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10 LGBTQIA+ Influencers that made Pride 2023 Better than Ever

By: Michael Okada | 5 mins read |

As we bid farewell to Pride Month 2023, it's important to remember that celebrating and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community shouldn't be limited to just one month of the year. Genuine allyship requires ongoing commitment, education, and amplification of diverse voices.

One fantastic way to stay connected and keep learning is by following LGBTQIA+ influencers who continue to make a significant impact on social media and beyond.

Why following LGBTQIA+ influencers matters all year round

The fight for LGBTQIA+ rights and acceptance is an ongoing battle, with progress being made every day. However, setbacks and hate crimes still occur, and it's crucial for allies and brands to stay informed and engaged with the community all year.

By following LGBTQIA+ influencers, you're not only giving diverse voices a platform, but you're also enriching your own understanding of the multifaceted LGBTQIA+ experience.

Authentic LGBTQIA+ allyship in marketing efforts

When it comes to Pride Month marketing, a thoughtful and genuine approach is key. Brands need to be true allies – not just during Pride Month, but throughout the year. To learn more about how to create authentic and meaningful marketing campaigns that resonate with the LGBTQIA+ community, check out our article on “Pride Month Marketing: The Dos and Don’ts of Being a True Ally”.

Incorporating LGBTQIA+ Influencers in Your Marketing Strategy

As you follow and engage with LGBTQIA+ influencers, consider partnering with them for your marketing efforts. Influencer marketing is an ever-evolving landscape that offers endless opportunities for collaboration, authenticity, and diversity in content. 

If you're new to influencer marketing or want to understand the benefits of partnering with LGBTQIA+ influencers, our comprehensive guide to influencer marketing is the perfect starting point. Also, consider learning about the influencer marketing platforms that are available to find the right fit for your brand and goals.

10 LGBTQIA+ Influencers You Should Follow

Let's take a look at 10 incredible LGBTQIA+ influencers and their most popular videos of the month.

1. Spencer Hunt - @spencewuah

Spencer Hunt is a young and vibrant content creator known as Spencewuah on TikTok. Spencer's comedic skits, storytimes, and "Daily Scream'' videos have garnered him over 14 million followers and massive support from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Check out his biggest videos of the last month – his “red flags” video with over 10.8M views and the hilarious “At my bestie’s funeral” skit that racked up 5.2M.

@spencewuah me literally fighting with a filter #fyp ♬ original sound - spencer 💅

2. Etienne Najman - @etiennenajman

Etienne Najman is a creative and multifaceted LGBTQIA+ influencer who focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and promoting multiple businesses. Etienne uses social media to spread awareness and display everyday pride.

Etienne’s biggest posts this month are the “Pride Month miracle” video with over 423.6K views followed by the one where Etienne asks his partner if he’d rather kiss him or the hottest guy in the world.

@etiennenajman I guess men can get pregnant! 🫃 #relationships #couplecomedy #lgbtq #gay #gaycouples #gaycomedy ♬ original sound - jevanvlogs

3. Zaya Perysian - @zayaperysian

Zaya Perysian is a powerful voice for the Black trans community with educational and inspiring content on TikTok. With more than 4.5 million followers, Zaya documented the transition journey, breaking down misconceptions and empowering the transgender community.

Zaya’s most popular posts from Pride Month include a response to Rose Montoya going topless at the White House with over 702K views and a post about how gender-affirming care saves lives.

@zayaperysian @Rose Montoya GIRL PLEASE 😭😭😭 #trans ♬ Comical, fun, cute, video background music(1124511) - Lill Lilly

4. Tori Phantom - @toriphantom

Tori Phantom is an open and honest LGBTQIA+ influencer with a focus on food, mental health, and parenting. Tori spreads love and positivity to their 197K Instagram followers while showcasing their everyday life and experiences.

Their top posts from the month includes their approach when their kids want a haircut and figuring out who bit their kid’s tongue.

@toriphantom We take hair seriously and not seriously at the same time #parenting #gentleparenting ♬ original sound - ToriPhantom

5. Cameron Perez - @outtpig

Cameron Perez is a prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ community with his razor-sharp wit, clever skits, and engaging content on TikTok. With over 3.3 million followers, Cameron's presence on social media has made him a beloved influencer.

His top posts from Pride Month cover when “the cool aunt comes to visit” and when “you bring your new partner home to homophobic meemaw”.

@outtpig She gets everyone in trouble #comedy #family #relatable #pov #greenscreen ♬ original sound - OuttPig

6. Ellyce Fulmore -

Ellyce Fulmore, founder of Queerd Corporation, breaks down barriers by providing financial education specifically tailored to the LGBTQ+ community. Through her podcast and social media presence, she empowers her audience to take control of their financial future.

Her top posts from the last month include “6 ways to get dopamine without spending money” and the part 2 inspired by her viewers. 6 ways to get a dopamine hit without spending any money 💸 trick your brain and get a little rush without hurting your wallet 👀 #financialeducator #moneycoach #adhdinwomen #adhdandmoney #adhdfinance #adhdtips #spendingmoney #spendingmoneyidonthave #spendingtips #impulsebuy #impulsespending #savingmoneyhack #keepfinancepersonal ♬ original sound - Ellyce- Financial Educator 💸

7. Kevin Rupard - @kevinrupard

Beauty content creator Kevin Rupard brings his artistic vision to life on social media, showcasing trendy looks and offering guidance to his 1 million TikTok followers. His engaging content has earned him a nomination for an American Influencer Award.

His top TikTok posts from Pride Month are his stunning make-up transformations into a tiger and the creepy Salad Fingers.

@kevinrupard Blue Tiger 💙 Probably my favorite makeup look that ive done! I want to start creating more content like i used to. What are some looks youd like to see next? __ #creativemakeup #makeup #tigermakeup ♬ som original - Palloma Tamirys

8. Michael Lindsay and Matthew Schueller - @michaelandmatt1

Married couple Michael & Matt share their LGBTQIA+ experiences and love of travel with their 291K Instagram followers. Showcasing captivating destinations and offering tips for LGBTQ+ getaways, the duo has been featured in numerous publications.

Check out their videos on their toxic trait in the morning and one thing a ‘real’ man won’t do.

@michaelandmatt1 don’t talk to me until I finish my coffee lol #anxietysquad #depressionanxiety #toxictrait #staytoxic ♬ original sound - Ian Asher

9. Sean Gannon - @6809388850482299909

AIDS activist Sean Gannon is a driving force behind The Sero Project and uses his TikTok platform to share his experiences and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, providing valuable insights and inspiration.

Check out his latest post to see how he and his family start the day!

@daddyseang #pamperspartner We love that @Pampers Baby Dry Diapers help provide up to 100% leak proof nights. And Quinn loves Elmo and Cookie Monster! If you are Walmart+ members like us you get free delivery from the store - giving us one less thing to worry about! #walmartpartner #ad ♬ original sound - Gay Dads +3 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👶🏼

10. Tell Williams - @tell.williams

As an educator, comedian, and influencer, Tell Williams uses their platform to empower the next generation of LGBTQIA+ individuals and work with top brands to bring visibility and support to the community.

Their top videos from June are about being super sweaty after a shower and growing their hair out.

@michaelandmatt1 don’t talk to me until I finish my coffee lol #anxietysquad #depressionanxiety #toxictrait #staytoxic ♬ original sound - Ian Asher

Go beyond Pride Month

These talented individuals offer unique perspectives, promote advocacy, and share their personal journeys to inspire and educate their followers.

By following their authentic experiences, you'll not only give diverse voices a platform but also enrich your understanding of the multifaceted LGBTQIA+ community. As a brand, partnering with these influential creators will help you develop meaningful, inclusive marketing strategies that resonate with your audience.

All of these talented influencers are part of Viral Nation's talent network. If you're interested in partnering with any of them to promote your brand and embrace diversity, reach out to Viral Nation today and start creating meaningful connections.