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6 Top Influencers to Boost Black Friday Sales

By: Michael Okada | 7 mins read |

Black Friday is fast approaching and you don’t want to miss out on the action as 31% of Americans plan to start their holiday shopping on Black Friday this year.

For brands looking to capitalize on one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year – it’s not too late to work with digital talent on last-minute campaigns for the busiest shopping day of the year! To that end, we’ve put together a list of popular influencers who specialize in deals and product reviews – many of whom have their own Amazon storefronts.

Influencers are increasingly impacting consumer purchase decisions, with 41% of consumers in 2023 discovering a product on social media. So whether you’re a brand looking for some influencers to boost your Black Friday sales, a creator on the rise navigating the brand partnerships space, or someone simply looking to score an amazing deal to jumpstart the season, there’s something here for everyone – just in time for Black Friday!

1. Brooke Ashley Hall: An influential mom who’s all about family, beauty, and self-care

Brooke Ashley Hall is a massive influencer with over 22M followers across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok – she’s garnered over 14.2M followers on TikTok alone. Her bio states she’s “intentionally aesthetic” and it’s obvious from one look at her well-curated feed, but she’s also known for skillfully mixing that vibe with vulnerability, which has only endeared her to her loyal community even more.

She specializes in home, beauty, and family content, and as a mother of three and former nurse, it’s evident that self-care, motherhood, and empathy are core parts of who she is. In fact, the YouTube channel she runs with her family, The Beverly Halls, is one of the most popular family channels on the platform with over a billion views! 

Brooke’s Amazon storefront is packed with some of her favorite products that range from things for her kids to clothing and great ideas for the kitchen and bedroom. 

In her recent KHY unboxing – which one commenter said was “the very first KHY review I enjoyed” – she tries on a new outfit (shirt, leggings, and jacket) from Kylie Jenner’s new brand and it racked up over 334K views in just a few short days!


khy unboxing! 🖤✨

♬ original sound – Brooke Ashley Hall

2. ttrippiereed: A funny and fashionable Gen Z influencer

Julia Reed, also known as @ttrippiereed on TikTok, has over 2M followers on the platform where she’s known for her funny videos, love of fashion and makeup, and original music (she’s a pianist/composer). At 20 years old, she proudly reps Gen Z as she showcases new looks and skits about what it’s like being friends with a “pick me” girl (which has over 12.8M views) and when “those guys” like you

Her audience is predominantly female with the majority being in the coveted 18-24 age range, which makes Julia the perfect influencer for that demographic. She prioritizes long-term relationships with the brands she likes, and she’s had notable collaborations with companies such as Baskin Robbins, Princess Polly, and Armani Beauty. For this year’s Black Friday, she’s working with Hollister on a soon-to-be-unveiled campaign that we can’t wait to see her take on.

Julia’s authenticity and relatability is a huge factor in her brand partnerships. As a longtime fan of Aquaphor products, her recent brand partnership with the skincare brand was a full circle moment for her. Her campaign included how she’s used Aquaphor long before the sponsorship, to the point where it’s been with her during big life moments like her first kiss and high school graduation.


my mom used Aquaphor to help with my eczema growing up and I take it with me to my college classes…this is a full circle moment😭 products: Aquaphor Immediate Relief Healing Balm Stick, Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment @AquaphorUS #ad #AquaphorB2S

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3. Games4two: You’ll never get “bored” of this couple of board game lovers

Games4two is made up of real-life partners Chris and Aly who bill themselves as “the two-player board game couple” on TikTok where they have over 1.6M followers. If you’ve ever thought that board games are boring, you’ve obviously never seen their content because they’ve got an additional 1.2M followers on Instagram and 870K subscribers on YouTube who would beg to differ.

Their fun and engaging videos routinely get millions of views (like this TikTok of them playing Orbito that got over 77.7M views!) as they play a wide variety of games. We all know the best way to try a new game is to actually play it but watching Chris and Aly is the next best thing.

From dexterity/skill games, strategy games, balance games, word games, and more, you’ll find them all here on their channel and their Amazon storefront features over 100 of their favorites. Games4two even have a long-running partnership with Exploding Kittens.

Making things even more interesting, they’ll often wager a friendly bet such as loser makes dinner, loser washes the dishes, loser buys dinner, or loser cleans the bathroom – which only adds to the suspense, depending on whether you’re team Chris or team Aly. But one of the highest-stakes games they ever played was Catch the Moon – where loser pays the mortgage!


Who Is Gonna Take Round 2? #boardgames #gamenight #couple #fun

♬ Rocky (Main Theme) – The Intermezzo Orchestra

4. DealCheats: The best deals on Amazon and beyond

Gracey is the creator behind DealCheats and she’s obsessed with helping you find the best deals to save money. Her enthusiasm and money-saving hacks have gained her a loyal audience with over 1.1M followers on TikTok and 63.8K followers on Instagram. The holiday season is one of her busiest times of the year – she’s averaged almost 2M views in the first-half of November alone.

DealCheats is also a prominent Amazon associate and she routinely features her top picks of Amazon deals you do NOT want to miss. She also features daily deals in her Instagram stories, and you can find even more deals in her DealCheats Amazon storefront with offers like free food, can’t-believe-it’s-true discounts, and buy-one-get-one promos.

For Amazon Prime Day last year, she collaborated with Viviscal, a leading hair growth supplement, and she’s also partnered with InBloom, the wellness brand created by actress Kate Hudson.

We highly recommend checking out her content regularly for the latest updates and if you see anything you like, make sure to act fast as the deals may expire or sell out at any time.


Replying to @dallas 💰 back at it with the amazon deals and i need some requests in the comments😈➡️ #amazondeals #amazonfinds #deals #christmasgiftideas

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5. Stephanie Pena: A fun-loving mom famous for relatable ‘day in the life’ content

Stephani Pena is a TikTok star who’s known for her ‘day in the life’ vlogs. With over 893.5K followers on TikTok and 240K followers on Instagram, her videos regularly gain hundreds of thousands of views due to her energetic personality and relatable content focused on beauty, lifestyle, and family. You can tell Stephanie loves having a good time and her personality shines through in her content as she dances in front of the mirror while getting ready for the day, has fun with her son, and shows off some of her cutest finds on Amazon.

Stephanie is a mother, speaks fluent English and Spanish, and her Amazon storefront reflects some of the most important things in her life, from baby must-haves to home essentials, workout clothes, and makeup. For Prime Day, Amazon tapped her for a live stream of her favorite Prime Day Picks

In one of her most popular posts with over 4.1M views, she shares her morning routine as she gets ready for an early home workout, which appears to be made up of equal parts weight training and dancing!


Workout vibes are elite✨🫡 #morningroutine #morninginmylife #spanish #lifestyle #diti #DoritosTriangleTryout #MomsofTikTok #babiesoftiktok #relatable #cleangirlaesthetic #dayinthelife #fakebody #sahm #minivlog #asmrmorningroutine #cleangirl #family #cleangirlaesthetic #youngmom #momandson #husbandandwife #mommotivation #productivity #motivation #satisfying #comedy #wthmom #whmomlife #asmrmorningroutine realistic daily mom vlog morning vlog with kids motivation as a mom

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6. bymichellelei: A rising star with a cozy aesthetic

Michelle Lei, known online as @bymichellelei, is a prominent influencer in the home and lifestyle space with over 367.9K followers on TikTok and 195K on Instagram. A quick scroll through her socials showcases how she’s always on trend and this season is no different as she embraces the hygge aesthetic that will make you feel all warm and cozy inside – all that’s missing is the crackling fireplace and hot chocolate!

One of her most popular TikToks has over 12.8M views and it shows her organizing all of her pens and office supplies which is guaranteed to make the neat freak in you breathe a sigh of relief as everything in her desk drawer goes in its proper place. Michelle Lei also has a carefully curated Amazon storefront that features gift ideas, deals, and inspo for holiday and home decor, gadgets and tech, office accessories, and so much more. Her audience is primarily women between the ages of 18 – 34, and she’s the perfect collaborator for small-to-medium businesses looking to make a splash on Amazon.

For those of you who work from home, you can’t miss her Amazon Office non-negotiables video that will have you feeling fresh and more productive than ever. All in all, Michelle is a rising star who’s more chill and laid back than some of her peers, with a sharp eye that can bring any room to life.


Lets organize my pen and office supply drawers 💪🏼 #home #homeorganization #office #officeorganization #organizedhome #amazon #amazonfinds #founditonamazon #asmr

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