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How Agencies Are Tracking ROI for Experiential Marketing

By: Dustin Hawley | 1 min read |
In 2020, brands are focusing more than ever on finding new ways to leave lasting impressions on consumers who increasingly crave more real-life experiences. Gone are the days of the clever ad spot, or the reliance on the “buy now” button. While those functions still serve their purpose, they are merely ancillary properties in today’s consumer market.  Some of the world’s top brands have put that focus on display at events like SXSW, where companies like HBO followed up last year’s Westworld with scenes from Game of Thrones’ Westeros. We saw tech companies opening pop-ups to promote new hardware like the Google Home or Facebook Portal. Viral Nation discusses how it tracks ROI for experiential marketing campaigns and what the future holds for the industry.  

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