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Viral Nation Partners with Wind Sun Sky Entertainment on a Multi-Content Deal with Content Creators The McCartys

By: Mackenzie Lee | 3 mins read |
McCartys and Wind Sun Sky Entertainment partnership

Viral Nation Talent & Wind Sun Sky Entertainment will help the McCartys launch original series and interactive game as part of a multi-content deal.

 Viral Nation, a leading Social-First Marketing and Talent Representation Agency, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Wind Sun Sky Entertainment, marking the first collaboration between the two powerhouses. Together, they are embarking on a venture to produce a multi-platform universe including animated shorts, a series, and a Roblox experience featuring the beloved McCartys as part of a multi-content deal.

This collaboration is the first-ever original project for The McCartys. Known for their wholesome and hilarious content, The McCartys have amassed a dedicated following of over 12 million on YouTube and over 6 million on TikTok, with fans eagerly anticipating their endearing and comedic shorts. 

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this pioneering journey with Viral Nation and The McCartys,” said Catherine Winder, CEO of Wind Sun Sky Entertainment. “Expanding reach across multiple storytelling platforms and formats for iconic talent like The McCartys is just the kind of opportunity we look for. They are such a dynamic, funny, and relatable family that bringing them to life in an animated world was a natural next step in the evolution of their amazing universe.”

Paul Telner, Head of Programming at Viral Nation added, “This project showcases the boundless potential for content creators to explore diverse avenues and seize exciting opportunities beyond their current digital platforms. Working with The McCartys and Wind Sun Sky Entertainment represents a monumental step forward in the creator economy. This collaboration expands the reach of Viral Nation’s talent and pairs them with some of the best producers today.”

“This partnership highlights Viral Nation’s dedication to redefining talent representation, helping our creators expand into new realms of animation and interactive gaming,” said Jonathan Chanti, President of Viral Nation Talent. “We can’t wait to see how fans embrace this fresh chapter in The McCartys’ journey.”

By venturing into the original production space, The McCartys are paving the way for creators worldwide, demonstrating that there are endless possibilities for intellectual property development, expansion, and growth. This collaboration serves as inspiration for content creators globally to embrace new mediums in order to expand upon their IP and diversify their revenue streams. As more creators transition into the premium original content space, the boundaries between digital and traditional media will continue to blur, ushering in a new era of entertainment and creator monetization.

“We are thrilled about this incredible partnership with Viral Nation and Wind Sun Sky Entertainment. This is an exciting next step for our family, in bringing our beloved characters into a whole new world of animation and interactive storytelling,” said Kevin McCarty of The McCartys. “We can’t wait to share more laughs and heartwarming moments with our fans, old and new, across these new platforms. It’s a dream come true for us, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to expand our creative horizons in such a meaningful way.”

The McCartys Universe Expands: Animation and Beyond

The original animated series will adapt the entire McCarty family into a new captivating world of animation. With the support of Wind Sun Sky Entertainment’s award-winning team and Viral Nation’s expertise in talent representation and development, this project aims to delight fans and attract new audiences. The project will begin with animated shorts that air on The McCartys’ social platforms, evolving into longer-form content on a wide variety of platforms.

Additionally, an interactive, immersive gaming experience featuring the McCartys is in development. This game will allow fans to engage with the beloved characters and storylines from the animated content deepening their connection to The McCartys’ universe. With entertaining and captivating gameplay, this interactive experience offers fans and brands new ways to interact with their favorite family. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

You can check out The McCartys’ platforms at the below handles:

YouTube: @TheMcCartyfam

TikTok: @TheMcCartys

Instagram: @TheMccartyfam



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