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Collaboration Between Viral Nation’s Original Programming Division and Buck Productions Unleashes a Creative Powerhouse for Talent-Driven Content

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Viral Nation, a leading social media marketing transformation, talent, and technology company, today announced a monumental new partnership—teaming up with Buck Productions, a globally recognized, award-winning production company. This partnership allows Buck to develop unparalleled original programming featuring Viral Nation’s renowned social media talent.

Signifying a new era in entertainment, where the line between traditional and digital media continues to converge, the new partnership is set to produce captivating unscripted programming, including reality shows, docuseries and lifestyle content as part of Viral Nation’s Original Programming division—highlighting elite development opportunities and announcing upcoming projects that are being taken to market involving the dance phenomenon, Basement Gang, and an upcoming project with streetball legend, Larry “Bone Collector” Williams.

“Buck Productions is delighted to be joining forces with Viral Nation on a host of new and exciting initiatives, kicking off with development on a dance-themed series with Basement Gang and a streetball project with the Bone Collector,” said Sean Buckley, CEO, Buck Productions. “Our long-standing relationship with Paul Telner at Viral Nation gives us confidence that our upcoming projects and series will find resounding success with audiences, allowing talent such as Basement Gang and the Bone Collector to complete the transition from TikTok sensations to beloved international stars in the world of original, long-form content.”

As a result of the partnership, viewers can anticipate a diverse range of unscripted programming that delves into the lives and experiences of social media stars, providing an authentic and engaging look into their worlds. One of the first collaborative projects to be announced includes an original dance-themed series centered around Basement Gang, a trio consisting of Kadeem Hemmings, Nicholas McDonald and Nathaniel James, who rapidly rose to fame for their contagious energy and “Daily Dose of Serotonin” ethos, catching the attention of fans, brands and media outlets alike. 

“We can’t wait to link up with Viral Nation and Buck Productions for this exciting, new original program series,” said Hemmings, founding member of Basement Gang. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our passion for dance and create something truly awesome. Get ready to witness the next chapter in incredible dance content from Basement Gang!”  

This captivating project aims to create a feel-good, dance-themed experience that will engage co-viewing audiences and capture the passion for dance exhibited by Basement Gang, who have amassed over 6 million followers on various social media platforms. With their contagious energy and unique chemistry, Basement Gang have become beloved stars in Canada. 

“This partnership marks yet another tremendous milestone for Viral Nation’s Original Programming division,” said Paul Telner, head of Programming for Viral Nation_Talent, who has co-developed multiple projects with Buck Productions previously. “Teaming up with Buck Productions and working on projects featuring Basement Gang and Larry ‘Bone Collector’ Williams allows us to co-develop and co-produce original series that will see these TikTok sensations soar to new heights. We’re excited to introduce co-viewing audiences to the incredible talent and unique content that made these creators overnight sensations.”

In addition to the dance-themed series featuring Basement Gang, Viral Nation and Buck Productions are also working on a separate project with Larry “Bone Collector” Williams, a renowned streetball basketball player and former professional with the Harlem Globetrotters who earned his nickname for his exceptional ability to “break players’ ankles” on the court. This endeavor will focus on the creative development of a series documenting Williams’s rise in the streetball scene, his personal story and the lasting impact he and his peers have had on basketball.

“I’m excited to partner with Viral Nation and Buck Productions to showcase my journey,” said Williams. “This new series isn’t just about my story; it’s about the entire streetball culture and the impact it’s had on basketball. I’m looking forward to being a part of a unique collaboration that offers fans an inside look at the passion, skill and effort that goes on behind the scenes.“

Williams has been recognized as one of Complex Magazine’s 25 Greatest Streetball Players of All Time and named “The Most Dangerous Streetball Player in the World” by SLAM magazine. Williams has established relationships with legendary players like Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Today, he serves as a personal trainer for NBA, collegiate and high school players across the United States.

“As a true legend in the streetball world, we are honored to collaborate with Larry ‘Bone Collector’ Williams on this project,” said Buckley. “His skills on the court and his impact on the game are unrivaled, and we cannot wait to bring his inspiring story to audiences everywhere.”

Buck Productions, known for its exceptional track record in creating hit shows for MTV, Reelz, CBC, HGTV and Red Bull, brings over 20 years of expertise and a concept-first approach to content creation. Led by owner and CEO Sean Buckley, the company has consistently delivered bold and unique productions that have garnered international acclaim. Buck’s commitment to evaluating projects based on their core ideas aligns with Viral Nation’s vision for what is expected to be an exciting dance-focused series.

Viral Nation is achieving a significant benchmark, as it represents the company’s first venture into original unscripted programming for the television and streaming market. This exemplifies the growing trend of traditional production houses recognizing the value of digital stars and will leverage talent’s pre-built audience to create profitable opportunities for the development, sale and distribution of original content for television and streaming platforms.

Additionally, Viral Nation and Buck Productions are co-developing multiple original unscripted projects centered around Viral Nation talent for the broadcast and online entertainment market, demonstrating Viral Nation’s dedication to expanding its talent’s presence in the entertainment industry—providing 360 representation and expanding its in-house suite of services, including the highly successful Original Programming division. 

By offering a comprehensive range of software and services, such as content creation, talent management, influencer marketing and a 360-monetization engine that fosters success for creators, Viral Nation_Talent is furnishing all the essentials that digital talent requires.

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