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Going global with the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge

Here’s how an influencer marketing campaign for PUBG MOBILE’s 1st-ever tournament reached millions across 15 countries.

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pubg viral nation case study challenge

Build Global Demand for PMSC

When Tencent Games began planning the inaugural PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE (PMSC), they turned to Viral Nation to drive mass awareness across 15 countries and draw an audience of millions to the tournament finale in Dubai.

Pubg viral nation case study solution

Campaign in action

Viral Nation developed a multi-platform strategy and orchestrated a massive influencer campaign to drive international awareness of PMSC.

This campaign involved extensive planning and 142 influencers spanning five major social media platforms: Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Additionally, we contracted 13 prominent gaming influencers (also known as KOLs or “country leaders”) from 13 participating countries to attend and promote the PMSC while representing their respective country’s teams.

We also leveraged key media contacts around the world to promote and rebroadcast the PMSC livestream across different countries, time zones, and languages.

The campaign kicked off with “pre-heat” content including advance media coverage, KOLs documenting their flights to Dubai, and social publishers promoting tickets or livestream links that encouraged fans to tune in.

Upon arriving in Dubai, Viral Nation accompanied influencers on a city tour while influencers filmed content using #PMSC2018 to promote the tournament with strong calls to action encouraging their audiences to tune in online.

Viral Nation also partnered with YouTube Space Dubai to host a full day of filming for the global influencers. Collaborating with a production team from the UK to conceptualize and produce a six-hour livestream “pre-show” event on PUBG MOBILE’s YouTube channel, we coordinated interviews and challenges with each country leader to help promote and build excitement for the PMSC in the days leading up to the tournament.

We also commissioned translation services to develop digital cue cards which would display interview questions for each individual influencer in their native language. The pre-show livestream successfully brought in over 350,000 viewers in just under a day.

Finally, we created and distributed a hype video recapping all of the exciting events that took place throughout the week in Dubai and engaged influencers and our large network of social publishers to share the clip with their audiences.

Pubg viral nation case study results

Winner winner, chicken dinner

When a team wins in PUBG MOBILE, they’re congratulated with the on-screen message ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ and the same could be said for this campaign.

Viral Nation increased awareness of the PMSC through the activation of 142 global influencers, 360 posts, and 41 media placements. With advance promotional content being broadcast in over 15 different languages, we were able to expand the tournament’s global reach exponentially.

The huge reach of this campaign and the success of the world’s first PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE helped Tencent catapult its award-winning game into the hands and hearts of 100s of millions of daily active players around the world.