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Over 40 Million Impressions Later, Viral Nation Helps Bring The Star Power For The PUBG Superstar Showdown

By: Viral Nation | 2 mins read |

The TL;DR Version

Having a bunch of superstars - NBA players, Gamers, Influencers, and fans - fighting it out in a PUBG deathmatch sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Watching your favorite players battle with your favorite gamers is like a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts. And this dream became a reality with the inception of the PUBG Superstar Showdown. PUBG Mobile has been a fantastic success, and when they wanted to promote their new 4x4 Death Match format, we had to take the craze even further. PUBG Mobile TeamUp was the core message Tencent wished to promote in order to drive users towards the new format. That’s what led us to the idea of a superstar showdown.  We brought together NBA superstars, FaZe Clan, PUBG Mobile content creators, and a group of superfans to create a 4 part web series. Four teams led by the NBA stars played against each other in the ultimate PUBG Deathmatch showdown, drawing massive interest from both NBA fans and gamers alike. The campaign was a massive success, surpassing target goals by over 35%. 

The Outcome

The campaign was a great success, with the episodes, the memes, the endorsement videos, and the trailer generating over 42 million impressions. The videos had over 9 million views across all platforms, and the campaign generated an estimated earned media value of 3.3 Million. These numbers beat the projected estimates by over 35%. 

Bringing PUBG Mobile Superstar Showdown To Life

The campaign’s objectives were to raise awareness for the deathmatch format, reach new users from the sports community, and drive impressions and engagement. Viral Nation brought together a stellar panel of influencers and content creators to bring this campaign to life. The 2018-2019 NBA MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, alongside NBA All-StarBen Simmons, Lonzo Ball, Andre Drummond, and Isaiah Thomas, were roped in alongside members of the FaZe Clan, PUBG content creators, and superfans. The idea was to create a 4-Episode Web Series to promote PUBG MOBILE Team Up.  A game bus was created to film the first part of the series, where the NBA stars battled to establish ranks for team selection. This event was followed by three more episodes where the teams competed for a place in the finale. The campaign was promoted mainly on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The campaign also involved a comprehensive mass promotion plan for associated content, including trailers, memes, and endorsement videos. The NBA stars and the influencers used their personal handles and the PUBG mobile handle to drive conversations and engagement.

The Viral POV

“To launch an all-new game mode, we knew we needed to assemble an all-star cast that embodies what it means to be a team player. Members of the FaZe Clan, NBA Superstars, and PUBG Mobile enthusiasts all came out to showdown in PUBG Mobile’s largest North American event. It was one of our best campaigns yet!” - Alvin Ma, Account Director at Viral Nation  

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