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Viral Nation Launches Guided Learning Paths Leveraging Insights from Top Influencers to Ignite Creativity for Unprecedented Employee Advocacy

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Viral Nation, a leading social media marketing transformation, talent, and technology company, today announced the launch of its latest market-differentiating addition to Viral Nation_Empower™ — short-form video-based guided learning paths, powered by insights from top influencers and talent. This groundbreaking enterprise solution takes employee advocacy to new heights by leveraging exclusive coaching and learning material from prominent industry influencers in addition to the decade of creator economy-based intellectual property developed by Viral Nation.

Employee advocacy is a powerful accelerant for building brand credibility and trust, particularly in today's fast-paced digital landscape, as messages shared by employees receive 561% more reach than official company channels, significantly increasing the potential audience and impact of brand content. 71% of consumers state they won't support a business if it loses their trust.

The power in Viral Nation’s guided learning paths lies in its accumulation of knowledge and expertise that provides input from influencers who have been shaping the social media landscape. With hundreds of bite-sized videos, the guided learning paths' unique approach ensures that each learning path reflects the latest industry trends, best practices, and insider knowledge.

At the core of the guided learning paths is the expertise of a growing list of renowned influencers and social media experts such as Davin Tong, Stacy La, and Brandon Owusu aka Bizzy Boom who are collaborating to provide employees with in-depth insights and actionable strategies across major platforms including  LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram enabling them to bring out their inner content creator. Offering hundreds of expert-led videos, the guided learning paths cater to employees of various experience levels, from beginners to intermediates. A new and innovative approach, guided learning paths ensure that employees gain the knowledge and confidence to enhance brand reach, master social selling, and establish trust with their audiences.

Get a sneak peek into Viral Nation’s guided learning paths from top influencer Davin Tong 

"With Viral Nation’s guided learning paths, we're introducing a revolutionary way to connect with your audience authentically. No magic tricks or overnight fame promises – just real, strategic learning that helps you become a standout creator in your own unique way," said Davin Tong, influential Canadian actor, comedic blogger, and YouTube personality.

One of the primary industry problems Viral Nation’s guided learning paths tackles is employees' varying social media behaviors, from passive lurkers to enthusiastic creators. Through carefully structured guided learning paths, Viral Nation_Empower™ meets employees where they are, at their own skill level, cultivating a workforce of influential storytellers and transforming brand narratives. By nurturing creativity and advocacy at every level, the platform delivers everything employees need to grow into the thought leaders they aspire to be, leading to increased engagement and alignment within their communities.

"Viral Nation_Empower™ is a holistic all-in-one solution addressing challenges companies face in running employee advocacy programs that leave employees unsupported," said Joe Gagliese, co-CEO of Viral Nation, and one of the recognized founders of the creator economy. "With the introduction of guided learning, employees gain newfound courage to invest in their personal brand and growth, thereby encouraging them to proactively amplify brand content, stimulate social selling, foster trust, and ultimately, drive increased sales for businesses.”

By providing personalized and educational guided learning paths, Viral Nation_Empower™ incentivizes employees to build their own personal brand and thought leadership while amplifying the company's reach and influence. The addition of Viral Nation’s guided learning paths promote strategic learning that fosters a creative mindset, setting it apart from simple “like and share” solutions. 

“Through enabling employees to become authentic creators and brand ambassadors, Viral Nation_Empower™ helps companies build and maintain trust with their audience at scale,” said Mathew Micheli, co-CEO, Viral Nation, and one of the founders of the creator economy. “The Viral Nation guided learning is platform-specific, constantly evolving and expanding. Viral Nation_Empower™ leverages AI-powered gamification within the learning process and practical use of the newly acquired skills to keep employees aligned and motivated.”

By incorporating external creator insights and leveraging a decade of experience in building and managing one of the largest creator talent rosters in the world, Viral Nation’s guided learning paths within Viral Nation_Empower™ is positioning the company to reshape and revolutionize employee advocacy and engagement programs, unleashing the full creative potential of employees while driving revenue growth through social selling and brand trust.

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