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5 Tools To Find TikTok Influencers

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |
TikTok has rapidly become the social platform of the moment, attracting our youngest generation of social media users to the highly-entertaining and equally addictive app. Users, affectionately dubbed 'TikToker's', create and share their short-form videos between 15-60 seconds in length. As mentioned in our opening statement, Generation Z is absolutely obsessed with TikTok. So it should be no surprise that brands that cater to the Gen-Z demographic can greatly benefit from having a presence on the platform. TikTok has spawned a whole new generation of influencers. But how do brands find these TikTok influencers, particularly if you are, perhaps, a little longer in the tooth yourself? Are you a brand marketer or an agency owner looking to find influencers on TikTok for your next marketing campaign? No matter which platform you choose to advertise on, you need analytics to select the right influencers, as well as to measure & track the performance of your content. In this article, we listed the best 5 tools to find TikTok influencers.  

1. CreatorOS (FKA Influsoft)

When it comes to influencer platforms, CreatorOS is the creme de la creme. The platform was designed by a team of award-winning Influencer Marketing pioneers who spotted a glaring need in the market for a fully encompassing platform that streamlines the entire Influencer Marketing campaign process cross-platform. This litany of tools gives CreatorOS users the insights necessary to track and achieve their goals, maximizing ROI for brands and marketers alike.   Some of the platforms' key features include brand analysis & Social Listening, AI-powered authenticity (to ensure an influencer has a genuine, authentic following), and analyzer & fraud detection capabilities to give you the peace of mind that the data you are analyzing for an influencer is both detailed, authentic and accurate. CreatorOS is kind of like a one-stop-shop when it comes to influencer platforms. Request a demo today!

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2. Upfluence

Upfluence is a popular platform that includes a robust influencer search and discovery module. It provides brands and marketers a number of tools to assist them with social listening and ties this all together with additional tools that allow them to manage their campaigns with ease.

Upfluence includes a massive database of over a million influencers across all the social networks. Though only a small portion of these lists feature TikTok influencers, you can search for influencers using as many keywords as you need. This means that you can dig down deep into keywords to both find TikTok specific influencers and also reduce influencers to more manageable numbers in order to narrow down the selection process.

In the present, most of the platform's detailed data is still limited to Instagram, so you can’t yet target TikTok influencers as precisely as you can on Instagram - though you can, of course, use your Instagram results to help discover TikTok influencers who may be relevant on multiple platforms.


3. Neoreach

The brainchild of Jesse Leimgruber and Misha Talavera, Neoreach is an effective influencer marketing platform. Leimgruber and Talavera originally pitched the idea while both were attending Stanford University. Shortly after, Neoreach was born.

The primary appeal of Neoreach is its powerful discovery engine. Using a proprietary algorithm, the platform mines the web for data and then indexes it for search. Neoreach is a complex software and in turn, is best suited for large businesses and enterprises. The platform's pricing levels reflect these complexities, as many of the price points put it out of reach for many small businesses.

Users can refine their searches by an immense range of demographic and psychographic criteria. Neoreach also uses AI to fine-tune its influencer recommendations, meaning the more you use the platform, the more effective it becomes at finding suitable influencers for you. But Neoreach is more than just a discovery or campaign management tool. It contains all the tools you need to assist in managing your entire influencer campaigns end-to-end.


4. Letsinfluence

Letsinfluence is comprised of a team of experienced product, design, sales & marketing professionals who came together to create an influencer platform, led by Ujjwal Bhalla. The company provides tools for brand marketers and agencies to discover influencers, manage their campaigns, and track their success.

Letsinfluence firmly believes that TikTok marketing is paramount for brands that have a young target audience. Letsinfluence spoke on the matter, stating, “Brands can leverage challenges and contests to create branded content that will generate excellent brand awareness and drive sales. Moreover, many of these TikTok influencers have accounts on Instagram, and they regularly share content created on TikTok on Instagram as well.”


5. is an increasingly popular platform for brands seeking to monitor analytics for both TikTok and Instagram. allows anyone to search a specific user on Instagram or TikTok simply by entering their “@profile”, or even searching by hashtag.

The platform features tools like campaign reporting, engagement rates, follower demographics, audience authenticity, content, and competitive analysis, influencer mapping and offers four subscription levels with varying degrees of available features

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