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6 Top Dogs to Follow on Social Media

By: Michael Okada | 5 mins read |

It’s not like dog people needed another reason to celebrate their furry best friends, but since it’s National Dog Day on August 26, what better way to join in the fun than by getting acquainted with some of the most adorable pet influencers on social media?

The growing trend of pet influencers

Pet influencers have become a major trend on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. People can't seem to get enough of the heartwarming, funny, and downright adorable content starring these photogenic furballs. Dogs are some of the most popular of pet influencers because they provide an endless supply of smile-inducing photos and videos to brighten your day while also giving other dog owners inspiration on fun products, accessories, and activities for their own pups.

Here are some of the most popular dog influencers on social media right now. Get ready for some major cuteness overload!

1. Robby and Penny-@robbyandpenny

Robby and Penny, the illustrious pitbull and human duo, have established a notable social media stronghold, amassing millions of followers. Their TikTok account, @robbyandpenny, has an audience of over 12-and-a-half million, thanks to a unique blend of synchronized dance routines and heart-melting cuddle videos.

Beyond TikTok, Robby and Penny's influential reach extends to YouTube with their thriving community of 1.78 million subscribers. Their lighthearted stories and captivating content result in a jaw-dropping cumulative 850.6 million YouTube views and their videos receive an average of 78,502 likes per post. 

Their key to success? Injecting positivity and fun into every piece of content.

Don't miss Robby's most pawsome videos this month: “Yo mama jokes” with over 1.7 million views (below), and “My dog is sassy,” which will have any four-legged fans howling.

2. Blue the Husky-@imbluethesiberian

Owners Emma and Corey have become social media sensations through their energetic Siberian Huskies, Blue and Titan and their lively antics on Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, their page, @imbluethesiberian, has garnered over 237,000 followers, thanks to their regular, visually engaging posts. This success extends to TikTok, where they've gained an additional following of 1.2 million fans.

Bright-eyed and fluffy, Siberian Huskies are innately photogenic. However, when captured through Emma and Corey’s lens, the dogs' personalities genuinely shine.

Blue's latest viral sensations are the cute war "Pretending to give the dog’s bed to the clones" video below, which has amassed 1.1 million views so far, and "Who else needs daily motivation," which will inspire anyone with the Monday blues.

3. Cowboy the Nano-@cowboy_thenano

Cowboy the Nano Bulldog has pawed his way into countless hearts with his adorably smooshed face and playful behavior. His owner Stephanie consistently captivates her audience through posts and videos highlighting Cowboy's unique personality, and flashy outfits.

Cowboy's fame extends to TikTok, where he has amassed a massive following of 826.9k fans with 38.8 million likes and 10k followers on Instagram, all of whom eagerly await each of Stephanie's posts featuring his everyday adventures. The Etsy store selling Cowboy stickers showcases that his popularity is keeping fan love alive even off-screen.

His heartwarming videos of the month include "He is My Child”, an adorable moment Between Cowboy the Nano and Stephanie (below), and "Potty training at its finest” – one of Cowboy’s first TikToks.

4. Felix the Samoyed-@wanderlust_samoyed

Felix, a charismatic Samoyed, tours the globe along with pet parents Julia and Sven. Their posts on Instagram and YouTube of the white, fluffy canine's travel escapades against scenic backdrops have won the hearts of their growing follower base. They have charmed over 622k followers on Instagram, 926.3k on TikTok, and 10.1k subscribers on YouTube attracting an audience that loves Felix’s infectious energy.

No doubt, the life of this adventurous Samoyed sparks a certain wanderlust in all those who follow his journey. Each snapshot of Felix's travels sends followers on a virtual tour, proving how powerful and influential our lovable four-legged friends can be in the world of social media.

Felix's must-watch videos from the last month feature his captivating “Best of Venice” journey and his delightful video, “Meeting Alpacas in Norway”.

5. Pearl-@pearl.the.golden.girl

Glistening in the spotlight of social media pet influencers is Pearl, a Golden Retriever who's become an internet sensation for her captivating joy and lovable behavior. Managed by her owner Liz Lang, the Instagram account @pearl.the.golden.girl showcases this canine's daily adventures to an impressive following of over 305k fans, substantiating the internet's love for Golden Retrievers. 

The Golden Retriever's joy also spills onto YouTube, with a subscriber count of 110k and a catalog of 255 videos. Each post from Pearl emanates positivity that has, in turn, magnetized a legion of followers.

Watch as Liz introduces Pearl to a world of healthy greens below, which racked up a jaw-dropping 4.6 million likes. Also, don’t miss Pearl’s  “Who loves me online” video where she does her best Simba impression.

6. Brodie-@bestboybrodie

Brodie is a lovable rescued pup who has captured hearts worldwide with his unique, Picasso-esque charm. Despite being partially blind, Brodie exudes a lively spirit that his devoted followers find irresistible. 

Managed by his owners, Amanda and Brad, Brodie’s Instagram account @bestboybrodie celebrates his uniqueness, amassing over 614,000 followers.

Brodie is a prime example that in the world of pet influencers, the difference is an asset. With his unique look and unwavering spirit, Brodie stands out, leading the pack and inspiring others through his journey.

Check out Broodie’s sensational video featuring him shaking off the cold weather which racked up over 316.9k likes. Also, make sure to check out this video where he shows he’s more than just man's best friend.

The power of pets on social media

It's clear that people can't get enough of adorable, photogenic pets on social media. These influencer animals have truly mastered the art of engaging viral content. From heartwarming cuddles to funny mishaps to envy-inducing travel photos, pets open up a feel-good world that followers eagerly eat up.

For pet owners hoping to grow their pet's online presence, some important factors include:

Unique personality: Pets with a distinctive look, attitude, or quirky behavior tend to stand out. Showcase what makes your pet special!

Quality photos/videos: Invest in a good camera to capture high-resolution, well-composed images. Good lighting and angles show off your pet's photogenic side.

Engaging captions: Write creative, funny, or informative captions to enhance your social posts. Using hashtags can help your content get discovered, too. The popular #dog and #DogsOfTikTok hashtags have hundreds of billions of views alone. 

Respond to followers: Engage with your audience! Reply to comments and messages, and post content your followers want to see. Building relationships is key.

Partner with brands: Once you build a large following, start partnering with pet brands for sponsored posts, free products, and more. The opportunities are endless!

This National Dog Day, follow these top dog influencers for your daily dose of smiles, inspiration, and furry fun. No matter who you follow, they are sure to fill your feeds with tail-wagging joy. Happy National Dog Day!

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