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The Coast of Utopia

By: Dustin Hawley | 1 min read |
Courtney Adamo’s kitchen is nothing short of stunning, which is something you likely already know if you follow her on social media. Her whole house is gorgeous, and it’s one of the first built in the historic town of Bangalow, New South Wales. Residing on the easternmost point of the Australian mainland, Byron Bay was named by Captain James Cook after his fellow circumnavigator John Byron. The region has long been an actual hippie-surfer-wellness type of destination. But recently, it has emerged as a sort-of virtual utopia as well. Adamo’s Instagram feed consists almost entirely of photos of herself and her beautiful children, mixed in with snapshots of her enviously photogenic friends, many of which are captured within the awe-inspiring esthetic provided courtesy of Byron Bay. Byron looks beautiful with its crowded beaches, high-end stores, and charming cafés. It’s a brand-sponsored haven of lush landscapes and carefully curated collections of images all designed to produce awe and stoke your lifestyle longings. Joe Gagliese, co-founder of Viral Nation, an influencer marketing and talent agency based in Toronto, couldn’t think of another place like Byron Bay: a cross-promoting, mutually amplifying, audience-sharing group of influencer friends all living, loving, and working together by posting aspirational lifestyle content in an real-life Instagram-content paradise. “I think that that place, that Byron place, is kind of like one of those unicorn locations,” he says, calling it an “example of the future—it’s either pretty scary or pretty cool, depending on how you look at it.”    

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