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Viral Nation Sets Itself Apart in the Rapidly Growing Creator Economy with Launch of End-to-End Talent Management and Analytics Platform, Viral Nation_CreatorOS™

By: Viral Nation | 2 mins read |

Viral Nation, a leading social media marketing transformation, talent and technology company, today announced the launch of Viral Nation_CreatorOS™, a revolutionary end-to-end talent management and deep analytics platform designed to give Viral Nation customers an intelligent technology solution that enhances modern digital marketing campaigns. Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ is the first solution of its kind that streamlines the talent discovery, matching and brand partnership process, while delivering deep analytics on campaigns across multiple platforms to drive data-driven decisions–giving brands and creators represented by Viral Nation a distinct advantage in the competitive and rapidly evolving creator economy.

“The creator economy is evolving at such an exponential pace that it demands technology that can keep up with its growth,” said Mat Micheli, co-founder and co-CEO at Viral Nation, and a founder of the creator economy. “Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ brings everything together into a single, powerful platform, ensuring that creators, brands and talent agents can navigate this dynamic landscape with efficiency, transparency, and confidence.”

Evolved from the company’s award-winning product, Influsoft, Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ addresses the challenges that often arise from manual tracking, talent discovery, and disjointed workflows involved in talent roster and campaign management, as well as deal execution and campaign measurement across all social media platforms. With the increasing demand for micro and nano influencers, many brands are spending less per deal but are pursuing a significantly higher volume of partnerships–reinforcing the need for a streamlined solution, deeper analytics and easy access to a diverse creator talent pool that is monitored and vetted for brand safety using the latest AI-powered technology.

“We recognized the need for a modern solution that caters to the broad spectrum of digital talent management," said Jonathan Chanti, president of Viral Nation_Talent. "Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ not only brings unmatched efficiencies to our agents but also provides creators with an avenue to showcase their unique brands to potential partners."

Boasting robust analytics on creator campaigns and with built-in brand safety and vetting functionalities, starting at the opt-in process, Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ gives its brand customers a new level of intelligence and assurance–creating a proactive approach that ensures complete brand alignment. Creators who embrace Viral Nation's AI-driven brand safety solutions, benefit by securing membership in a robust talent roster, enabling them to be discovered and paired with renowned brands for lasting partnerships. 

"Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation. It consolidates all facets into a robust platform, unlocking the future of the creator economy,” said Manny Kandola, chief technology officer at Viral Nation. “Here, brands, creators, talent agents, and promotional partners unite for a revolutionary digital transformation. The Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ multiplatform analytics leverage the power of social listening and deep data analysis to understand every dimension of brand performance, glean unparalleled insights, and drive informed decision-making.”

Viral Nation underscores its commitment to transparency and client success by emphasizing the importance of attribution in influencer marketing. With Viral Nation_CreatorOS™, it empowers its clients to accurately quantify the impact of influencer-driven campaigns, ultimately allowing for robust return on investment (ROI) measurement. By providing clients with comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of their influencer marketing strategies, Viral Nation_CreatorOS™ revolutionizes the way businesses harness the potential of this dynamic go-to talent marketing management solution.

By leveraging Viral Nation_CreatorOS™, brands, agents and creators acquire a contemporary solution for expediting deals, maintaining brand alignment and ensuring safety—all within a cohesive platform.

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