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Best of BeReal: Top 5 Marketing Campaigns on BeReal in 2022

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |
BeReal is a rising social network that has become popular for its authenticity and brands are wasting no time building strong marketing campaigns. The app is well-known for not having influencers, filters, or likes in hopes of becoming “a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life”.  As of October 2022, it has been downloaded 53 million times globally and has around 10 million daily active users. Many have turned to this app because they are tired of the current state of social media and its desire to be perfectly curated. In order to stay true to its theme of authenticity, BeReal doesn’t allow formal advertising on its platform. However, this doesn’t mean that brands can’t establish themselves on the app and several brands are already thriving on BeReal. Here are marketing campaigns that have worked on BeReal in recent months.

1. Brand Collaboration - Trident with Sour Patch Kids

Trident has collaborated with Sour Patch Kids to create a new Trident VIBES gum with Sour Patch Kids flavors. There are three available flavors which are Blue Raspberry, Redberry and Watermelon.  The companies announced their new products on BeReal by posting pictures of the Redberry gum on BeReal with the caption, “made gum together might as well BeReal together.” The post is simple, but the photos are enticing enough to make people want to try the new products.

2. Behind-the-scenes - Scream 6

Brands are not the only ones who can use BeReal for their marketing campaigns. The movie Scream 6 is a horror film scheduled to be released in theaters in 2023 and has found its footing on BeReal by posting behind-the-scenes shots. Celebrities and backstage personnel posted photos and other interesting materials on BeReal to gain more attention and increase viewers’ anticipation for the film’s release. 

3. What-If Memes - Love Island and Netflix

Nothing appeals to younger generations like memes. Gen Z and millennials love to share memes on any social network and have even found ways to share memes on BeReal. Love Island has jumped on this trend by posting a meme showing Lucas’ disbelieving face looking at two other characters with the caption, “If Luca posted a BeReal... #LoveIsland”. Netflix has also shared memes on BeReal. Their meme imagines a scenario if Heartstopper's main character, Nick Nelson, uploaded a photo on BeReal. This approach is very effective in building a connection with the younger generations.  The number of re-posts on Twitter showed how much engagement can be gained from posting memes. Love Island's re-post on Twitter gained around 16,000 likes, while Netflix Canada received more than 9,000 likes. After all, nothing is better than sharing a laugh.

4. Discounts and promotions - Chipotle, e.l.f Cosmetics, PacSun

Who doesn’t love saving money? Several brands have used people’s love of discounts by sharing limited-time codes on BeReal. Chipotle is the first brand to gain success by sharing discount codes. The first code that Chipotle shared lasted around 30 minutes, but the subsequent codes ran out within seconds. Seems like nobody can resist a good burrito.  Similarly, e.l.f Cosmetics celebrated the opening of their BeReal account by sharing a photo of their product with a special code attached. This code allowed the first 150 people who used it to claim a 5-piece skincare kit. Now, e.l.f Cosmetics entices its followers to stick around by offering access to behind-the-scenes content and sneak previews of upcoming products. Another brand that has made its name on BeReal is PacSun, a retail clothing brand that offers various types of clothes, from swimwear to accessories. In July, PacSun posted a photo of three girls wearing PacSun’s denim and casual wear collection. The company attached this simple promotional shot with the caption, “it's time to BeReal.” 

5. Friendly competition - Chipotle

After seeing their success by sharing promo codes, Chipotle is launching another marketing campaign on BeReal called “BooReal.” The company is offering free burritos for a year to ten lucky participants. To win this competition, participants need to wear a costume and take a photo in a Chipotle restaurant on October 31. They then have to post the photo on BeReal using the hashtag #booritosweepstakes. This campaign hits two birds with one stone. Not only do they promote their brands on social media, but they also push their followers to visit their stores.  Although it may seem like BeReal is not made for brands, there are still ways for you to build strong marketing campaigns on the app. These campaigns have proven that you just need creativity and hard work to establish your brand on BeReal. 
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