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6 Advanced Instagram SEO Tactics to Boost Performance

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |
A strong Instagram strategy will include SEO Tactics. While basic Instagram SEO Tactics may seem enough to boost your brand's presence, they should still be supplemented with other measures to ensure that your brand continues to attract more users. After getting a clear idea of how Instagram SEO works, it's time to start exploring how it can help boost your visibility.

Use keywords and hashtags

Keywords and hashtags are two of the most important factors you should consider when boosting your Instagram visibility. This involves optimizing your Instagram profiles and posts using the right keywords and the appropriate combination of hashtags and hashtags. For instance, if you're focused on creating content relevant to your niche, you should start by optimizing your profile for relevant keywords. The freedom to play with your Instagram handle allows content creators to easily incorporate certain keywords into their profiles.  If you can't change your Instagram account's username due to brand reasons, you can still use a keyword in your profile name and bio to boost your visibility. Aside from your Instagram profile, you should also optimize your content for search engines by adding relevant keywords and hashtags. Having engaging and keyword-rich captions can help boost the chances of your content appearing in search results. The right mix of hashtags can help improve your content's discoverability on Instagram. Ideally, it would help if you had a good balance of trending and popular hashtags — niche-specific and branded ones.

Post at a specific time

Since there are so many posts on Instagram daily, it's easy for content to get buried at the bottom of the Feed. This means that people won't be able to see your content and engage with it. Long story short: timing can sink or, conversely, help push your post's engagement rate. To determine when your audience is most active on Instagram, use the Insights tool built into the platform. Then, schedule your posts accordingly to target the best times to reach your specific audience. Posting consistently at this time will help your brand reach your desired audience and stay top of mind because they will look forward to your posts.

Use Collabs to feature other influencers

Instagram has a feature known as Collabs that allows users to collaborate with others to create a post. With this unique feature, your post will be added to both of your profiles - yours and the brand or creator you are collaborating with. This way, content reaches not only your followers but also your collaborators' followers. Before you start working with other creators, you must consider their popularity and relevance to your niche. Through Collabs, your content can collect the likes and comments of the other creator's posts, increasing your visibility and attracting more relevant search users.

Reach nearby users with location tags

Instagram enables users to search for content by location using geotags. This is a great way to get discovered on Instagram, allowing people around you to engage with your post. When it comes to delivering search results by location, Instagram considers proximity. Having location tags can help the platform crawl and display your content in relevant searches conducted by nearby users — and attract more potential customers.

Build reputation in your niche

Instagram places a lot of importance on popularity signals when ranking content for search. This means that even if your post is about the same topic, it's likely to be ranked higher in the search results if it comes from a popular and reputable account. Building authority in your niche is crucial to ensure that Instagram can understand what you're all about and what kinds of content you offer. A large audience interested in your content can help you rank high in search results. One of the most effective ways to build authority in your specific niche is by regularly posting about related topics. This strategy also benefits Instagram influencers by allowing them to focus on a couple of topics simultaneously.

Use trending audio on your Reels

Instagram Reels are an excellent way for new accounts to gain exposure on the platform since it doesn't consider account size when promoting them. With the right content, new creators can easily gain followers and become famous on Instagram. Through Instagram's audio search feature, users can easily find and discover Reels made from tracks they're looking for, which is a great way to promote your content by allowing users searching for audio tracks to interact with it. There are many ways to get noticed on Instagram, and the ones listed above are some of the most practical and effective ways to compliment your Instagram SEO, boost visibility and grow your account.