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Viral Nation Releases InfluSoft, A First-of-Its-Kind Influencer Software

By: Dustin Hawley | 3 mins read |

We get it; there are seemingly a million different influencer marketing platforms popping up by the day. Some have a simple UI that attracts the novice marketers with its ease of use, and others that are robust with elaborate tools and reporting capabilities. But one common trend with influencer platforms is that they are often conceived and built by software developers who have little to no experience in influencer marketing.

Award-winning influencer marketing agency Viral Nation released InfluSoft on Monday, a new first-of-its-kind influencer marketing platform designed by marketers, for marketers. InfluSoft is a unique offering in the sense that it comes directly from an influencer marketing agency. And not just any agency, but one of the top influencer marketing agencies in the world.

Viral Nation has been offering a full suite of digital marketing services since 2014, boasting an extensive resumé and title as one of the pioneering organizations of influencer marketing. As a talent agency, Viral Nation represents and places some of social media’s biggest and brightest stars. As a marketing agency, we conceive, execute, and manage campaigns for hundreds of clients.

InfluSoft was created as an in-house software tailored to the very specific needs of an influencer agency like Viral Nation. It's a software tool designed with collaboration in mind, boasting the ability to manage each finite segment of a marketing agency or department. You can throw a rock at a tree, and a group of developers will fall out who say they’re offering an end-to-end software solution. But few can live up to the statement as InfluSoft can.

Viral Nation’s background as an influencer marketing agency gives it a leg up on other software developers, who may be simply looking to cash in on the influencer craze. They’ve grown hand in hand with the industry, witnessing the rise of influencer marketplaces and discovery engines and the evolution of these programs into software-based relationship managers and analytics platforms.

Viral Nation has been an agency through that through years of experience has learned to adapt to a fluid market. InfluSoft is the result of all these learnings, the pivots, and the adaptations necessary to both maintain and grow our success.

Today, InfluSoft is its own distinct company, and while Viral Nation is of course a customer, we aren't the only ones. Numerous other brands and agencies claim the same title, including Anheuser-Busch, Twitch, Tencent Games, and Petco. InfluSoft can be summed up as enterprise software at its finest.

The software offers all of the juicy tools you expect with a top-tier platform, including Influencer Discovery, Campaign Management, Influencer Relationship Management, Social Listening, and Analytics. It supports all the major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok. But to fully appreciate the robust capabilities of InfluSoft, you have to dive into some of the details.

InfluSoft Overview

The best example of the advanced nature of Influsoft lies in its Discovery module. What makes the feature most notable isn’t what it’s capable of, though it provides users the ability to search through a database of millions of influencers and refine and filter their search based on granular criteria. You can compile an extensive amount of data about each influencer and create and organize lists of influencers that you would like to partner with.

Influsoft also works with third-party providers to populate their influencer database, with all the attendant data coming from their respected analytics partners.  The Discovery module is a great way to point you in the right direction of influencers to partner with on a campaign, with the ability to organize them into as many lists as you'd like to serve your purpose. But the capabilities of InfluSoft are much deeper than just the Discovery module.

In Closing

As the creators of Influsoft, we creators, Viral Nation, are recognized as one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in North America. InfluSoft isn’t the "secret sauce", or the reason we are so good at what we do. But it does help us do better, and we want to extend that asset to you and your organization. Influsoft satisfies every level of capabilities and reporting you've ever wanted and expected in an influencer software. We were able to achieve this by finding ways to solve our own problems, and applying that to our process with InfluSoft.

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