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9 Up and Coming Instagram Fashion Influencers Who Changed the Game

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As the new year commences, it's a popular trend to begin the process of reinventing ourselves. A reintroduction of healthy practices that have become overlooked as a result of our busy schedules. An ideal opportunity to kick poor habits, and kick start our productivity. All while hopefully ridding ourselves of toxic relationships. You know the saying, 'New Year, New Me'. On that note, we've combed the depths of Instagram to curate a list of up-and-coming fashion influencers we think you should keep an eye on in 2019. With the new year, we need new inspiration for our fashionable endeavors, and these pioneers in the industry will be setting trends and taking names in the coming year. All while slaying social with their unique aesthetics and keen perspective. These fashionistas and fashionistos push the envelope and are changing the game as we know it. Here's our 9 up and coming Instagram fashion influencers.

Valeria Lipovetsky

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✨and darling Nothing is meant to be Unless you want it to ✨ This one ☝🏻 to remind you that sometimes we use “meant to be” as an excuse.

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Valeria Lipovetsky is a jill of all trades. The Toronto, Ontario resident is a mother, model, holistic nutritionist, and beauty/fashion influencer. Lipovetsky initially grew her social following on YouTube doing beauty tutorials and is now a budding star on Instagram. The 27-year-old started modeling at the very young age of 15 and has traveled across the world, living in cities like Tokyo, New York, Paris and Barcelona along the way. Expect her star to continue its rise in the coming year.

When asked what her favorite part of being a social media influencer is...

Having the ability to connect with a large audience of incredible people with the same interests as me is definitely the most exciting part. I receive so many messages on a daily basis from girls who want to chat about nutrition, fashion, beauty, self-love, empowerment — they are the reason why I wanted to start sharing my passions on social media! -Interview with

Robin Black

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Happy New Year! 🥂✨The top nine #BeautyIsBoring posts of 2018! Thank you to all of our muses, collaborators and everyone who supported us! Exciting projects on the way in 2019! 💋

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Robin Black heads the popular blog Beauty Is Boring. She also doubles as a professional photographer and makeup artist. She's a force in beauty and has had her work has featured internationally by the likes of Vogue, Vogue Italia, ElleAllureHarper's BazaarInterview10 MagazineL’Officiel and Vanity Fair. Just to name a few. This Instagram feed is filled with crisp, beautifully photographed makeup shots with a consistent white backdrop aesthetic that defines her social brand. Black's work both as a photographer and beauty artist is pure eye candy. It's also a mecca of beauty inspiration and makeup trends that align with growing fashion trends as well.

When asked what advice she has for aspiring makeup artists...

Make no mistake about it—a career in the beauty industry might seem glamorous (and there are certainly moments when it is), but it takes a lot of hard work to become successful. That being said, there is always room for creative individuals with unique and interesting outlooks on beauty. I love seeing all the young talent coming up -Interview with

Ryan Clark

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You look better when you smile, and I’m all smiles in my @mizzenandmain look! You can use my code Ryanclark10 for $10 off orders of $100 or more until December 31st. Try out their moisture-wicking, performance fabric clothing for yourself. With the holidays upon us, Mizzen and Main make the best sweaters and shirts to travel in. #ad

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Ryan Clark gives dapper a new meaning. Clark is the creative director at High Fashion Living in New York City. Ryan didn't start out as a fashionisto. He actually first set out to pursue a career in medicine. But then he found his ardor in fashion and knew he had to switch gears with his life path. It's safe to say the move was a good one. He moved to New York all the way from Texas and developed a social following behind the merits of his keen eye for fashion. He has inspired a diverse group of celebrities, and his social media presence greatly aids his professional success, and he shows off his fashion prowess to a large following. Clark and High Fashion Living is a brand on the rapid rise.

When asked about his decision to quit medical school and pursue a career in fashion...

“I was in med school and I had to take a cadaver-based lab like every other med student. I remember standing there while everybody else is hands-deep inside of this man’s arm and shoulder and really getting into it. I'm just sitting there and I'm taking notes on Tom Ford's latest collection and thinking, ‘This is amazing. Tom Ford is a genius. This is great.’” -Interview with Fohr Insights

Catherine Martinez

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ASL FALL MAKEUP Part 2 : @anastasiabeverlyhills Tutorial Using: @anastasiabeverlyhills liquid lipstick in Bittersweet @anastasiabeverlyhills Sugar Glow kit @anastasiabeverlyhills A23 Large Blending Tapered Brush #anastasiabeverlyhills #Norvina #asl #signlanguage #hearing #makeuptutorial #closedcaptioning **Some information about ASL & Deaf Culture: The deaf community has proven through millions of deaf/hard of hearing individuals that they can be overachieving and successful regardless of their auditory loss. Lastly, I would like to stress the fact that ASL is not a universal sign language used and it’s not the same as English grammar. It consists of sign, fingerspelling and extensive facial gestures and body language to convey communication between other individuals.** * I am Hearing & Learning ASL*

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Catherine Martinez is at the forefront of pioneering in at least one way. Her niche is both unique and genuinely noble. Martinez shoots beauty tutorials and incorporates a unique element into her content; her videos are done entirely in sign language with closed captions. Catherine's tutorials cater to the 28 million Americans (and millions more around the world) who are considered deaf or hard of hearing. The beauty blogger from New York City is growing her presence on social by cultivating content for a demographic that is sadly under-represented on social media, for which she should be celebrated.

When asked where the idea to integrate ASL into her videos came from...

I had recently graduated from New York University’s Communicative Sciences and Disorders program and the major consists of assessing and treating speech, voice, language, auditory and swallowing disorders. Sign language, which happens to be in the program, is something that I fell in love with and was eager to learn. Many of my peers whom were either deaf or hard of hearing always complimented my makeup and were interested in the beauty industry. It just struck me one day when a few peers in my class asked me to translate what a blogger they were watching was saying since the tutorial was auditory and had no other mode of communication. -Interview with PizzaBottle

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

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On the street. Photograph for @voguehommes.

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An award-winning photographer and model, Jonathan Daniel Pryce makes quite a splash in the fashion scene. His focus on street style and collaborations with artists of all kinds set him apart in the fashion industry. His clients include Vogue, GQ, and Esquire. The London native takes every photo that he posts himself, taking full control of all his creative projects. He shoots fashion, architecture, city life, and more, all from his own unique perspective.

When asked about the biggest lessons he's learned in the industry...

I’ve learned to follow my instinct both in terms of creative decisions on a shoot and also my career trajectory. More than that, for me it’s about hard work and consistency. Keep on keeping on and the road will unfold before you. -Interview with Men's Fashion Post

Sarah Feingold

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january is the free trial month for 2019 so anything messy that happens during this month doesn’t count

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Sarah Feingold's blog, "No Basic Girls Allowed" lives by its mantra, and is anything but basic. Feingold's Instagram is meticulously curated, to the extent that her entire feed is color-coordinated down to the detail. She's also a psychologist who like many on our list, grew her social presence through her blog and YouTube channel. Expect major things from both Feingold and her NBGA publication, now published in partnership with the media powerhouse Vice.

When asked how she finds out what someone stands for in achieving their ideal look...

The problem is that many women do not know what they want. You just have to play around and experiment with the look. It is very important to adjust the colors to the respective type. In other words, a very pale person should rather avoid a deep, pink rouge - because terracotta and soft tones are more suitable. Extremes are something that should be avoided if possible.


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Color mood from head to toe by @sezane #sezane

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Kurt Ji

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🍑🍰🥊. Strawberry cheesecake.

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Kurt Ji is constantly on the go. The self-proclaimed “full-time jet-setter” is always trying to find something extraordinary, and he brings a fresh perspective wherever he goes. Kurt runs the successful fashion blog,  Bloggers Boyfriend, and makes a lavish lifestyle look more rugged and accessible with his content. Though never one to call a single place home, his quest to discover the most visually compelling fashion and photographic material fuels his creativity. He's incredibly savvy on social media, where Kurt has a dedicated following on his blog and his Instagram account, both of which feature his impressive travels and bold menswear. A budding star in his own right, Kurt is in for a big year in 2019.

When asked how travel inspires his style...

Before I travelled the world, I was known for my minimal style. I basically only wore black, white and grey. Now I wear colors and prints. I think the world has inspired me because the world is huge and colorful. For instance, I will be travelling to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka where these places are so colorful, and with exotic animals with beautiful prints. So for my summer and resort outfits, I like wearing colors and prints and different materials, like linen and cotton with leather for contrast. Travel makes you open your mind. I’m endlessly inspired by travelling. -Interview with HOLR Magazine

June Ambrose

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12.30.18 📸 @summerhopechamblin

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June Ambrose is certainly no longer an up-and-comer these days. She's been a staple in the fashion community for decades, as the mastermind stylist and designer behind some of our favorite '90s music videos. She's worked with artists like Mary J. Blige, P. Diddy, and Jay-Z. She has designed clothing for over 200 music videos and multiple world tours, not to mention a litany of other A-list celebrities. But how her career began, was a bit serendipitous. While interning at Uptown MCA Records in the 1990s, someone at the label asked for a stylist, and Ambrose asked: “What’s that?”. After learning what the job entailed, she thought to herself  “I can do that.” That was her first ever styling gig, and you could say the rest is history. She recently made an appearance on "Good Morning America" and is seeing her Instagram star rise as well. Her thoughtful posts about fashion and her everyday life endear her to fans, and she is best known on the 'Gram for her infamous selfies sporting large hats.

When asked what advice she has for the next breed of fashionistas...

In order for you to be successful in this industry, you have to carve your own lane. Chase your own dreams, not others. Don't be distracted by the noise from the outside and what others are doing. Prepare to commit to it. -Interview with NBC News

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