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Deison Afualo: Rising Content Creator and LGBTQ+ Advocate

By: Michael Okada | 2 mins read |
  Deison Afualo is a popular Tik Tok and Instagram content creator known for her relatable and humorous videos. She is also one half of the Two Idiot Girls podcast, which she hosts alongside her sister, Drew Afualo. Two Idiot Girls is also a Shorty nominee in this year’s 2023 Shorty Awards. Deison's content often touches on LGBTQ+ topics and explores day-to-day funnies. With a growing following on social media, Deison is a rising star in the world of online content creation.

Who are you? What’s your preferred platform & content vertical? 

I’m Deison (it’s like Jason but with a D) and I’m a queer Samoan content creator. My preferred platform is probably a tie between Instagram and TikTok.

How did you get introduced into the content creator space?

I was a huge YouTube kid so I’ve always loved content creators but my initial introduction to creating my own content was through my sister Drew Afualo.

What do you wish you knew when starting as a content creator?

When I was first starting as a content creator, I wish I knew that although numbers are really important – posting consistently and interacting with your audience in comments/DMs are just as important.

What advice would you give your younger self or someone thinking of becoming a content creator?

I would tell them to just be super aware of not losing yourself in your comment section. Every person that comes across your content isn’t going to know who you are as a person. 

What does it mean to be a part of the AAPI community?

Being able to represent the last part of that acronym means so much to me! I didn’t grow up seeing any queer Samoan women on the internet so being able to be that for others truly makes me tear up. My culture and my community have always meant so much to me.

Brand Campaigns

What campaigns have you been a part of? 

I have been part of campaigns for Comforté, Bellesa, and Amazon Freevee.

What was your favourite or most viral piece of content? Why?

My favorite viral piece of content was my TikTok on red flags that I have personally have. This video is my favorite because it was really silly, I filmed it on a whim, and it was super easy to do. I also feel like it gives a good peek into my humor and who I am as a person.
@deisonafualoi love oversharing♬ original sound - Deison Tait Afualo

Dream collaborations - what would be your dream brand(s) to work with? Why? 

My dream brands to work with are Poppi Soda, Birkenstocks, Dr. Martens, and Converse. These are all brands that I love and really appreciate.

What do you love the most about what you do?

The most special thing about what I do is getting to hear from so many different people from different walks of life sending me messages saying that my content has helped them through hard times or encouraged them to keep going. I love being able to help others.

What content / personal challenges have you come across and how have you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge I’ve come across through this job is underestimating the speed that it moves at. While I’ve been super fortunate enough to watch my sister thrive and succeed over the last year, it feels so much different when it’s happening to me. It can feel really scary at times but I can’t help but focus on all of it with so much gratitude. Follow Deison Afualo on Instagram and TikTok for more great content. Stay tuned for our upcoming Viral Nation Talent Spotlights!
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