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How Health and Fitness Influencers Can Fit Your Marketing Efforts

By: Viral Nation | 6 mins read |

The health and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is expected only to grow in the coming years. It shows how this industry has the potential to attract more people, especially those who are looking to improve their physical well-being. 

There are various reasons why people are getting so invested in health and fitness nowadays. One of the most salient reasons is the awareness that health is costly. When you fall ill, the hospital costs could cost you a fortune. It is especially true in countries that do not have widespread national health coverage.

Social media is another reason that increases the attraction to wellness. People often may see other social media users posting attractive photos or videos on their feeds and want to look better themselves as well. 

Many people are developing the resolution to be fitter at the beginning of the year, but they need support to stay committed to the objective. Health and fitness influencers have become highly popular recently because people are looking up to these influencers to get motivated in maintaining their own personal wellness.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind their impact, how they cater to various niches, and the benefits of partnering with them for marketing efforts. We will also highlight the top health and fitness influencers to watch out for, and how Viral Nation can help accelerate your influencer marketing journey.

Why are health and fitness influencers impactful?

These influencers can motivate people to achieve their fitness goals and even continue the wellness resolution in the longer term. However, why do people listen to them? Why do these influencers make a strong impact on their respective fitness communities?

Role model to followers

Fitness influencers are considered role models because they have real evidence and results to back their claims. They usually have a fit body many people treat as their ideal figure. Fitness enthusiasts will then develop an aspiration to achieve that level of physical wellness just from seeing these attractive influencers.

Wellness influencers with highly engaged followers frequently also have their ways with their words. They can motivate their followers to make changes in their lives through interaction in the comment section or live streaming sessions on their social media platforms.

Authentic fitness content

Social media accounts of fitness influencers typically offer workout content. These influencers often film themselves doing various types of workouts, from running on the treadmill to weightlifting. Health and fitness influencers also frequently share their journey to achieve certain wellness milestones, like developing nutritious eating habits.

Showing this “tough” part of achieving wellness goals makes followers believe that hard work will pay off, especially because these influencers have fit figures to prove their success. The workout content also makes fitness enthusiasts feel less alone in their journey to achieve their goals.

Knowledgeable about health and wellness

People who are interested in their health and wellness become invested in these influencers because they consider them knowledgeable in the topic. Influencers will often share new findings in the wellness industry, the correct ways to perform certain exercises and nutrition tips.

Charismatic influencers can engagingly deliver these potentially boring topics. Their confident manner in discussing wellness topics makes them an expert in the eyes of their social media followers. Because of that, followers feel more comfortable practicing the influencers’ advice.

Making wellness more accessible

Many of these influencers can provide examples of workouts that do not require followers to pay for gym memberships or expensive fitness equipment. They may also offer suggestions about nutritious meal plans that are affordable and easy to follow.

Some people said that working out alongside these fitness influencers made them develop long-lasting healthy habits. It is because these influencers make fitness activities like exercises and healthier eating more accessible to people regardless of their backgrounds.

Creating a sense of community

As mentioned in the previous point, influencers make people feel less alone in their difficult path of achieving wellness simply by showing their own struggles in hitting their goals. Followers develop a tight bond with these influencers because they share similar woes. They begin viewing their exercises and meal plans as a team effort with the influencers.

Followers can then interact with fellow health enthusiasts across various mediums. For example, they can reply to comments made by other social media users under the influencers’ posts. Some influencers also create fitness challenges in which followers can participate using special hashtags and win prizes at the end of the challenge. 

Wellness influencers branch out

Many of these health and fitness influencers come up with products other than the typical social media posts after garnering more popularity. They may start branching out to podcasts, recipe books, workout clothing lines, and even develop their own fitness apps.

These fitness products gain positive reactions from their followers, who are scrambling to get their hands on them.

Kayla Itsines is an example of a successful fitness influencer who manages to establish a strong community of followers. The influencer is very popular among active women, including mothers, since she is a mother herself.

Itsines creates a subscription-based platform, Sweat and in this app, she goes in-depth about various fitness goals and the best way to achieve them. Other fitness trainers are participating in the app, too, to help the subscribers.

According to Sweat’s website, it manages to amass more than 34,000 5-star reviews from current active users.

Should brands work with health and fitness influencers?

As influencer marketing becomes a powerful approach in this digital era, health and fitness brands may need to consider working with influencers who cater to this niche. These influencers have many followers and strong engagement within their niche communities.

In some cases, these influencers are even better partners than professional athletes. To the general population, health and fitness influencers on social media are more approachable than professional athletes. They brought up issues that “regular people” experience, like getting into shape after childbirth or increasing bodily strength as office workers.

Followers also believe in their influencers’ advice on exercise strategies and products. Authentic content produced by these influencers will build trust from the followers. 

They will be more likely to try products promoted by the influencers because they trust these influencers will not lead them astray. It certainly benefits the brands that manage to engage with these influential social media figures.

Top 3 Health and Fitness Influencers

As the health and fitness industry continues to grow, so does the influence of prominent figures in this space. Here are three top health and fitness influencers who have made a significant impact on millions of followers, inspiring them to pursue healthier lifestyles and achieve their fitness goals.

Steph Grasso

Steph Grasso is a Registered Dietitian and social media influencer with over 2 million followers. She creates nutritional content to educate and inspire her audience on how to make healthier lifestyle changes and enjoy their time in the kitchen. Steph is known for delivering digestible TikTok videos that educate viewers on balanced eating and lifestyle. Using her expertise and comedic approach, she provides evidence-based nutrition advice and debunks trending nutrition myths. Steph is well-known for her grocery guides and meal prep tips, helping many of her followers develop a healthier relationship with food.

Links to Steph's profiles:

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is one of the largest health and fitness influencers globally, with over 15.5 million followers on Instagram. She rose to fame through her fitness ebook series called "Bikini Body Guides" (now called High Intensity with Kayla) and her nutrition planning and workout app, "Sweat with Kayla". Kayla has expanded her offerings to include Low Impact with Kayla and a Post-Pregnancy program, remaining inclusive and supportive of individuals at various stages of their health and fitness journey.

Links to Kayla's profiles:

Michelle Hong

Coach Michelle is a Global Coach and Choreographer whose mission is to make figure skating accessible to everyone. Michelle's content ranges from skating tips and fitness must-haves to wellness advice and more. Her impact has been recognized by Good Morning America, Yahoo! News, Forbes, and other media outlets. As an influential figure in the health and fitness community, Michelle continues to inspire her followers to stay active and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Links to Michelle's profiles:

Follow influencers that fit your niches

Brands are encouraged to choose influencers aligned with their niches because even within the health and fitness sector, people have their own sub-interests. Each of these influencers caters to different types of markets.

Health and fitness influencers only comprise 9% of total social media influencers worldwide, meaning that brands have a smaller option pool to choose from. It increases the necessity of selecting influencers more precisely.

There is no wrong time to start collaborating with wellness influencers. However, it is better to start soon and reap the benefits of promoting your brand to these communities of health aficionados.

Leverage Health and Fitness Influencers with Viral Nation

To summarize, health and fitness influencers are invaluable assets for marketing efforts in the wellness industry. They motivate and educate their audience, make wellness more accessible, and foster a sense of community among their followers. Brands that collaborate with these influencers can enjoy increased visibility, trust, and engagement from potential customers. 

To make the most of your influencer marketing efforts, consider partnering with Viral Nation, the world's #1 influencer marketing agency, to find the perfect influencers for your brand and maximize your marketing impact.


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