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Instagram Crushes The Competition As Influencer Marketers Share Which Platforms They Are Spending On

By: Dustin Hawley | 1 min read |
When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is crushing other social platforms. In fact, 89% percent of influencer marketers say they spend more on Instagram than any other social media platform, according to a new survey conducted by the marketing agency Collectively.  With the rapid growth and expansion the company has undergone in recent years, it’s no surprise that Instagram continues to dominate sponsored content budgets. This remains true even in the presence of companies like TikTok, who are growing exponentially and frequently releasing new products to attract both brands and creators.  "TikTok has seen huge success positioning itself as more of an entertainment-based platform as opposed to Instagram which is more focused on quality and aesthetic," said Joe Gagliese, co-founder and CEO of the influencer marketing firm Viral Nation. While some of nstagram's dominance in influencer marketing may be related to its relative seniority in the category, there is also its natural connection to fashion and consumer products that continue to make it an appealing medium. Instagram launched seven years before TikTok in the US, and the platform offers a variety of tools for branded content that aren't currently available on competing platforms.
"Instagram is appealing in the influencer marketing space because it offers a seamless path to conversion through the swipe-up feature on Instagram Stories, especially in the fashion/lifestyle landscape," Gagliese says. “Other platforms perform better for certain verticals, with YouTube and Twitch dominating the gaming and tech space." 

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