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Marketing Convenience to the Modern Consumer

By: Viral Nation | 4 mins read |
In the modern world where everything is available at the click of a button, brands should really focus on building their business around convenience marketing. This marketing approach is perfect for modern customers because there has been a significant shift of value, with 70% of consumers saying they would pay more if they knew the experience would be convenient.  Before getting started, what is convenience marketing and how important is it to implement this strategy in your business? Keep reading to find out and to learn the best ways to apply this marketing approach.

Convenience marketing in the modern era

Convenience marketing is making sure products or services that a consumer is interested in buying are available frequently, immediately and with a minimum of comparison and buying efforts. A concept that is driven by technology forces services to become available at the push of a button, anytime and anywhere. Think of how many products you can order within 1 minute online and have them all delivered the next day - or even sometimes the same day. True convenience means the products and services are available to come to you. Younger generations have grown up with high accessibility to media and services, and can get what they want anytime and anywhere. This new value forms their expectations in brands and it’s unlikely they're willing to go the extra mile to get something, especially if your competitors are willing to provide this convenience. These trends should change the way you market your products to consumers. Customers shouldn't work hard to get what you're offering. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, you should bring your product to them.

Ways to implement convenience in marketing

Utilize easy-to-use platforms

If you run a digital platform for your business — which you should — you need to ensure that customers can navigate through its functions with ease. Although most modern customers are tech-savvy, interacting with a poorly designed platform can be frustrating. They may immediately close your page and move on when they can't find valuable information easily on your platform. Making sure your website is easy to use and ensuring all your social media platforms connect with a similar username are two basic ways to improve your convenience to a consumer. Tip: When using Instagram to promote your products, use its "History" feature to categorize your posts so that visitors can navigate through them easier. 

Keep engagement high on social media

Social media is an effective marketing platform since younger generations spend a significant amount of time there. Most social media users even use social media to research products they want to buy. The easier it is to find you online, the more sales you will gain.  Having said that, making your posts visible among millions of posts is a big challenge for brands. Using search engine optimization strategies on social media will boost your visibility. It starts with using captions, hashtags and bios relevant to what your customers often look for in social media. Think about when most of your consumers are online and schedule your posts around that.  Tip: To find out the best time to post on Instagram, go to Professional Dashboard, click Account Insights, then Total Followers, scroll down to the bottom under Most Active Times.

Keep (and push) delivery costs down

As more people make online purchases, delivery becomes a pivotal part of your business operation. The younger generations don't want to pay a high fee for shipping and delivery because these costs add up the more frequently you make a purchase — some people even make purchase decisions around the shipping cost. It’s important to find ways to push down the delivery costs of your goods. One strategy you can implement is bumping up your product price to cover the shipping costs. Many customers are willing to pay for products with higher prices if brands can offer low or free shipping costs, so make sure you include it in your strategy if you haven't already.

Ensure excellent customer service

To market convenience, you must provide no less than excellent customer service. Customers want to receive an immediate response if they need help or have any questions. If it takes you hours to get back to them, they may already make a purchase with another company. Some companies opt to use a bot to provide a fast response or have trained customer service teams available to offer a more personalized response to each customer.

Advantages of implementing convenience marketing

Convenience marketing seems complicated to implement, but it can give you so many advantages for the business. Here are some of the main benefits.

Builds loyalty

"Easy" is the keyword for today's marketing approach. If you can make people's lives easier, they will be satisfied with your service. When you can maintain that customer satisfaction, they will develop an emotional bond and loyalty with your brand, so they are less likely to jump to a competitor. Best of all, these loyal customers will promote your business to friends and colleagues through word of mouth and give you free advertising.

Reduces friction

Friction is anything that disrupts the customer experience with your brand. It can happen in any stage of customer-brand interaction, from discovery to post-purchase. Focusing on crafting convenience for your customers can minimize this friction. Identify possible friction by analyzing your current business model, website and social media platforms to see if the consumer journey is seamless. Make sure that all website links work, that customer service or FAQ’s are easily found, and that your different products or services show clear pricing and benefits. Reducing friction will ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

Sets you apart from competitors

Marketing convenience is the easiest way to set your brand apart from competitors. Using comparison charts on your site to easily show the difference in your products, offering the best customer experience possible and ensuring the consumer journey process is as seamless as possible are all great strategies to set yourself apart. You can also try visiting competitors’ pages to see complaints that customers have to then improve these issues on your end. Thanks to advanced technology and an on-demand culture, services now need to become available at the push of a button, anytime and anywhere. If your business hasn’t adopted convenience marketing, you should start immediately to ensure longevity for your brand and to set yourself apart from the heavy competition.
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