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Social Brand Safety At Scale

Social media is critical to growing your brand, and brand safety needs to be top priority. Social media mistakes can have irreversible damage to your reputation and revenue. Only Viral Nation_Secure™, the most advanced and scalable social brand safety technology, can be trusted.



Increased Social Risks Need Advanced Brand Safety Technology

In today’s new consumer journey, where social-first marketing is driving unparalleled success for brands, advanced brand safety is paramount. Brand channels, creators, brand ambassadors and employees at all levels have a significant social media presence representing your brand. Advanced brand safety means always knowing and controlling how you’re being represented on social media.

Viral Nation_Secure™ is the most advanced brand safety solution on the market. Its award-winning technology provides unparalleled live social media monitoring and historical screening at scale. With fully customizable controls, you will ensure social content is a fit to your brand and be the first to know of potential risks.

Advanced Social Brand Safety Features

Viral Nation_Secure™ is packed with AI-powered, award-winning features that make it the most advanced social media monitoring and screening solution on the market.


Complete Screening Coverage

Viral Nation_Secure™ has the most advanced and comprehensive social media screening and monitoring capabilities available. Screen all  text, images, video and audio content across all major social platforms. Multi-lingual support ensures your brand is safe in all parts of the world.


Protect Against Fake Brand Accounts

Fake accounts impersonating brands are an increasing problem across social media platforms. They can trick your audience and damage your reputation. Viral Nation_Secure™ has a proprietary Impersonation Detection feature that detects these troublesome accounts at scale to protect your company and your community. 


Tailored to your exact needs

Every business and brand is different. Viral Nation_Secure™ is fully customizable from start to finish, allowing you to define and control what aligns with your brand, what information is most useful, and how and when you want to receive it. 

Custom Brand Safety Profile

We work with you to meaningfully define what types of content and language is safe or not safe for your brand. 

Robust Performance Analytics

Remove the guesswork from decisions with data-driven performance insights, fully customized to your needs with timely and shareable reports.

24/7 Social Media Monitoring

Be the first to know and respond rapidly to potentially damaging posts with real-time alerts across profiles to minimize risk.

Flexibility and Scale

Rapidly scale with our leading REST-ful API for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Streamlined Onboarding

Easily and confidently onboard brand ambassadors, influencers, and new hires in a streamlined process that ensures alignment with company values.

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With so much user-generated content being shared on social media, it’s more important than ever to ensure we’re not unknowingly violating copyright laws through our direct content or brand ambassadors.

AJ Operations, from one of the leading Major Sports Leagues.

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Frequently asked questions

Is social media background screening legal?

We educate and work with our customers to ensure they are compliant with local laws and regulations. Viral Nation_Secure™ has a voluntary opt-in process for users so they can consent and connect their relevant social media handles in order to stay compliant with FCRA.

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How much does Viral Nation_Secure™ cost?

Pricing is custom-tailored to suit the needs of each company we work with. For details on pricing, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

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What types of content does Viral Nation_Secure™ moderate?

Viral Nation_Secure™ can analyze the social media history of any account, including all text, image, audio, music, and video content going back to their first-ever post. With a complete list of flags covering everything from A-Z, Viral Nation_Secure™ delivers detailed reports containing potential brand-damaging content and fake accounts to be reported for takedown without ever leaving the platform.

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Who can I run a background check on?

Viral Nation_Secure™ can analyze social media history and monitor multimedia content of any user you would like to scan that has an active account on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Google News, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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