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Talent Spotlights: Michelle Hong and Danisha Carter

By: Viral Nation | 2 mins read |

We sat down with two incredible women, Danisha Carter and Michelle Hong, for our Talent Spotlights of the Month! We discussed International Women’s Month, Women’s rights and overall women empowerment.

Danisha is a lifestyle/beauty creator who brings style and character to all of her posts. On her TikTok, she posts her commentary and reactions to other viral videos on the app. Michelle is a Global Coach and Choreographer whose mission is to make figure skating accessible to everyone. Michelle’s content ranges from skating tips, must-haves in the fitness world, wellness and more. Michelle’s impact has been recognized by Good Morning America, Yahoo! News, Forbes, and more. 

What does Women’s Month mean to you?

Michelle: Women’s History Month is a powerful time to shed light to those who paved the way for me to do what I do today. My role models include my mom, my sisters, Oprah, Michelle Phan, and Cassey Ho who all taught me to share my passion with the world and to believe in my unique superpowers as an underrepresented woman in America. I’ve experienced moments of wanting to give up due to the implicit biases I face as a young Asian American female coach, but the girls and the women I inspire daily are what keep me going!

Danisha: Women’s Month to me is an incredibly important opportunity to not only highlight the important contributions and substantial impact women have made to and on society throughout history, but to bring light to current trials and tribulations women are facing around the world, and uplift women today who are leading movements of liberation, demonstrating fearlessness and courage, taking up deserved space, and pursuing their true passions.

What do you do throughout the year to contribute to women’s rights, equality and the overall movement of women empowerment? 

Michelle: My social media community consists of 90% women who enjoy learning about figure skating. I’ve made it my mission to empower them to discover their best potential regardless of their age, level, background, and size. As women, we are constantly scrutinized about every aspect of our lives from our appearance, to our work-ethic, to our home life, and beyond so I always want to create a safe and welcoming environment for those looking to improve not just their skating skills, but their overall mindset about life!

Danisha:  Throughout the year I speak on and highlight women’s issues, uplift women’s voices, encourage the women who follow me and the women in my life to take up space and take up for themselves, and donate to women’s causes domestically and internationally, to contribute to the overall movement and message of women’s empowerment. I believe one of the best ways to combat women being silenced is to be a woman who is not silent, so the best example I can give to other women (and one of the best contributions to women’s empowerment I can make, in my opinion) is proudly and loudly being myself, and being unafraid to take up space and enter spaces I know I deserve to be in.

Open dialogue – please share any additional details or initiatives close to your heart, etc.  

Michelle: Today more than ever, girls and women are overwhelmed by instant images of external beauty standards all across social media. That’s why so much of what I share online are tools and knowledge that will help my community develop inner confidence and self-love.

Danisha: I write something for International Women’s Day each year, this is what I wrote this year and posted to my Instagram.

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