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Talent Spotlight: Pinky Patel

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |

Pinky Patel is a fresh new comedian who got her start on social media making millions of people laugh. Originally from Illinois, when Pinky is not busy giving out free hits of serotonin you can find her being an everyday PTA mom to her 2 young roommates and trying to find new and inventive ways to evict all of the extra 8 legged roommates she keeps acquiring in her glam cave.

Who are you? What’s your preferred platform & content vertical? 

My name is Pinky Patel and I am a content creator turned stand up comedian. My preferred platform is TikTok, with the Metaverse coming in a close 2nd. 

How did you get introduced into the content creator space?

It was October 2020, so 6 months into the pandemic, and I was getting bored and frustrated with my roommates always being in my face so I turned the camera on, took that frustration and started pinkysplaining and asking all the questions that apparently everyone else also had but were too scared to ask. 

What do you wish you knew when starting as a content creator?

Don’t take yourself too seriously, unless that is your niche. Aim for organic growth versus paid growth.

What advice would you give your younger self or someone thinking of becoming a content creator?

Always be true to yourself. If you aren’t a dancer then don’t force yourself to do all the dance trends. Find what you’re good at and stick to that. 

Comedy Tours

Tell us about the comedy tours you have been on! 

For someone who never even imagined being on stage, let alone a full blown comedy tour, it’s been a pretty wild ride. From all the airports I've been to to all the venues I've performed at it’s been an eye opening experience. I never realized how much work goes into something as simple sounding as a “Comedy Tour”.

What is your favorite part about being on tour?

The initial walk onto stage. The excitement that people, who are basically strangers, have when they see me. As a South Asian first generation raised in America person I’ve been taught to assimilate and stay in the background. I’ve been told that unless I fit the mold of what is “normal” then I'm not important. But when I walk on that stage the audience is telling me that I AM important and I DO matter to them. 

Brand Campaigns

What campaigns have you been a part of? 

I’ve worked with theSkimms, Bellesa, Instagram Comedy Reels Campaign, YouTube Shorts Campaign, The Happy Box, Pure Leaf Tea, FlexFit, MegaBabe

What was your favourite one or most viral piece of content? Why?

This is my favourite TikTok video. I’m doing what I always do and just asking all the important questions because, let’s face it, Gen X and geriatric millennials just aren’t understanding Gen Zers.

Dream collaborations - what would be your dream brand(s) to work with? Why? 

I would love to work with either Adidas or Puma because they are on brand for me. As a woman that wears many, many hats I feel like I can wear something from either brand and have it go from me being at a little league baseball game to a night out with the girls. Leisurewear 

Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Working towards a 1 hour comedy special and diversifying my portfolio.

What do you love the most about what you do?

I love the flexibility, the knowledge sharing, meeting new people and hopefully having those people become solid connections. 

What content / personal challenges have you come across and how have you overcome them?

The biggest content challenge I’ve had to face is that for a good 3 months, when I was first starting out, many of my videos were getting reported for bogus community guideline violations. Unfortunately fixing this was out of my control so I had to be patient, keep making my content, and time would fix it. 

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