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Viral Nation Launches Talent Ventures Division1

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |

Viral Nation, a leading social media marketing transformation, talent and technology company, today announced the launch of Viral Nation Ventures, a new  division of the company focused exclusively on co-developing creator-branded products to help content creators continue to thrive in the $250 billion creator economy by expanding their brands beyond their digital presence. The launch of Viral Nation Ventures is accompanied by the introduction of three exciting and unique talent ventures with Yuri Lamasbella, Blonde Brewer and The Salad Lab.

“Viral Nation Ventures marks a significant new era for creators—one in which they’re not only crafting content but building empires,” said Jonathan Chanti, president, Viral Nation_Talent. “As an end-to-end service, Viral Nation Ventures is a testament to our commitment to empowering creators to shape their legacies well beyond the digital realm.”

Unlike more traditional ventures, Viral Nation Ventures is a complete, end-to-end service that goes beyond commonplace merchandise, working closely with creators to offer a range of products that spans everything from affordable general merchandise to high-end, one-of-a-kind items. The emphasis is on ensuring that the products align with creators’ brands while also catering to the diverse financial capacities of their fanbases.

As part of the launch, three exciting talent ventures are taking center stage. Yuri Lamasbella, a leading content creator that has risen to fame with her pitch-perfect parodies of the Kardashian clan on TikTok and Instagram is expanding her footprint and brand with a line of apparel featuring high-end lounge and athleisure wear specifically designed for travel days.

“Joining forces with Viral Nation Ventures is allowing me to expand my personal brand from content creator and brand ambassador to full-time entrepreneur,” said Yuri Lamasbella. “My fans have always trusted me to support brands and initiatives I believe in. There’s no one I believe in more than myself and that’s why it makes sense for me to blend my passion for fashion and humor into quality apparel. I can’t wait to share this new adventure with my fans.”

Blonde Brewer, a.k.a., husband and wife comedy duo, Jaron and Maggie Clayton, have become TikTok stars renowned for their comedy and signature coffee brew bags and The Salad Lab, a TikTok sensation famous for crafting high-end salad bowls, promises a culinary journey that goes beyond taste. Together, these creators have teamed up with Viral Nation Ventures to elevate their brands, share their unique visions and engage with fans in bold new ways.

“Jaron and I are beyond excited to launch Blonde Brewer Coffee with Viral Nation Ventures,” said Maggie Clayton, one half of Blonder Brewer. “Viral Nation’s collaborative approach to building this new venture has allowed us to be deeply involved at every step; from hilarious, on-brand his-and-hers brew bag names to selecting a unique flavor profile, our products are highly customized and close to our hearts. The hands-on approach is something our fans will really appreciate.”

Today’s announcement positions Viral Nation Ventures as an end-to-end service that empowers creators to establish meaningful connections with their audiences through products that reflect their brand identity. From ideation to launch, creators actively participate in every stage of product development, ensuring a seamless alignment with their creative vision and fanbase preferences.

“From affordable merchandise to high-end, bespoke items, we cater to the entire spectrum of fan affordability,” said Evan Kubes, Venture Lead at Viral Nation Talent. “By strategically investing in and collaboratively developing creator-branded products, Viral Nation and our creators will be able to seamlessly penetrate new markets and engage with a broader consumer base, a calculated method that will enhance brand equity and maximize exposure for our mutual benefit.”

Viral Nation Ventures Division not only helps transform creators into entrepreneurs but also positions itself as a dynamic bridge between creators and their audiences, offering products that resonate with fans on a personal level.

In addition to crafting unique products, Viral Nation Ventures aims to expand the creator’s footprint, turning individual talents into household names with meaningful branded products. The company’s goal is to transform content brands into comprehensive media empires with various branches, offering creators diversified opportunities for growth and connection.

The Viral Nation Ventures initiative aligns with broader trends in the e-commerce market in the United States, which is forecasted to continuously increase between 2023 and 2028, reaching a projected 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars by 2028.