of a magazine. For many of us, a lifestyle of this nature is all but a dream. But while the world of luxury travel may be out of reach for the average person, you can still experience it vicariously through the wonderful world of social media. Travel and lifestyle influencers have the privilege of living out their day to day lives participating in excursions across the globe.   If you're looking to be inspired, these intriguing Instagram's are more than worth the follow. While we all want the extravagant life of a travel blogger, most of us are simply not afforded this luxury. But we can peer through the lenses of these travelers (both figuratively and literally) and experience the wonders of the world all from the comfort of home. No packing necessary. With that, here are the 10 top Instagram travel influencers you should be following.

1. The Bucket List Family

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Guess who has a birthday tomorrow!!? ❤️💙💚 @thebucketlistfamily

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Influencers come in many shapes and sizes. They are not limited to being a single person, nor do they have to be a hip, young millennial who happens to be social media savvy. Take the Bucket List Family for instance. They are a family of 5 who sold everything they owned and traded in everything they knew for a life of travel. It all started out as a 6-month family adventure. What it became was a lifestyle that changed the trajectory of their lives as they knew it.
Fast forward to today, and The Bucket List Family now has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 625,000 subscribers on YouTube. From first glance at their content, and it's clear that it is not only highly visual but also very personal. This intimate experience makes them a great family-friendly account to follow.

2. Chris Burkard

If we could use one word to describe the images from this influencer, it would be stunning. Chris Burkard is an award-winning photographer, and the avid outdoorsman has been able to turn his passion for nature into a lucrative career through his travels and photography. The San Luis Obispo native shoots landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor and travel subjects. His photographs, and Instagram feed as a whole is visually stunning. Burkard is known to take a photo-journalistic approach, focusing on the use of natural light to capture some of life's most humanizing moments.
Chris has also notably used his fame to inspire others to preserve wildlife around the world. The published author has six books that display his creations, and rightfully so. His photographs are nothing short of a work of art. Burkard also has a TED Talk, and his perpetual love for nature keeps him producing one of the most visually appealing social feeds around.

3. Keira Rumble

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Countdown is on for my next tropical adventure! . Any guesses where I’m off to?! 🌴🌴 #SydneyYouAreTooCold ❄️

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This cleverly named account belongs to Keira Rumble, a self-professed foodie, traveler, and nutritionist. The Aussie faced a constant struggle with weight during her life, to the point she was once on the verge of becoming a diabetic. That was Rumble’s wake-up call. It was then that she realized how integral nutrition into a healthy lifestyle. She began implementing big changes in her diet and exercise routines. Rumble started a food manufacturing business in Australia, Krumble and Krumbled Foods, and she strives to show others just how easy it is to encompass a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are or what you are doing. She travels the globe spreading her message, and is seemingly always the subject of the most picturesque images. Her Instagram feed and seemingly never-ending travel adventures make her both a fun and educational follow.  

4. Louis Cole

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Arabian nights ✨ ❤️ • 📷: @rayawashere

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The ultimate adventurer, Louis Cole shares his travels every day on his Instagram and YouTube channel. Years ago, Cole made the decision to turn every single day into an adventure. So what has become of this endeavor? Well, a catalog of amazing pictures and videos that would make even the most well-versed traveler jealous. Louis joined YouTube in 2011 and has amassed over 300 million views since he began. So it comes as no surprise he has amassed an equally large following on Instagram. He also founded Live the Adventure, a community of travel influencers who can share their stories and experiences on a communal blog and Instagram.  

5. Kiersten Rich

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“It’s important to remember that we all have magic inside us” -JK Rowling ✨⚡️💫 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I’ve never been shy about my love for Harry Potter, so you can imagine my excitement yesterday at @UniStudios #WizardingWorldHollywood! I’ve always had my nose in books. Before I physically traveled, reading was my way to discover the world. I also grew up with HP, so getting to see my childhood imagination in the physical world was such an amazing experience! I got to wander Hogsmeade Village with my family and even had my parents excitedly practicing magic spells with a wand. At lunch at the Three Broomsticks, my 3 year old niece (who’s still a bit too young for the HP series), looked up at me with wide eyes and exclaimed, “CAN YOU HEAR THE MAGIC?” *I had to choke back tears* While I know not everyone jumps at the chance to throw on a cape and pretend they’re a wizard, I will say that my imagination has brought me not only joy, but strength and success. It helps me tap into the realm of “anything is possible.” We all know the expression “don’t grow up,” which is I think a bit unrealistic. Life comes with responsibility, obligations and countless hurdles. So instead, I hope you never grow out of your imagination <3 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #UniversalStudiosHollywood #HarryPotter #WWoHP #Hufflepuff

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We enjoy influencers with a nickname, like Kiersten Rich, aka The Blonde Abroad. Kiersten left her corporate finance job to travel the world. The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel & lifestyle brand that features travel tips, fashion, festivals, and photography from around the world. Kiersten has been defining her own version of success through her own self-discovery, while also discovering new cultures, scuba diving in over 15 different countries, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with her following. Not too bad for someone who left behind a stable career and dove head first into a travel lifestyle.  

6. Loïc Lagarde

Prepare yourself for another venture into magical visuals. Loïc Lagarde is a travel photographer whose pictures are absolutely breathtaking. His photos include images of some of the most elegant places on the face of the earth, including Paris, the Hakone Shrine in Japan, and the Greek islands. A color palette that represents every shade conceivable, the aesthetic of this feed is a visual chef-d'oeuvre. The expedition photographer is a must follow simply based on the artful nature of his content, where he displays his talents with effortless grace.  

7. Chelsea Yamase

Chelsea Yamase is a native Hawaiian who shares her love for travel, fitness and modeling through a sensational Instagram feed. Yamase's blog, Adventurer's Collective, is also a respected online publication. She has a remarkable client list to boot, having worked with brands like Under Armor, Jeep, Beats by Dre, and Urban Outfitters. Her posts are not only enviously beautiful, but her personality creates strong engagement with her audience. Chelsea’s posts are also diverse, ranging from travel to wellness, with a touch of random thoughts here and there.  A great follow for lifestyle and travel, and just a fun follow in general.  

8. Jack Morris

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Living my best life in the alps 🤷🏼‍♂️

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This dude is living the life. Travel photographer Jack Morris is currently living in Bali and spends the majority of his time traveling the globe. He can be seen discovering all the beautiful places this world has to offer with his girlfriend Lauren Bullen, who also happens to be a high-profile travel influencer herself. Morris cleverly crafts awe-inspiring imagery for his Instagram feed, creatively documenting his travels while shooting remarkable images that capture a variety of cultures and natural wonders. It just seems like he's always living his best life.  

9. Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen, formally known as izkiz on Instagram, is a British writer and content creator. Growing up just outside Amsterdam, her international upbringing directly contributed to her thirst for adventure. She now divides her time between the UK, Netherlands, and the coast of Turkey, and she has been to some of the world's most remarkable locations. Tuffen is best known for her vivid, colorful shots, which she often edits with her own filter and app.  

10. Tara Milk Tea

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is this the real life. is this just fanta sea? 🧡🙃 #rcmemories

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Welcome to the good life. Tara Milk Tea is a luxury travel influencer who’s all but mastered the entire lifestyle category. Actually, she's maybe just mastered the entire life category. Her Instagram account includes photos of her relaxing in luxurious hotels, swinging by the sunset in Thailand, and partnerships with brands like Chloe. Her imagery is based in opulence, but her captions are often steeped in humor. She's a pretty punny girl (you see what I did there?). The Asian-Australian fashion, food and travel blogger got her start in 2013 when she began a design internship at a small fashion label and ran their social media. She has converted that experience into a catalog of social media eye candy, with brilliant color shades and realistic textures that make you feel immersed in the image. An absolute must follow on Instagram. As a reminder, Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be fluff but can be a sales channel and an imperative part of every marketing strategy. Our influencer marketing agency caters to all of our clients’ needs, we aren’t simply an influencer marketing company. Grow and Measure your Brand’s Social Engagement with the Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year  

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