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360° View of your Social Media Presence

Close the gap between marketing and proof-of-performance

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_Centralize decision making

Still making partially informed decisions?

CMOs and senior executives face the increasing problem of fragmented insights that prevent them from measuring and adjusting their social media impact at scale.

_Winning with Viral Nation

360° Of All your Social Media

Oversee cross-platform performance, correlate social impact with conversion data for ROI insights. Decode sentiment’s true impact, predict outcomes, and ensure brand safety through Viral Nation_Secure™ integration.


Analytics to Scale with Confidence

Take control of the creator economy with actionable insights to:

  • Capitalize on social trends
  • Listen across all platforms
  • Attribute and plan in real-time
  • Protect your brand at scale
Get 360° Analytics

Holistic view of your brand risk levels

Layer brand safety with conversion data Proactively screen for social misalignment with your brand and monitor for social media behavior that prompts you of any flagged content and fraudulent activity so you can prevent crises.

Get peace of mind while giving your employees confidence that their posts align with your brand.

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Mastering the Art of Social Attribution

Close the gap between marketing and proof-of-performance

Centralized Data

Measure your impact across all channels

Tag and Trace

Understand your footprint by measuring the impact of your hashtags and unique URLs

Combine Conversions

Advanced social listening technology to gather organic and planned campaign data

Total Data Harmony

Viral Nation’s dashboard merges your with our propriatary data lake to illustrate impact across all channels of operation

Frequently asked questions

What kind of metrics does the CMO360 track?

As a CMO or key stakeholder, the CMO360 gives you a consolidated breakdown of your spend including CPE, CPV, CPM and value of creator engagement metrics as well as sentiment analysis and brand risk levels. With the CMO360, you get a full 360 view of all your social media presence so you can scale for impact.

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How does the predictive attribution model work?

Our proprietary formula of observation and attribution capitalizes on all your social data points and models expected behaviors.

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Is social media background screening legal?

We educate and work with our customers to ensure they are compliant with local laws and regulations. Viral Nation_Secure™ has a voluntary opt-in process for users so they can consent and connect their relevant social media handles in order to stay compliant with FCRA.

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Let Viral Nation’s CMO360 take your decision making to new heights.

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