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12 Sneaker Influencers Leaving a Footprint on 2024

By: Viral Nation | 9 mins read |
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Step into the evolving landscape of sneaker influencer marketing, where our handpicked micro-influencers are reshaping consumer habits with genuine interactions and a profound love for sneakers. These creators do more than just spotlight the newest releases; they craft engaging narratives that link their personal sneaker stories to broader lifestyle trends.

During last year’s March Madness, brands like Nike harnessed influencer marketing to increase their visibility and engagement significantly. They collaborated with high-profile figures like DJ Khaled to promote their NCAA Tourney Gear collection, leveraging influencer partnerships to enhance campaign impact.

These sneaker influencers are strategic in their posting, choosing optimal times and days to share content on Instagram, thereby boosting engagement rates. With a knack for connecting with both general and specialized audiences through tailored influencer marketing strategies, they set the pace for what’s cool, captivating, and chic in the influencer space. Join us as we dive into the worlds of top sneaker and footwear creators who are steering the trends in influencer culture.


2024’s Sneaker and footwear influencers to watch

From the sun-kissed sidewalks of California to the vibrant streets of Toronto, our handpicked selection spans globe-trotting sneakerheads who live and breathe the essence of modern street style and sneaker culture. 

These pioneers are stitching together stories that not only inspire and connect with sneaker enthusiasts worldwide but also highlight their significant role in shaping how brands interact with consumers. Through their engaging content and authentic partnerships, they’re turning everyday footwear choices into powerful statements of individuality and style.



Location: Toronto
Followers: 130K on TikTok, 49K on Instagram

Alexander Christian navigates the worlds of comedy, sports, and lifestyle with unparalleled charisma and a sharp sense of humor. Based in Toronto, this professional basketball player turned influencer has mastered the art of blending his athletic discipline with an innate knack for entertainment, making every video a unique journey through the highs and lows of his multifaceted life.

Venturing into collaborations, Smilez’s partnership with Samsung Canada stands as a testament to his versatility and broad appeal. His ability to engage with viewers on multiple levels – whether it’s through sharing significant milestones like his experience at the NBA All-Star Weekend or simply capturing the essence of Toronto’s vibrant culture, Smilez takes a unique position at the intersection of sports, entertainment, and everyday adventures. 



Location: Phoenix
Followers: 1.6M on YouTube, 803K on Instagram, 388K on Facebook

Vick Almighty, a notable figure in the sneaker community, combines his flair for fashion design with a deep-rooted passion for sneaker restoration and customization. His meticulous approach to restoration is supported by an arsenal of specialized tools, from a manual cobbler’s sewing machine to various finishing products, emphasizing his dedication to preserving the essence of each sneaker while infusing them with new life. Vick’s work on unique projects, such as the custom Air Jordan 4 inspired by the Phoenix Suns and the 22 Tribal Nations of Arizona, showcases his commitment to merging cultural significance with sneaker art.

Underlying Vick’s craft is a mission driven by a simple yet profound childhood principle inspired by his mother’s teachings — the value of maintaining clean, presentable footwear. With a YouTube channel launched in 2011, Reshoevn8r has become a go-to resource for sneaker care, offering tutorials, product reviews, and dramatic before-and-after transformations that captivate millions. His work, characterized by attention to detail and a deep understanding of sneaker culture, not only entertains but educates a community of sneaker lovers on the importance of shoe maintenance as an extension of personal identity.



Location: Michigan
Followers: 1.3M on YouTube, 623K on Facebook, 238K on TikTok

Connor Gorman, the young face behind ConnorTVofficial, infuses his passion for footwear with a vibrant mix of sneaker hauls, challenges, and comedy sketches, crafting content that’s as varied as it is entertaining. Beyond the sneakers and laughs, Connor’s journey is a family affair, with his father, Brian, steering the creative direction of the channel.

His encounters with celebrities, like the towering presence of Shaquille O’Neal among others, blend star power with his down-to-earth charm. It’s this unique combination of entertainment, comedy, and genuine human interactions, set against the backdrop of sneaker culture, that resonates strongly with teens and young adults.



Location: Los Angeles
Followers: 2.4M on TikTok, 1.3M on YouTube, 324K on Instagram

Rami Almordaah, known in the sneaker realm as Ramitheicon, is a towering presence in the sneaker community, where his deep knowledge of sneaker authentication shines. Diving into the sneaker universe at the tender age of 13, Almordaah rapidly ascended to become a key player, learning through his role as chief authenticator at CoolKicks in LA. This position places him at the heart of the sneaker resale industry, a sector that pulses with a global, multi-billion dollar beat.

Rami’s eye for authenticity educates a broad audience on distinguishing genuine sneakers from counterfeits, making him a trusted figure in a market rife with replicas. Only recently venturing into social media in 2022, Ramitheicon initially began his journey on YouTube before finding his stride on TikTok, leading him to make the bold decision to leave college in pursuit of his passion. Videos like “Spending $100,000 in 64 Minutes!” and “Biggest Cashout Ever!” display his willingness to make grand investments that attract millions of viewers into the world of high-value sneaker trading. 



Location: California
Followers: 6.4M on YouTube, 3.1M on TikTok, 1.6M on Facebook, 1.4M on Instagram

Marko Terzo’s YouTube channel serves as a vibrant showcase of his ability to transform commonplace items like sneakers, clothing, and even tech gadgets into bespoke works of art. Famed for his intricate designs on well-loved brands such as Vans and Nikes, Marko presents a fusion of fashion, art, and lifestyle that captivates a broad audience.

Beyond his solo projects, Marko’s collaborations with high-profile personalities like Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, James Charles, and Logan Paul amplify his influence and reach. Marko’s partnerships include a standout project creating custom Adidas basketball shoes for Damian Lillard. Through step-by-step tutorials, Marko demystifies the artistic process, inviting his followers into a world where everyday items become canvases for personal expression and creativity.


Melina Marissa

Location: Toronto
Followers: 489K on Instagram

Melina Marissa exudes a fresh urban aesthetic throughout her modeling Instagram, weaving a streetwear image that marries the charm of thrift shopping with the principles of ethical consumption. Her blend of black, white, and blue outfits range from shaggy loungewear to professional attire to beach bikinis all with the recipe embedded within the post.


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A post shared by Melina Marissa (@justmelines)

Beyond fashion’s confines, Melina embarks on personal growth adventures in gymnastics, rock climbing, and pole dancing at 29, championing the belief that age holds no barrier to exploration. She boasts an impressive collection of collaborations with shoe brands like Footlocker, SeaVees, and Ugg underscoring her influence throughout the footwear world.


In The Lab

Location: California
Followers: 660K on YouTube, 587K on Instagram

Unlike the typical coach, Devin Williams brings a holistic perspective that covers the mental and physical facets necessary for mastery. His standout YouTube series, TEN000HOURS, followers Ex NBA players and rising talent as they work tirelessly to perfect their game through shooting, workouts, and drills.

Originating as a college project, this series unexpectedly catapulted Devin into the spotlight, blending the realms of sports training and content creation in a way that resonates with the basketball community’s spirit and culture. TEN000HOURS became the cornerstone of Devin’s “In The Lab” brand, which transcends traditional basketball training to encompass a variety of platforms and mediums alongside “The Academy” which offers monthly skill enhancement sessions.


Chris Staples

Location: Los Angeles
Followers: 1.1M on TikTok, 436K on Instagram, 382K on YouTube

Chris Staples, the dunking dynamo, has set records for his outstanding speed and trick shots, solidifying him into basketball’s influencer hall of fame. With a foundation built on his breathtaking dunking skills, Staples has participated in prestigious events like the FIBA 3×3 World Tour, captivating audiences worldwide. His digital footprint extends far beyond the court, where he infuses his social media with a potent mix of athleticism, humor, and motivation.


Anything is Possible! #unwrittenrules #basketball #allstarweekend

♬ original sound – Chris Staples

Staples approaches content creation with the discipline of an athlete, adhering to a rigorous 9am-5pm schedule dedicated to crafting content that entertains, inspires, and engages. Beyond entertainment, Staples has etched his name in the Guinness Book of Records, holding titles for the most 360 dunks in 30 seconds and the most blindfolded dunks in one minute.


Anthony Hamilton Jr. 

Location: Los Angeles
Followers: 1.1M on TikTok, 436K on Instagram, 382K on YouTube

Despite facing significant challenges early on, including two knee surgeries at age 14, Hamilton Jr. didn’t let adversity keep him from the game he loves – basketball. Anthony is famous for his remarkable 52-inch vertical leap which is not just a number but a symbol of his incredible determination and physical capabilities. His social media following is captivated by his basketball trick shots, court action, and professional dunking displays including one of his most viral moments – a collaboration with NCAA dunk champion LaQuavius Cotton.


We should force him to show us 💀 #hamilt0njr

♬ original sound – Anthony Hamilton Jr

2023 marked another significant milestone in Hamilton Jr.’s career as he starred in “White Men Can’t Jump 2,” a remake of the classic film, alongside Jack Harlow. Other achievements include unifying a team of renowned players resulting in The Dunk Collective which brings exclusive content to fans for a monthly subscription. Anthony’s work with Sports Illustrated as a prominent social media personality bolsters his media presence on platforms like ESPN, Overtime, Ballislife, Dunkademics, World Star, Slam, and House of Highlights. 


Tori Nishino 

Location: Santa Monica
Followers: 1.6M on TikTok, 648K on YouTube, 427K on Instagram

Tori Nishino embarked on a transformative journey from the structured world of corporate finance to the expressive realm of professional shuffle dancing. Tori’s shuffle dancing, wellness, and lifestyle, radiates joy, inspiration, and an infectious energy that encourages others to chase their dreams. Her narrative is one of courage and creativity, breaking free from the conventional to embrace a life where wellness and fulfillment take center stage.


Who’s up for a challenge? Try the Tropicana #DontDropTheTrop dance – can you do it without spilling a single drop? 🍹 #ad

♬ Free Your Soul – Eleven

In her vibrant digital world, Tori collaborates with a roster of brands that align with her ethos—Outshine, Nerds, DSW Shoes, and Royal Caribbean, to name a few—blending her love for dance with a keen eye for wellness and fashion. Perhaps most captivating is her series with Bon Bon, her dog, where they dance in stunning locales, turning each video into a heartwarming escapade. Tori’s journey and content are a beacon for anyone yearning to make their wishes a reality, embodying her motto: “Take the trip. Book the flight. If you wish it, you can make it happen.”


Jackson Dean

Location: Florida
Followers: 5.6M on TikTok, 582K on Instagram, 106K on YouTube

Jackson Dean’s videos are a melting pot of humor, real-life situations, and insights into the nuances of modern relationships. Alongside his partner in crime, Paige Taylor, known for her collaborations with Forever 21, they’ve become something of a power couple on TikTok. His content spans playful takes on relationship dynamics and social anxieties like dealing with a moody parent to the dreaded “we need to talk” message or the comedic perils of late-night doom scrolling.


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A post shared by @jacksondean

These scenarios, wrapped in humor, strike a chord with their audience, offering both laughter and a sense of camaraderie in shared experiences. Engaging with the latest TikTok challenges and internet memes, Jackson’s content is a vibrant tapestry of internet culture, personal growth, and entertainment. 


Tristan Jass

Location: Wisconsin
Followers: 5.36M on YouTube, 3M on TikTok, 2.4M on Instagram

Launching his YouTube channel in 2012, Triston turned heads and captured a global audience with his inventive basketball layups and trick shots. Choosing the path less traveled, he stepped away from a potential college basketball career to focus on building his brand and channel, a gamble that paid off in spades as he emerged as a beacon for basketball fans and aspiring athletes.


Shoutout to @Peloton for helping me train for this 1v1 against @Cash Nasty Getting in game shape has never been easier, especially when you can watch @NBA League Pass right on Peloton. NBA League Pass subscription required. Full 1v1 out on YouTube now!

♬ original sound – Tristan Jass

Beyond his mesmerizing on-court antics, Tristan has leveraged his platform for brand partnerships, notably with the NBA, aligning himself with the sports performance market through strategic collaborations. His entrepreneurial spirit shines through with the launch of T-JASS BRAND, his own line of sportswear, marrying his love for the game with fashion. Moreover, his commitment to social causes, exemplified by his support for Buckets Over Bullying, points to a depth beyond his athletic achievements.


Step into the world of footwear partnerships

The spotlight on these sneakerheads and lifestyle influencers isn’t just by chance—their distinctive viewpoints, engaging stories, and handy style advice set them apart from the rest. Leveraging collaborative ventures and imaginative content centered around shoes, these influencers are raising the bar for what it means to captivate and influence an audience.

Viral Nation is the bridge connecting brands with footwear creators to create engaging narratives that strike a chord with their audience. Our lineup of talent reflects our dedication to embracing diversity, creativity, and the cutting edge in the realm of footwear.

If you’re keen on propelling your brand forward with influencers who blend their passion with sneakers, particularly in the footwear sector, we’re here to discuss how to craft campaigns that not only stand out but also leave a lasting footprint.


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