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Find These 6 Viral Nation Creators at VidCon: Part 1

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |

VidCon Anaheim is coming up fast and the Viral Nation Talent team can’t wait to see everyone there next week. In the meantime, meet some of the Featured Creators you can look forward to learning from and seeing in person at one of the biggest creator events in the world.   

Drew Afualo

Drew Afualo, best known as TikTok’s “Crusader of Women,” is a part of the next generation of rising stars. From her hilariously witty content to her no-BS approach to shoveling misogyny out of the TikTok app via viral takedowns, Drew is taking female empowerment to new levels. Beyond her content on TikTok, she has stepped into the world of entertainment by launching two media platforms — a new Spotify exclusive podcast called “The Comment Section with Drew Afualo” and “Two Idiot Girls,” the latter of which she co-hosts with her sister, Deison Afualo.

Make sure to follow Drew on TikTok and Instagram, and then catch her at the following VidCon panels: 

  • Creators: Turning Your Audience into an Empire: June 22 at 12 PM; Room 211AB
  • Be Kind Online: June 22 at 5:30 PM; Spotlight Stage
  • Grow Your Creator Brand with 360 Services: June 23 at 3 PM; Room 211AB
  • Live Podcast: The Comment Section: June 23 at 4 PM; The On Air Stage
  • Up-Level Your Audio Content with Drew Afualo: June 23 at 5 PM; Room 211AB
  • The Responsibility of Representing a Community: June 24 at 5:30 PM; Amplify Stage

The Real Tati

Therealtati is a creative who shares her unique sense of humor to the world of social media. She keeps her audience engaged and wanting more with her entertaining reaction videos, dramatic cooking videos, and hilarious voiceovers. Her content is a must-watch for those who want to have a good laugh.

Follow her on TikTok and hear what she has to say at these panels: 

  • Fun with Food: June 24 at 11:30 AM; Spotlight Stage
  • Skin Just Like Pearls: June 24 at 4 PM; Spotlight Stage


Ophelia Nichols, aka Mamatot, is a small-town, southern mama born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. Since joining TikTok, she has become a mother figure to millions of people all around the globe. Whether it’s offering advice, sharing her own personal experiences, or just lending a shoulder to someone who may need it, she does her best to uplift as many people as she can. She is a vocal LGBTQIA+ ally as well as mental health advocate. 

Follow Mamatot on TikTok and Instagram and find her at the following panels: 

  • Talk Valentina! Effective Allyship: June 22 at 10 AM; Spotlight Stage
  • Live Podcast: Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano: June 22 at 1 PM; The On Air Stage
  • Bringing Joy to the World Wide Web: June 23 at 10 AM; Amplify Stage
  • Fun with Food: June 24 at 11:30 AM; Spotlight Stage
  • Authentic Expression: Building Community on TikTok: June 24 at 5:30 PM; Trending Stage


Spencer, better known online as spencewuah, has been a content creator for four years. Spencer first began filming in 2019 and gained their TikTok following from their viral Daily Scream videos. Since then, they have amassed more than 11 million followers across all social media platforms. Currently based in LA, Spencer loves creating comedic content, from their Podcast “I’m Literally Screaming” to posting skits/transition videos.

Follow spencewuah on TikTok and Instagram and check them out at the following panels: 

  • Creating Communities: June 22 at 10 AM; Discover Stage
  • VidCon After Dark: Comedy After Dark: June 22 at 7 PM; Spotlight Stage
  • We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Shaping the Digital Sphere: June 24 at 1 PM; Amplify Stage

Deison Afualo

Deison Afualo is a talented and entertaining LGBTQ+ influencer who has made a name for herself on both Instagram and TikTok with her comedic rants and daily vlogs. Along with her sister Drew Afualo, she hosts a comedy podcast called "Two Idiot Girls,” where they react to hilarious and embarrassing stories submitted by fans. Deison was also part of the highly successful "Two Idiot Girls Tour," selling out more than350 tickets per show. Her quick wit, humor, and relatable content have made her a popular figure among her followers and fans.

Follow Deison on TikTok and Instagram, then catch her at:

  • Talk Valentina! Effective Allyship: June 22 at 10 AM; Spotlight Stage
  • We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Shaping the Digital Sphere: June 24 at 1 PM; Amplify Stage

Pili Tanuvasa

Pili Tanuvasa is a former football player who has transitioned into a successful career as a personal trainer and online influencer. He has a strong focus on fitness and wellness in his content but also works side by side with his partner, Drew Afualo, to battle misogynistic content online. His fans look up to him as a source of inspiration and motivation in their own fitness journeys. 

Follow Pili on TikTok and Instagram and see him at VidCon here: 

  • Detoxifying the Internet: June 24 at 4 PM; Amplify Stage

Stay Tuned for More at VidCon Anaheim

Who are you most excited about seeing? Make sure to mark their panel on your calendar, and keep an eye on our blog for part 2 where you’ll learn more about talented creators like Steven He, Dylan Huey, Chris Staples, and more!

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