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Linking Bud Light to the Latin community

Here’s how an influencer marketing campaign for Bud Light drove awareness and brand loyalty while surpassing our goals by 250%.

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A missing community connection

Bud Light is an iconic brand that’s known as “the beer that was brewed in L.A.”. When Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, wanted to reaffirm the brand’s commitment to California’s Hispanic community during the brand’s 35th summer celebrations in L.A., they turned to Viral Nation.

Bud light viral nation case study solution


To reach Bud Light’s highly targeted Hispanic audience, Viral Nation devised and led an influencer campaign that leveraged the reach of Californian creators to share their love of Bud Light through Instagram Stories.

We partnered with 11 Hispanic influencers to reinforce Bud Light’s Californian roots with the #HechoEnCalifornia (Made in California) hashtag.

The influencers created fun, engaging content that included Bud Light as part of key moments with friends and family. Using the #HechoEnCalifornia hashtag, creators encouraged their fellow Californians to join in the fun and share themselves enjoying Bud Light.

With prominent Latinx influencers like Solace Rose and Oscar Miranda promoting the Californian connection of America’s best-selling brew, we re-established meaningful connections between Bud Light and the Hispanic community.

Bud light viral nation case study results

Results on-tap

The 11 Hispanic influencers shared engaging content during Bud Light’s summer celebrations, achieving 7.9 million interactions – surpassing our initial goal by almost 5 million and exceeding projections by 250%!

The authentic moments of influencers and followers sharing Bud Light with their loved ones drove large-scale awareness and reaffirmed Bud Light’s position as the beer of choice within California’s Hispanic community.

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