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Amber Rose Signs with Viral Nation for 360 Representation

By: Viral Nation | 3 mins read |

Viral Nation, a leading influencer marketing agency, talent representation, and marketing technology company, today announced its new partnership with Amber Rose, further expanding her media brand through various endeavors – namely podcasting and YouTube original content. In particular, Viral Nation_Talent’s Podcasting division will support Amber as she launches her YouTube channel on November 9, which will be home to her upcoming podcast, “I Hope They’re Not Listening with Amber Rose”, set to feature famous guests such as Bob the Drag Queen and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

“The world thought they knew Amber Rose but now, thanks to my new YouTube channel and podcast, people will finally get to see the real, unfiltered and authentic me,” said Amber Rose. “I’ve always wanted to share my story, passions and beliefs. I’m excited to connect with my fans on a more intimate level as I expand my personal brand into new territory .”

Amber is a renowned television and social media personality, model, actress, entrepreneur and – most importantly – modern mother. Recognized for her influential presence in the entertainment and fashion world, as well as her fearless feminist advocacy, Amber captivates her audience with her bold, confident and unapologetically authentic self. She continues dismantling outdated societal conceptions of motherhood by showing women how to embrace their femininity and sexuality in today’s modern age. Amber’s new podcast and YouTube channel will help her connect with fans on a deeper level as she reveals the multi-faceted layers of her unique personality.

“Amber is an empowering muse, and we are honored to represent her exclusively, helping her share the truest version of herself,” said Jonathan Chanti, president of Viral Nation_Talent. “Her exciting venture into podcasting and YouTube original content emphasizes a shift among traditional celebrities as they look to expand their personal brands across major social platforms and through new media.”

Amber’s new podcast, aptly named “I Hope They’re Not Listening With Amber Rose.”, will take listeners on an adventure through the realm of the misunderstood, the peculiar, and the fascinatingly enigmatic. With Amber’s one-of-a-kind personality at the helm, the show will explore a wide range of wondrous topics that invoke human curiosity, whether that be aliens, subcultures or secrets and all things “woo woo”. Joined by experts, enthusiasts and individuals deeply entrenched in these fascinating worlds, Amber and her guests will unravel mysteries, debunk myths, and shed light on truths beneath the surface. Listeners can look forward to raw, unapologetic takes from Amber as she discusses taboo topics and shares wild stories from her own life.

In addition to leveraging Viral Nation_Talent’s Podcasting Division, Amber will benefit from Viral Nation_Talent’s 360 talent representation model – opening the door to an array of wider services spanning brand partnerships, and profile-enhancing marketing and PR opportunities that further elevate her brand. Utilizing Viral Nation_Creator Studio, Amber will be able to promote and support her slate of upcoming series set to release on her YouTube channel, including “Cooking with Amber” and “Eating with Amber.” “Cooking with Amber” will feature her in the kitchen with friends, family and special guests, either teaching them a recipe from her South Philly roots or learning a recipe from the guest. “Eating with Amber” will follow Amber and her guests as they take a car ride to various restaurants to experience new flavors or even hunt down the best Philly Cheesesteak in LA. Amber is also starring in Toonstar’s new animated series Fortun3, which will also be released on her channel.

“This partnership with Amber highlights the benefits of our 360 representation and in-house expertise, which spans brand partnerships, PR, marketing, production and editing, and, of course – the creator economy,” continued Chanti. “Moreover, it speaks to the growing need for celebrities – whether from traditional media or social media – to enlist professionals to help them grow their own media empires and take back control over their own IP and public image.”

To see Amber’s new series and listen to her podcast, watch the trailer on her YouTube channel here:


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